🔴 Weekend Event | Early Bird Stream - South Park Phone Destroyer

🔴 Weekend Event | Early Bird Stream – South Park Phone Destroyer

hello there guys welcome to an early-bird scream I decided to scream a little bit before work and that's what I'm gonna do because I haven't done the garrison event yet wait why the hell is it ending in 30 minutes that's that's not right wait okay I won't make this event I guess why the hell is this event erling so soon I'm confused isn't this event supposed to end in like three and a half hours from now let me quickly ask this well I guess I won't make it then I also will share the stream hey ass foxy T G yes I remember you not been too long and hey f my sir good morning to you as well it's not that not that early in Germany to be honest that's just like I have some time on my hands and I wanted to hang out which is probably the main reason I just wanted to hang out so we're gonna share the stream on my discourse which you may follow if you haven't yet and I will also share it in the official discord in the life now section alright good as reason as any yeah that's actually using I'm using a new emulator and it seems to work even worse can't even see my deck it's not loading let's see how it's going to be okay let's stop my own stream close this just this if you haven't seen it yet I have a Fastpass humankind video up and running oh yeah cause discord as well now maybe we can save some resources here also loading going there is leaving the loading bar oh man this might be even worse than BlueStacks I never mind it de nieve join the game yet alright it's called me Moo play I'm trying out that instead but I think it's something with my PC in general that is specifically blocking this emulating stuff did it in all right what's going on here okay we're loading hey savage turbo how you doing confirmed Averell extra cracklings what do you mean yes I'm in the content creator program hi Michael star called me after all I'm gonna put everyone the banned words all right let's close chrome completely right now no Eddie's today I got a shipment Wendy one away from level three congratulations man I can't wait when I'll check out these carts hey you check out these cards right now man check out the video Michael leave a comment leave a like and come back to the stream hello the De Niro games then for arrow games no I think if he sees pretty solid you can rely GameCube games at least by Bruce texworks quest and dolphin yet it is something that's specifically tackling the emulators I think and I don't know what it is I do not know what it is no freaking idea I I just remember some Windows message and I denied it and I don't know how to correct this lankton Covenant can you say if there are better cars in the once you've shown in the new theme can you say I think that is just like up to individual tastes I think the human Chi could be already really strong not to come in not really convinced about fast baths and super fart it's definitely a decent car to cycle I'd say only to energy a spell that does some damage okay this is horrible why is the are the new cards going to be available Monday yes Ryan young it was set so in the death notes I think it will be released on Monday oh boy oh boy oh boy this is going nowhere absolutely nowhere I can't say anything yeah you know you can't I can't say I'm starting up blue sticks in the background right now guys this is I guess memo play did not make it may we play sadly you're out my friend you are out and tears blue sex not blue success to load though so give me a second also I'm gonna change wait is this scared ride yes it's scared right actually no it's not she's off no it's better still not really though oh yeah black to carry Blake what is the new theme and cards check my video letter uploaded like 30 minutes ago it's all there there's three new cards and the new theme is a superhero theme the new carrots is the new card set are confirmed that I can talk about a human kite fast bus and super fart and I cannot talk about the cards that have been leaked what are the question marks let me I actually can send you the link like Shikari just like that easy let's go to YouTube let's go to my channel some videos there you hear me talk right now I get to present to you the first three cards so here you go all everybody go in there hit the like button and leave a comment okay here we go so my start now all right answering to some comments oh Michael were very very creative comments thank you very much for that come on good have thought a little bit longer about that ah man chairs the table is still very rusty since we won't have music music let's put in the South Park music again goddammit this is taking ages for the stream to start soundtrack here we go beat the silence you feel my pain right yeah challenge stream on mobile no I don't stream challenge well fractured bat oh yeah from the cars are from fractured bottle like to carry hey Sasha my god it makes screaming very hard and I want to scream so much right now I hope I can fix it by the time but I don't know how to fix it to be honest no freaking idea how to fix it how you get that game on PC it's called an android emulator BlueStacks Knox player memo player though for me it's not working at the moment at all as you can see the diverter and we have like a really big problem and that is why the hell is the garrison event ending in 20 minutes can someone explain that to me guys aren't the events normally ending in two out names three hours from now what is going on I'm scared because I wanted to finish this event now in