【Review】 I draw with the Upcrate Monthly Art Box

【Review】 I draw with the Upcrate Monthly Art Box

Hello there! Today I’ll be reviewing the Upcrate Monthly Art Box Let’s open this up oh Ok opening for real now A very nice letter that I… eh Struggled to open oh ah uh, ok opening slowly now It talks about the pens inside the box What else? A card Sticker Card More cards A postcard A shiny ghost! A pretty print and an interview with an artist Papers and one side is smooth Let’s unwrap this pretty thing And here what you are most looking for: art supplies! Whoa, I never played with markers before. I feel so cool! Broad tip and fine tip There’s also the markers box with Halloween-themed colors Ok, now let’s check them out The white gel pen writes so well over the dark colors And the Micron is very good, as expected Loved this color theme, so warm and pretty Here I did a swatch so you can see Do I look like these nice youtubers now? Also here is a small paper about the brand [of the] pens Now let’s draw with the supplies I start the sketch with the Stabilo Othello pencil It’s a 3H=4½ Pencil Eh, whatever it means. It’s a pencil. I’m going to do my OC Niwa, with comfy clothes and Santa hat To change the theme – yes, I am a savage And I am not going to do Halloween theme, because it’s over now Also to show you that even if you are restricted with colors you can still come up with different themes These are warm colors, so it fits Winter and Autumn very well right? Let’s ignore every country that’s going through Summer right now. Here I changed the idea which was going to be my OC holding a gift box, to something simpler because I wasn’t liking how the arms and hands would be positioned And let’s start inking! Whenever I draw on paper, I struggle to position it well because I’m used to be able to transform and rotate like I do on computer but drawing on paper helps me to figure out my mistakes so it’s good as a learning process Talking of changing idea, the eraser is Harde… Hardet? rawr what? I don’t know how to say the brand names but it says “natural rubber eraser” and it works well, yes Gosh, I love Micron Sakura pens. This one is 05 And for drawings on this size, works pretty well for me One thing I really like doing, is making some parts darker or thicker I feel it gives some depth to the lines Done with inking, I erase all my pencil sketch Some time ago, I used to get nervous over inking on paper But now, I’m just… “meh, it’s traditional” so part of the charm is the little mistakes I only played with Crayola markers before, so this is new for me So excuse me any markers users out there, I’m a noob Oh yes, I am using an extra paper to test the markers Her eyes are actually green… but let’s go with yellow here, and call it “monochromatic art” Yes. I’m a genius. I used two shades of pink for the skin, just on the darker parts the white paper will be the base color, since I don’t have a lighter pink I used pink to shade the inner part of the hair, because I wanted some nice color variation instead of just using darker yellow Oh, this is an effect I really like doing that’s making the borders of the shadows slightly darker because it creates more contrast The hat I colored in parts and yes, I’m using the fine nib because I can see myself doing mistakes using the broad nib I’m a mess And her overall is going to be of the same color It’s Christmas time! Yay! I like Christmas decorations so much! Especially the lights, makes me feel so comfy! I picked a darker yellow to color the sweater At this point, I wasn’t sure how to color it because I want to keep the contrast but the white parts were too much, and not looking so nice so I decided to fill in but keep smaller white bits And see! I used the broad nib. And did a mistake! Ha! I told you. I used the wrong yellow to shade this part of the sweater. Oh well. So here I go, full of confidence, to fill the yellow part Oh, right! I should talk a bit about the markers. They are Graphmaster, alcohol-based ink the broad tip is 7mm and the fine tip is 0.8mm they dry quickly, and it says that it’s water-permanent the brand has another kinds of markers like acrylic paint and aquarelle brush as well as pigment liner and fine liners In the end, I go over with the Micron pen, to give it a bolder look By the way, this pen is also waterproof so it’s a great one to use for traditional art Overall, playing with these art supplies was very fun If you want to subscribe to their monthly boxes check the link on the description they ship worldwide I will admit that coloring with markers is relaxing makes me feel like a kid, playing with coloring books I hope you enjoyed this review Thank you so much for watching! Bye bye!

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  1. well I will tell you something, I follow you because of the great no …. the presiosa that you draw for six do not speak English I had written this in Spanish but I suppose you will not understand me making me use the translator to write this ^^ U … .but that's what I wanted to tell you that I like your job is super beautiful uwu 💖

  2. at 2:54 what did she say it sounds to me like she sed -> " figure out my mistakes so its a good A#$ learning process"

  3. Such a nice drawing with markers
    Also, thank you for the subtitles ! English isn't my native language so it makes it way better to understand the video, but I wanted to say that you have a really cute voice ! I wish I could afford those boxes, the markers seems amazing.

  4. Aww your voice is so cute! you are such a great artist and a big inspiration for me! I am quite a new subscriber but I already love your video so much ♡

  5. Hyanna: spends more than half of the video talking about the drawing

    Also Hyanna, a few minutes before the end of the video:"… Oh wait, I should talk about the markers".

  6. I know I’ve said this before but you’re voice is SO cuuute! 💛

    I love watching you review stuff, I would love to see a tutorial. ❃

  7. This video is so cute hahah I melted a bit ;;w;;
    Do you mind if I add Vietnamese subtitles Hyan? I want more people to understand this video (*^ω^*)

  8. wow, I loved the video, your voice relaxes me, your voice is very cute and the drawing is cool, I was very entertained uwu

  9. It's always fun seeing a digital artist jump into traditional art. (And vice versa) I don't know how often you do traditional art but it was great watching you draw!

  10. Please make more videos like this, I love them so much!❤️❤️ I enjoy listening to you talk about your passion. Your such a big inspiration to me and my art. If you don't want to you don't have to, I just like listening to your voice🤗

  11. I know a girl who talks kind of like you and she also has lots of pink and white stuff and is really cute and artistic! 💕

  12. I'm sad… I tried to take an abo but it cancelled all my payments… only PP and kredit left and THAT I will never do…
    Wish I could take that too use but nope :/

  13. พึ่งเคยเห็นนางวาดในกระดาษ//น่ารักก

  14. Your voice reminds of a character called potato. Since I'm talking about potato, I suggest you draw her:



  15. Hyan! Your skills come through even on paper, not to mention your voice is really cute~ ♡
    Also your workspace looks so clean and comfy, looks like my dream workspace~

  16. Hynna say she is noob but her traditional drawing still good.
    Me looking my traditional drawing "this is trash"XP.
    I wish i can lern how to line art like that.

  17. I'm so glad I subscribed…
    This is beautiful. Seriously. I like the way the way you left some parts purely white to produce a lovely highlight of sorts.

    Also if you don't mind me asking, where are you from?

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