good morning sweetie good morning birthday girl oh you're so sweet hey you were born and I remembered it oh thank you Stephen also have quite the surprise for you did you give me the new iPhone oh uh no this is mine um but I am placing a very important phone call I hope you like magic I love magic and you're gonna love this phone magician the best money can buy whoo-hoo sounds expensive it is what a world of mystery awaits you at 1-800 abrakadabra I am the great Kenny oh um hey the great Kenny you're here with a birthday that's right you're a girl how did you know that well birthday girl Whitney Whitney for my first trick I'm going to amaze the very floor you stand on I have with me a deck of cards I'm Fanning them out now face up I would like you to visualize these cards in your brain and select one of them do you have a card selected um it's just really hard to choose cuz these are such beautiful cards um yes yes okay I have one excellent at the moment I'm standing on the second floor of a building I am opening the window and I'm throwing the entire deck of cards at the window however from my pocket I'm now extracting a single sealed envelope do you remember your card yeah I'm opening now for the first time this envelope and from it extracting a single card with thee I'm holding it in my hands I could see the card now what was your card with three of diamonds amazing in my hand right now is the three of diamonds that was the trick really Whitney for my next amazement I need you to procure a $20 bill Oh sir I have one right here wait oh here it is okay now take it and light it on fire I'm just kidding I'm totally kidding tear it in half place the two halves in the nearest garbage disposal oh when he lets not do that done that money can never come back do you hear yourself or can it with me take your husband's wallet do not disposal this now nose your eyes reach inside and grab hold of the contents on the count of three pull out your hand one two three it's the 20 okay no no that was definitely in there this is a complete scam you lad what's your name Steven Steven I imagine you drive a car is that correct yeah it's in the driveway well Steven don't look now but your car is no longer there well what dollar piece of look please don't look I know it's not there because I'm currently lying down in the back seat if it's stuck in a straitjacket whoa what are you doing there I don't know but my hands are cuffed my legs are bound with chains and padlocks and the doors have been welded shut you welded the door shut hurt appears were the conveyor belt of some kind in the middle of a large junkyard oh no we're headed towards a trash compactor soon we will be crushed and turned into a small cube the size of your xbox terrible Steven it's like that awful scene in The Brave Little Toaster I don't have much time we're gonna go sir mm go Kenny hey Kenny are you there I pushed him too hard it I should have believed his first trick Kenny Kenny is that you Steven go look out the window it's your car wait a second no no no no you had me there mr. Kenny but I'm not falling for it stupid no don't you see all he does is just make up an elaborate trick and then an awesome reveal at the end there's no way of knowing if it ever really happened well excuse me Steven but I described my tricks very accurately on this side of the phone The Brave Little Toaster I don't believe it and I won't believe it Whitney yeah do you still have Stephens wallet yeah it's right over here well open it

42 thoughts on “1-800-Phone-Magician”

  1. Whitney's like: Magic! 😍
    Meanwhile, Stephen's like: what r u doing w/ my wallet, woman! Blow it out! Put out the fire! Whitney, no! Why!

  2. “It’s like that scene in the brave little toaster!” That was killing me and the way he said it! 😂

  3. The only thing he can actually do is set things on fire with his mind. He just ends every phone call with that trick to blow people's minds so he never has to prove his other tricks.

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