the next two hours maybe there was a mistake you see that's the normal cycle of three hours 19 minutes I won't make it at all for sure damn it why is this happening someone explain please the cave hates you my gues twit 21k eternity gyms nice I haven't opened a battle past eternity gym packs yet so there's that left hey Gaston thank you very much yes it's about fun sounds fun Karine is this always the case that the weekend the event starts early I guess and I will work on the weekend event then though it's the weekend event the point event damn it nothing goes according to plan ah because the event on Monday will finish early why does it have to be buried garrison though why couldn't that be Zen cart right right now like say Cartman I'm good ah happy you're excited Gaston sing contraindicate on Friday will battle days and that Monday or Tuesday battle days from the team wasps they always end on Monday I don't know if they also end early because of the new theme Oh your brother got grow from the bra box I don't have growth but I have Leon Leon is my only legendary on prog starts loading screen simulator yeah it takes even longer today than yesterday maybe it's just the first game let me do a little googling how to speed up BlueStacks know that the enemy actually leave who thought we will we play games today guys I don't know it's looking rough it's looking rough I wish they're added all the stupid supers to be honest then again I don't play phone store anymore well maybe it gets you interested to check it out again Sheriff start hacking it's just so good I don't even know what the next event is to be honest probably a rare card yeah that's a cape like to carry let's say it's a little bit more yeah it's it's horrible death Meister it is such a painted yes maybe something's up with my driver for graphics I don't know other games were totally fine though which is so weird do-do-do-do-do-do-do okay after this I'm going to change try and change some settings you're all gonna be in this early bird stream be my guinea pigs but this went faster already right much faster than the first one first one was crazy slow all right come on currently we still have sounds oh okay the game has started a bit earlier for her of course oh where is this guy coming from oh there's some bells and she's dead oh these sounds something we don't know that was bells oh there's the road oh and there is the duck poo Oh something killed my many moons then okay all right was he fighting I don't know this is great oh look at that where's she coming from who else is on the board I don't know about oh that was the spawn animation all right we took a bow ah what do we have here a beautiful fireball target oh they immediately died oh it's actually Princess candy no she didn't do anything only one hand actually we're just weird Oh chicken coop was there exciting times oh this chick me is already attacking being really far away is this madness oh he also has a perform on this Randy okay all right all right come on guys can do it let's just get another Indian kid yeah matching phone Thanks but PC principal outfit all right we'll give you power it's just back better than your theme it's beautiful though oh that oh there was a bothers as well I did not know about that butters if I knew about that butters okay let's let's kill this bitch he Dyke was able to attack he like had a deranged character range right there oh so does he oh he got immediately knocked back what's going on is he even there I don't know if he's there I don't know where people are oh look at that Zab the CEPS going nuts Oh Bradley my god this is oh we immediately do the damage demos there was a beautiful game ah 970 zebedee zap zap zip zap zuy that was great that was a great game now we got some roses we got 10 more minutes um yeah creeper wax feet then I have to restart if I change settings so I won't do that just yet at least the sound is still here at something it's crazy oh my god am I still here guys what the actual is going on I just got a black screen hello what the what what the actual what is going on where am i with my stream and we're still here let me watch my own stream I want to see what you guys see oh you actually see me stream laps was completely screwed oh no the stream is gone Oh am i no I'm actually here but that I don't understand huh ok restart boost Dex guys oh my god let's see what do you guys see with the blue sex right now so I can adjust it because I can for the love of God not adjusted in stream laps it's really like how's that looking tons extra committed oof dang that is the best stream yet guys holy terrible okay that's actually not too bad we can actually play like that my settings in stream maps are distorted everything is wrong right now it's pretty bad hey Sasha we have in the livestreams okay you're new here we have a little bit no spam rule so limit your chats please to like I don't know one one chat for two minutes or something like that because if you spam moderators or I will tag you out and then you can talk for 10 minutes so just think about what you want to say and then say it and so I can follow everyone in the chat if there's like two people talking all the time then other people don't want to chat and I want other people to mock white people specifically to chat as well now people serious now I'm not googling to change this beautiful profile picture damn ruff-ruff stream today no moderators here yeah but me I am Here I am here hey J rates were low okay so cool what did you miss you were missing that nothing's working that my PC is crashing he is dying guys