10 Ways NOOBS Die in PUBG Mobile!!

10 Ways NOOBS Die in PUBG Mobile!!

a few moments later okay so the other day I was talking to my friends and they said that there's a way you can avoid fall damage by jumping off of a tall building and landing on a car underneath you you don't have to necessarily get in the car as long as you land on the car it's not going to take any fall damage so I'm gonna position my car somewhere underneath me here on top of one of the tallest structures and test it out for myself all right here goes nothing cars in place I'm very very worried I even took myself down to the lowest possible health just so I could prove that this actually works let's make our way up to the top it's down there oh god you know what sometimes you just have to go for it oh I jumped too far well well well what do we have here I can explain enemy spotted now you're so dumb you are really dumb hey guys how are you doing its Dmitry again from Russia I'm going to play some more pop G on my phone it's gonna be pretty cool I think because look at this we're playing in our favorites no map we can D you're not with my six ak-47s I have in my closet behind me I really feel at home when I'm playing this game you know I really haven't played too many matches so I don't really know what I'm doing oh god what is that blues on oh I forgot about this my friends I don't know what I'm doing I need to get to the place on guys I don't have any more bandages I'm really worried my health is going down very fast wait a minute wait a minute energy drink bandage he's it and really said I don't think I'm going to make it case unless there is something here on the ground my father he won against Germans in World War two but I guess I cannot follow in his footsteps wait a minute go jump get out is that the med kit use it I have been saved oh my god oh my god no this is this topic yeah I had this I am done with this sup guys this is officer Richard here I just want to tell you that I fought back to Nyame in 1972 to 1974 I fought them down commies up and down the trenches in the tunnels and through the jungle they ain't never gonna see the light of day again I'm always looking left and right to see if one of them dang Viet Cong or somewhere lurking around in the shadows I decided I wanted to relive my experiences and I am so I'm jumping into pub G going to land at boot camp and I'm ready to kick some commie boots jumping out the plane just like my squadron did in 1972 you let me tell you these commies they ain't ready for what I'm about to do to them I'm about to land on my parachute and infiltrate their enemy base cut their heads off and leave none of them to survive wait a second wait sick get bound I think Wallman bang Vietcong are nearby I got my throwing knives I'm on me back in a bit you wait you just wait one minute 37 seconds later I've got you in my sights [Applause] well sup guys it's stereotypical overexcited British youtuber here there's a guy up there but I think I hear somebody where is he where is he oh that he is just that someone else well guess what buddy I had some bullets that I needed to address to you and I did exactly that three kills on the board where is the next victim he's right down there I see him okay vector probably wasn't the good choice spot you and P comin in finishing off the kill that was a wee bit too close they're my own there's a passage come on shoot him come on oh come on so where there's a bit of a zombie problem in this neck of the woods well you've come to the right guy little did you know I ran the East Side in New York back in 1928 I got grenades I got knives what else do you need if zombies what you're looking to take out I got you covered just give me a price that I'm there for you let me tell ya I got the smartest strongest and fastest men out on the field they are highly trained with their weaponry they're cold blooded and merciless and they're gonna get the job done they're gonna kill every last zombie until there's no zombie problem left you can believe me when I say this you can trust me on this one don't worry everything's gonna be okay remember I'm your friend in this situation let's not make things difficult alright hey guys it's epic roblox bro gamer 16 back with another video I'm really excited to be doing my three subscribers special in today's video I'm playing a game called pub G mobile a my favorite youtuber Kinder Surprise toys did a video on this who is that what is that thing I can't get inside the window this is harder than I thought what is that Molotov cocktail my mommy told me I can't drink alcohol I'm still 17 years before I can do that what is this thing do do you think it's like a boogey bomb from fortnight's I wonder ooh oh god it's on fire Oh God Oh No honestly guys my life is going great right now my life could not be better I just got out of school for the weekend and I'm having fun playing pub G on my phone oh look there's the red zone you know what I'm gonna drive right through the red zone because I don't have a care in the world things could not go bad for me at all I love life I love it so much it's just wonderful oh [Applause] well I guess the red zone can kill you you

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  1. Spent 15 hours over 2 days creating this video! I really hope you guys enjoyed! It was my best PUBG Mobile video I’ve ever created! 😊

  2. The name of pubg is not Pubg mobile anymore its
    Pubg Game For Peace
    And Subscribed to my channel and leave a like and who dislike hates hotels and you are a hotel Haters so like my video and subscribed pls

  3. Im honestly better at pubg at solo or duo mostly cause in duo most of my partners die and its like solos for me pretty fun though

  4. I just finished pubg much solo I got the grass cloth and a groza and an AWM I killed 2 in car 4 in AWM AND 1 WITH Groza I died because a guy came and ran me ove in his car

  5. So, even though I’m playing current da pixel gun.. being level 20 with a lot of past experience cannot remember if the hell raiser is good… what would you recommend on a personal standpoint because I’m torn and don’t know what to buy, the ranger rifle is loosing its godlike power

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