►GTA 6 Graphics GEFORCE RTX™ 2080 Ti 4k 60FPS Next-Gen Real Life Graphics! [GTA 5 PC Mod]

►GTA 6 Graphics GEFORCE RTX™ 2080 Ti 4k 60FPS Next-Gen Real Life Graphics! [GTA 5 PC Mod]

50 thoughts on “►GTA 6 Graphics GEFORCE RTX™ 2080 Ti 4k 60FPS Next-Gen Real Life Graphics! [GTA 5 PC Mod]”

  1. Hey guys i've just created an extensive mod link list on my discord, if you want to check it out you can join here 🙂 https://discord.gg/McdKCWq

  2. Real life graphics… not even close… it is just a ultimate high res gta with steroid induced color contrast. it looks good but it is no where near "Real Life"…

  3. this guy got 14 million views just showing a gta ultra graphics gameplay, he made $26k. that's more than twice of how much his computer costs

    is this a next level investment?

  4. gta 5 is one of the best games. To be able to put on and take a seat belt. To be able to control the windows, the windows open and close and the open half of the vehicles … beating, accidents, mashing, fighting, damage, whatever you already have in the game … adding more … things beyond … more realistic. ..to have new weapons, old weapons of all kinds, weapons of previous games … to be able to communicate, to interact with other characters. Have new and old vehicles of the same model … current too … Put fuel in the vehicles … showing the fuel control meter, spent fuel, can put fuel in the stations … pilot, ride the trains, subway. ..Stain vehicles with gasoline, alcohol, ethanol, diesel, electric. Sit, lie in the chairs, benches, sofas … have skateboard, hoverboard, skates … Do whatever you want in the game … to get more realistic … gta 6 could be similar with gta vice city. As there was in gta 5 that was similar with gta san andreas. Improved and more evolved. It would be cooler. Suggestions that could be added in gta 6.

  5. gta 5 is one of the great games. To improve it follows some suggestions that should have in gta 6. It deserves continuation. Professions such as taxi driver, uber, policeman, fireman, gari, pizza delivery, medic, paramedic, ambulance driver, fireman, motorcycle taxi, motorcycle boy … have access to vehicle compartment, walk inside vehicles, control use of arrows , warning light, high beam, low beacon, internal light of the vehicles, control headlight access on and off, control windshield wiper … turn vehicle on and off, stop with vehicle with tire facing straight or left can control, can drive and to ride the trains, subway … to be able to smoke, to drink, to eat, to go to the bathroom to do needs in the bathroom to do poo and pee … to have, to have sex, to have sex … changing clothes, showing changing clothes, nudity. ..pratica sports, take in the game babies, children, teenagers, adults, seniors … have access to all homes, places … the characters in the rain use umbrella, power to control use the umbrella or not. ..to have protagonist man, woman … and much more ….

  6. I like gta 5. It's one of the good games. To improve … include more vehicles like jetpack, flying backpack, flying motorcycle, flying car, car that walks in the water, vehicle that walk on the water both in the online mode and online … also be able to enter any house, apartment, establishment … includes in addition to rain other climates, times like tsunami, tornado, gale … could be up in gta 6. Some news.

  7. Listen here you f**** hillbilly you just supposed to wait and you're just like showing off like basically your PC graphics and you just showing probably what GTA 6 is going to look like and they probably might give up on the project stop being so f****

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