I can tell you damn maybe I really have to I started the data doing a saving stuff on my external hard drive maybe I continued that you didn't miss anything exactly let's keep playing some music here oh do you know why this happened because I actually had a new driver for my graphic cards maybe that helps now okay we don't need maybe a new driver helps what a graphic card god damn it that's why everything changed weirdly maybe that's that's what it was I hope so it's very early creeper South Park come on we get we don't even get one more what is the what is the event for the what is the event for the weekend guys what cars is the car point event is the locker event I don't even know tell me now we get at least a garrison such so disappointing it I couldn't finish it now because it was ended early hate it why did garrison be the one have to be the one to be hit like that specifically blended the stream early to finish the garrison event and now it was all for nothing well not for nothing we got this pack and in this pack we cut 50 for eternity gems and one swordsman garrison Wow good stuff ok let's like dry played game Fona sara is still popular not too much if it's a lucky event I'm not gonna finish it's the garrison cade good yes the garrison carry is good his ability is that he charges up and then does a significant amount of damage in front of him with his little sort thingy oh and Sasha I just said it when you wear gun and it goes for Michael and creeper right now as well all I see is your chats when you're in my stream you know I ask of you to chat not that much and rather like really think of what you want to say and then say dad instead instead of five messages per minutes you know make it one message per minute or per two minutes so that other people feel more welcome to chat as well and I can engage more with the chat and if you do not do that if you do not do that you get time outed for 10 minutes that's always the rule so that's the warning right here the next time it's time out I don't want to put in slow mode or something fun fun fun fun I was a quick load what's going on here damn and now the new event is here all right guys make let's make this a song request stream out of boredom by one doctor okay after I said that creeper you sent four messages in one minute and you get time on it and so did Michael damnit you will not get shown so we're gonna find random little Cartman coins into lockers okay let's see how the loading time goes I want to count the seconds dammit I was too slow that's five seconds to death 20 seconds loading already oh my god 30 seconds forty seconds so I guess I won't stream tonight and we'll keep Anna instead keep trying to I don't know fix something something oh thanks for the moderation sorry phone I just like to talk yeah I know I know but it has been has been brought to my attention such as more than once that when I have a few young children that I don't meet as an insult in my dream that just keeps spamming that other people do not want to participate in the chat they don't feel invited there and yeah and so I can totally understand that to be honest dammit I even let him got a hit in I think I got Owen despite that sent Cartman yet again no they got timeout it well buddy stretcher you can trust me that I have enough experience with this by now that this is this it's much much better streams and chats when I enforce some rules okay I lost it's over it's over it's much better when like 25 people say something now and then instead instead of three people spamming random stuff come on just win I give you that I just want to finish it wanna play the next game and your opposite is awesome one your ops admit has everyone checked out the three new cars yet the video of the three new cards look you haven't this should be the link I present to you three new cards I got yellow for that did I just got +4 de l'eau the game the game is just quitting me at the moment honestly the only option that's probably left for me is to completely flatten my PC though as a content creator there is so much stuff on my PC that I want to keep that's the only problem so it's a little bit of a tedious work to save all this stuff the firework had the great card that you just seen plox the new kit from using spells damage this is the worst yet man panic tuba super fart a penny tube the tuba I know that Craig that's the incan Greg it's a legendary adventure cart I think Incan crack is in the top three legendary I think inking like rich doctor taught me in congratulate are the top three Legendary's so whatever you compare him to most likely I would say in can crack is better in King Craig is not only written you made FC oh my god again such a high level they want to do this nice the next cut of course will be graduates of Chapman and he also took some time so he's managing behind do you regret your sister decision ft Silesia what number is stand of many moons in like stand of many moons was one tier below the three I just counted I guess behind Medusa baby still I'd say that hurts we need to get rid of that guy as soon as possible then he shall be shielded balls death alright here we go okay we got the bar a drone died Oh No dad is a problem well I'm gonna I'm gonna wait all right that's enough action for him oh my god he is stacking the hey banks there please work oh damn it I lost Linda Lewis but I lost the bar just as bad oh she died he's so crazy strong man yeah I I know and yet oh my god you just said he might have magic when I played it all man and he also has transmogrify he's gonna try and smoke this car