10 Oscar Speech First Drafts | CH Impressions

10 Oscar Speech First Drafts | CH Impressions

Matthew McConaughey – Alright, Alright,
Alright! To all those Rom-Com directors in the mid
2000’s this really is just a big F**K YOU! Robert De Niro: You know, before I came up here, in
front of all you beautiful people! Maybe I shouldn’ta taken a bit bite of lemon Liam Neeson – For those people who nominated
me, I would just like to say, I will find you and I will kill you. Morgan Freeman:
So many people to thank, My Wife
My Son, The Director
My Cousin Delroy My other cousin Delroy The other, smaller dog from Scooby Doo
And finally Erica 40 minutes, why did nobody stop me? The soothing sound of my voice…? Eddie Redmayne: Wow I mean WOW! I don’t deserve this award,
Nicolas cage you’re the only guy who deserves this award less than I do! Ian McKellen –How am I able to act so well? If I were to draw a graph of method, It would
go something like this, sir ian, sir ian, sir ian, sir ian, ACTION wizard you shall
not pass CUT sir ian sir ian Kevin Spacey: Now there are so many people
to thank but where to start, oh wait no where because it was all me, I am the best George Lucas: I really didn’t think I would
be up here to take the best director award for the phantom menace, but
jar jar getting best actor really does just put the icing on the cake. Owen Wilson: Wow this is crazy! I’d like to thank my wife, my sister, she
inspired this role as cersei lannister Wow! Ray Romano –AAAHH I’m still just completely
surprised there even is a category for best actor in a cartoon mammoth role Now then guys if you enjoyed the video please do drop a like here… Also make sure you’re subscribed and have hit notifications on… And here is some more videos See you next week!

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  1. So great! You inspire me Charlie. If anyone is interested, I also do impressions. Would love if you checked them out! ☺

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