by now out yeah he owed me with that magic I shall give him the locker I do not I do not like when no one gets something Sascha it's all just luck legendaries are all based on luck unless you buy them oh of course you need to unlock them in the arena's yeah panic I I already lost the event mate I saw that sadly too late I maybe would have made a second stream later instead of watching no I couldn't like I was editing I was editing the video and doing other stuff while I was watching hey steamin you guys know his demon anyone here who doesn't know his demon if so let me quickly link his channel please he's a very active subpar content creator my favorite this is his link with Janet this is his demons channel go over there leave a like leave a comment hey hey Feroz sent me bump his video his most recent video with some nice comments mm-hmm human cat pictures cool yeah I like your videos thank you very much Xavier I appreciate it life's not over no wait what why are we in this arena and he's level 21 did this guy do rank that much with the new system in place it's really hard to drink that much and with this new system in place that's crazy good enough ha that was good Oh Taliban has even survived it easy yeah when you saw the drone you felt it was coming man you don't have to apologize at all appreciate your trying to help me so I really hope this gets through I really really hope it gets through laughing now at least it's only a mind control we get to use him again we get to use this boy again and we had nothing on the board Indian kid hell well at least he used eight energy pretty much to beat this guy come on I don't want to charge he has a level seven common and he's pooping around in the silver arena you need you need to be honestly you need to be quite the dick to be ranked in the new system you have to be like go at your lowest freaking point that is possible to you like you have to really dedicate yourself to the D ranking that's majorly dickish then you're a dick holy simple super tickets to do it in the system oh damn it I thought I hit it oh my god his I know the combustion finished me okay this guy will be down there it's hard but I try what the do it why dude game is stupid retarded s lame unrewarding pay2win why should you play the game then if it's that if it's that bad why are you playing the game that makes no sense man FCC Lisa Gigi was a very good game yes that HUD addictive okay I can understand that if you say you're an addict but I think there's stuff that you could have fun with and be an addict instead yeah Ric Flair that will definitely be new cards like dress just stay low legendary 6500 then you can drop to silver thanks bucks long time no see man 12 total 10 troops and two spells oh I didn't even know that it's very unfortunate in your system I can't drink low enough well you deserve it man what the fuck's wrong and really don't get it might put yourself through all of this but that's what I've been saying all along if if your hate again that much but still play it then there must be some really hardcore addiction going on and that's just mobile games Mendez this addictive crap is not bad man that's not good man like I can't see like how bad it must be for kids nowadays growing up with games that make you an addict like that did you hate something with your guts but still keep playing it all day though I think like what they not only do those are those mobile games like dopamine machines it's also pretty bad not pretty bad but you know what's what's really nice is I know so many people now in this game and I want to spend time with them I want to spend time with them so they got you by the neck with the community as well you know like so many people play games like wall of Warcraft like World of Warcraft is like everyone seems to hate it how it is nowadays but I keep playing it because they have their friends in there do you I'm 33 okay thank you very much Ric Flair I think the big the biggest problem with the staff is going like all this daily quests the daily quests stuff you know and like you have to get in back to get the free pack and you have to go play now to get the PvP pack it's ready now you know it's like always like kids are being in school oh no I didn't finish my PvP peg this morning after breakfast damage I lose all this progress now bad man it's not good that's why they I've like been asking for so long that they should make it like PvP bags should be like stacking two three packs in a row so you can get three packs and they all stack up doesn't put the pressure on them eh does matter both definitely are affected but I think like kids are definitely getting messed up more when when they're like oh wow look at those fast loading times Hotel was that I think something fixed it yeah holy six would be obviously the best man or like as much as many as I can take as many as they would do I would be happy happy with that man but four hours is like I mean honestly I'm not kidding people are like bothered by it that they sleep longer when it comes to games like this they don't want to sleep that long because they loose it it sounds crazy I know it sounds absolutely nuts but it's it's something that affects people that way it's sad but it's the case okay let's take him down getting a blister okay Fida and she does get through a loss but I didn't pick up through I wake after him to get my PvP bags you aren't serious panic that's don't do that ma'am that's what I mean no 3:00 a.m. time for granny patty or whatever it's called in an English samvega in German patrick-man oh oh damn it okay I get oh he's summoning the fool look at that he didn't even get a single attack up now yes boots I I just decided to all of that you know I just request maybe one card per day screw it just I just played a game to have fun and to to stream make some content you know don't let this game do this to you and I was bad wish he attacked up too but I was I was at some point spooks I remember being like staying awake for one and a half additional hours because of this trap because I could request one more card and I really wanted to get my calamity ID to level six don't do it guys really don't it's not worth it it's not worth it no matter what it's not worth it to stay up an hour and a half long if you're actually tired and you have to get up or even if you don't have to get up if you're actually tired just go to sleep man though Scott request isn't important and that's what I'm talking about man that's it's going to be C it's going to be an international sickness man not only that oh it's also like discord messages whatsapp messages did I get a message like I'm crazy like that didn't get a message no I didn't no one loves me aw someone who sent him you sent me a message someone lost me my demo it was a crude message you know like that's like Europe Peggy at the end of the day I tried to avoid it and how exactly Polly now I don't even use it yes offensive still off man you weren't there at the beginning of the stream bully when there was like completely nothing worked but for some reason maybe it was actually a new driver or maybe he's my driver for the graphic card was somehow damaged or something but it now works actually decent like it's loading and the sound is on all day it might actually have been that something was off with my graphic drivers how long is your stream um honestly I don't know ah nice work that was cool man he deserves credits for that he's that was cool I think like graphics drivers is often the problem creeper I wouldn't be surprised if that fixed it so much because I have played with those loose tech settings and stuff before without problems my favorite character is Randy Pocahontas Randy is a lot of fun right now we went through wait what where's their attack decrease their attack didn't decrease oh man that was so important oh the health was decreased oh so they fall fast the tag wasn't hey so noise oh yeah he's gonna get his laptop let's get the big boys in here ah send Cartman really okay he's gonna die before he reaches dead send so I might as well summon a little boy oh he's PC principal is doing it good game tying donut the game is also much more fluent than yesterday in the challenge they just see ninja offers outrageous cash grab I haven't seen them let me look at them wait till the new syntax come out yeah true you use an emulator ric flair and there's BlueStacks tears me Moo something Mabel and there is Knox player masochist kaizuka with a metal kiss actually I want to refresh and see the event I need to reload South Park perfect timing to something just awful thing damn it did thank you very much for the follow orders subscribing on YouTube welcome to the yesterday established bro-bro forest now what did we say pronation I don't know bro and brown Asian Simon Nancy us Simon NC Simone and Nancy I don't know though whatever was in there creeper I didn't put it in there if their limits on levels of characters yes level seven mics books already answered what happened what happened is I couldn't finish the garrison event because it ended earlier now checking out with the new events yeah it's a card event oh yeah it's this one why cares the winner PvP match you get one point for each of these cards in your deck out of those please okay stellar many Moses in it and all those white cards cards here who can't Clyde rogue token cannibal Timmy too bad my ninja is low for yet okay Darren Smith I guess I can I can't build something that gives me a few points I can buff the always buff to rare cards to level six which is awesome I'm mr. garrison events early it's nice don't need to spend cash yeah yeah panic it's up already which is a travesty because it's a point event we don't need this extra time for point event point events are much more easy to finish there are the crappy events here okay let's use this deck to build on now I don't play mystic now I don't wanna play mystic rogue token get in here only one fantasy kardia gettable Timmy right for blood else Nellie well Towelie I guess so like the more obvious substitutes Nathan deterrence investor love Nathan for chicken coop that's what I'm gonna play oh we add two German is it in German again no right it's not all right play all right spooks thank you very much for for showing up I appreciate it I think you need to change the stream name and thumbnail weekend event safe there you go I don't we'll do a thumbnail for this something will stay the same yep Olli I actually do laugh card events as well it's it's spicy love a little bit like this in this week I finished the card events and I didn't finish the locker events and that's just pretty much how it went so the last month like barely finished token events I don't even remember the last token you must have completely finished nothing hello BV man welcome to the stream and I have my own stream on don't do that it's bad for me here again by the way haze demons stream my favorite john marston hey what's up man welcome to the stream as well dad I can see why you would leave against those loading times don't know they're faster again for some reason hey yo say it Taurus you're very active watching you when he's in haste even stream all day yesterday as well right very excited for a new theme happy you are man I'm looking forward to it as well especially looking forward for upcoming challenge modes I mean they won't the new theme won't affect me very much I might face a few whales that whale out on it but except for whales how much did you spend overall I exactly like you Thole I spent like 150 bucks in the first two months for crap because I thought this game might get big and I want to get big on YouTube with it you know like the ambition very ambitious so I spent some money on PEC opening videos because that goes really good at other YouTube channels and in gotcha games or where there is some and stuff so I tried it a little bit it turned out no one cares I wasted money and that's what I spent 150 bucks about that and since then free-to-play that's how it was I plan on checking out this Auto chess that came out of mobile I have not yet played any Auto chess game not on dota or on unseen not on League of Legends so I'd be a total noob to it but I would like to try and grow my youtube channel and I think we're hitting the limit with sharper phone Estrella and I don't think this game will have much more growth let's be honest here maybe you can see me doing tech openings in an arcade so far none of the cards are looking ok yeah I agree and that is good thing right oh my god what's up with the sound okay it's fixed good enough I'd say oh yeah right am I supposed to play this I did not buy the belt pass yet but I will buy it okay guys I'm going to take a leak and let him win I'll be right back yeah and I'm back my friends and I forgot my glasses well my glasses no glasses now take a left I'm at the party that farts good is looking handy yet Yap holy yes and no you know when I was holy when I was I was streaming on Twitch rather active League of Legends and I was good at it like I was I was diamond one aspiring to be challenger and you have your chest like in a pot with so many other streamers that it's hard to come by now I did really hustle to get myself back channel into the YouTube algorithm and I there was no such thing at twitch but the thing is the competition wasn't that big of people who like really tried to get into the YouTube algorithm so I was able to stand out the level which is probably not the case in like really established stuff you know like League of Legends is or dota like there's just there's so many wheels already and to see that a new little fish has no chance to get what I mean damn that's nice but I will definitely try something else totally in the future that's like for sure box set the new theme is more focused on teamwork where did he say that hey thank you very much for subscribing Aurora I'll take it he gains attack authority superhero card Weist is not a good ability for a tank I would say it's especially good for a tank because he benefits more from it I didn't really make could make it out though on the on the leak that it says super heroes imagine that would be like for every other card on the board imagine it to be like you could played with rats or something I would be crazy strong but thank you very much Aurora mm-hmm who is it sonic else his all right here we go it did specify superhero okay interesting all right ah now just recently in this Court he said that okay I mean it would be cool that would force hey another subscriber I should swim more often in the morning before work or something it will be possible in the next few in the next two weeks I can't do this more often after that probably not anymore I will keep it in mind for the weekends what is the matter I'm new to this player 69 limas what is the matter I mean honestly the matter from a new player's perspective would be for you to focus on getting epic cards from the PvP store get the epic cards when they're there for 700 tickets once buy it once and get your PvP packs to get those packs and then the meta right now is mystic mystic for sure however you come yeah of course Polly is right Magic meta is legendary cards but I'm not mentioning those because you do not have a hand in getting them unless you're a whale and I would very much not yeah don't don't be whale I don't think it's like the best idea but yeah normally mystic is definitely the top theme like pretty much throughout throughout this game was alive like 2 years almost I don't know when the world release was I only started in November when it was that the soft release was yeah but almost always mystic was a tough team almost always but if you like more faster gameplay like I do you should not play mystic and the sound is off okay just take this bar man and let's play some South Park music in the background nice if I get completely obliterated then I might just go for go for the closing start back for for having music you can really send Cartman come on dude let's get some damage in here then with the little butters nice it's good that's not so good you can take care of this nasty little though he survives and those rats may give her snakes goddamnit we're not losing maybe that wasn't the best idea maybe has a hallelujah coming sooner or later all right take the bar with your doggie Kratos really damnit I want to defeat the dummy player though that means we have time for Grenville's Kaplan now but he's probably gonna now place his energy surface as he's playing mystic you even answered some questions and showed screenshots about Fastpass oh okay don't me offer wait huh oh he got he actually got smacked that's great that hurts though a lot come on come back to me my friend come back to me no yes dougie down he stopped oh he's coming in with the nasty cart man come on yes Terrence Terrence Shaw do damage above and beyond never mind we got it this is it there we go it feel so good they're gonna win against them yeah it felt really good GG boys was a pretty good game against this dougie nastiness okay open the lockers them actually gonna restart for game sound again I don't know how long it will take probably a little bit don't do it that's not cool yeah I don't I don't I only call people bastards who fathered them but they farted me but you know in South Park phone destroy that there is a lot of negativity and a lot of saltiness and that's just bad for you why would she want to be in a bad mood all day and I don't want to participate in spreading it I don't want to participate in spreading that needle slot for decent locust fighter doctor usually sits that spot yeah he isn't he is definitely something you can use that's for sure you can't do subpods just with your whites hi Blake Oberto welcome to the stream if you hit sea delivers they hit like a truck that's true he has like the highest attack pretty much in the game what's a whale a whale is someone who has bought a lot of power in mobile games or in games in general that have paid to win styles this is a paid to win game so a whale just swallows the little fishies that are the free to play players I will not do a 1 Picabo impression for you Polly yeah and then you could say if you're like a little spender you're maybe a dolphin you know you want to save some grace act more graceful because the whale is a whale is a little bit of a slur you could say hmm bit of an insult to words people who spend a lot like this in the ocean and spends a lot of money when a free-to-play players them little shrimps how are they bacteria bacteria made but you can't see like I'm pretty much free to play player but I have played for a long time and I have these cards and I mean the real whaling started when they made the rebalance the pay to win hardcore model with the legendary cards being much stronger which is like ages ago now yeah brand masters I am actually playing a new event already sadly I wanted it since once our one how its life I want to finish the garrison event but I did not inform myself that the garrison event will end early oh yeah by that battle pass why do you care it's what I've been saying I have been advising people to save everything for the battle pass and the shrimp that made it to high ranking is a lobster they pick on the leftovers and then redheads get something decent in the shrimp that made it to high right I like that so Mexican I'm a lobster I'm a planked plankton yeah perfect or the first time always takes longer loading it you know this since I restarted for music not sure if it's worth I don't have those superhero cards I never had them creeper I've only been available to have pictures of them that's all I had pictures actually I haven't even seen the official death notes let me actually check them out Monday July 15 conclude the new unique South Park story created for fonts Oh with a new unique story many more to follow Aastha will also be brand new voice lines in game videos story missions and more PvE confirmed guys there will be a brand new characters one spell and one trap coming in with the superhero theme at launch I'm happy to confirm two of the eight superheroes and one brand news book okay they are at the comic-con this year why did they not invite me come on hook hook your content creators up sent me to comic-con hashtag Farrell for comic-con come and see us and if you can answer some trivia questions you can even win some sweet loot alright that super farthing can be annoying mysterion is a legendary right where did you get that information the trap must be lava ice up saw beats HP saying like we did a video of him I didn't really watch it it stops you from seeing them TJ will it always stops you from seeing des I want professor caves to be a legendary card yeah me too I started buying again about two months ago and have got three legends and a whole bunch of epics the beefy pecs did they make them get easier Jack I think at least the epics feel easier yeah feral fox comic-con alright I never was at any convention in my whole life I wasn't letter Sigma conventional oh my god mr. X the game has already started oops good game do you have a wrong diagonally are you saying oops and then come out with a level for cranberries and cotton are you kidding me what this groups about that the same one Charlie what suits about this this is oops never for me – oops oops such a bad bag that I accidentally played here oopsy poopsy moves demon oops oops I forgot a head level for legendaries exactly oops the level five slave damn son okay that's an oops that's the first legitimate oops okay will he cut over it Nellie is pretty good against those three chickens and look at those AUD men taking out the chickies like it's nothing all I should actually send us new shirts that should send us one of those shirts for sure why not giving me a shirt to wear too well on stream you know oh my god all right GG mr. eggs good game who's the biggest brain of all time that must be this data must be David's David nuyen something like that we had just got a Dragonslayer I've level 2 and now I can use her in legendary she's no problem she is pretty awesome man but she made she cannot be nerfed man she's like the only heir only halfway decent answer or the only good answer to mystic Ric Flair I don't recommend on buying anything other than a battle pass and if you feel like it PvP pack refreshes or challenge mode refreshes I do never recommend on buying premium packs though always depends on your dispensable income to spend a house called if you have like a lot of money and you have money left you know and you don't have to fear to need more money in the future you know I'm a guy like I wouldn't spend that much money on something like that when I don't have like completely financial stability I'd say mr. xgg man I didn't have another chance but I put up a good fight I'd say oh yeah Nelly packs a pre bet get into separate standing many moons they catch hell yeah PC principal hustling Oh what is dad a level five Maxie why see does he have to use the level five Maxie though so close to to making it here I would have been so mean if he hit it but I didn't know would get me power hell yeah so I like it at a super whale that's the way yes wow really oh man okay come on what hit yes all right come on let's get another bar here right on the leaderboard I didn't see him I don't know how he's called I don't stay up-to-date on whales names just for the fun of it fireball in there oh yeah we saved eight seconds yeah you can't get a lot of cash back check white lie that's very true remember the window pack your free partner in a second yeah I remember I was pretty awesome I have to end the stream soon because I want to get some food before I have to go to work I might be in for short stream later again one Pokemon 247 well what are you talking about new kid coupe is something I never saw coming yeah me neither it looked funny as hell though yeah hello hello back from Germany man greetings ah damage actually timing it that well hate it hell alright work that then work it you've got to work it god damn it oh wait what what's going on over here No all right thank goodness ma'am a pick you up yeah that was a member picture of us but only size screen shot myself oh why is she sneaking you take butters already oh man now he's coming with this smelly ass token and carpet man again oh we're doing damage oh yeah here we go damage No and good enough what come on you should have been hit ah I hate it god damn it what the hell that is unfortunate man Oh some problems right there it's getting hard up up here who gave it a little chilly in here actually a break-off this really sweat drenching summer alright Kentucky I feel dirty playing adventurer mystic your shirt here we go again ah we got a little fart out huh nice I did not expect this Randy to do so much damage now wine impressive all right he'd give up on his bar here awesome No haha why do I get dougie so often stupid ass pasta drag as well man so obnoxious so horribly obnoxious and just think Cartman holding the defense take a show-off you should take a shower man going hard know it oh yeah Timmy should all take a shower Audio Adventure mystic people's job Oh God let's open one locker no choirboy cannot timtom yeah it was good man agreed agreed would you consider sixth element Randy a good card I would consider him a decent cart that is below average in the legendary playing field but he's still a good cart he on level 4 of Taurus was very great but I would say on level 3 he's still a little bit underwhelming with the current meta because you just you just compared him to the level 3 Medusa and level 3 reached up to tokens and level 3 there are many moons but level 3 Stella many moons ain't that dangerous compared I guess though there is the youth pastor Greg which enables him greatly I mean Stella made moves better than then definitely than him and also the thing is that Pocahontas Randy in level 4 is better than 6 element ready on level 3 which is cool and I like that that's the case that's juicy targets yes got the best one oh I thought I might have done it before the parrot hits alright we at least got the charge off before good enough I guess what do you mean 330 I am okay so cool come on Nellie really your fart the data H valorous he's cute he's on level 2 he has low level cards overall I guess not completely overall advice he's playing a level 5 self Sally he must have a better option than a level 5 Sally my a level 5 princess can hear level 5 father's oh damn it yeah the rats will nibble on him damn it though oh I forgot about him damn it why does he have a level six flight but then this party house party assassins here why does he play them that makes no sense to me oh I was sucking flies like that damage not away the butters for the rescue you know what I grant him this win that's what I always do instead of no one getting a win let's have one get this win all right that's your teammate George Hill everyone I might see you later today pretty sure I hope you enjoyed it it was very buggy at the beginning thank you for staying with me leave a like check out my new video and I would really appreciate if you give me a comment there if I find it should be is it still here no that's a demon right one second I will find the video soon enough there we go it's got almost 300 views almost 400 views let's get it higher everyone I wish the committee was like you but somehow even silver sheets me today Hey I must J I fight people to death also but if I can't win then I give it more more more often unless you're dougie player I might not do it alright super wait and wait and though you're even more alright watch my video leave a comment thank you very much for watching I'm I'm out of here also I just noticed thank you very much system of a quorum 92 for subscribing it didn't come through goodbye

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