All of these boxes are filled with toilet paper No way It’s like a thousand rolls of toilet paper there is only 400 to a box huh Jay, how much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if wood chuck could chuck wood How much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood Good job, that’s right. Yeah, You’re learning you’re learning aight, what’s the one for me? (spanish tounge twister) *trying to do Spanish tongue twister but failed* yah, that’s good right? That’s perfect. ok cool. what’s up guys, we’re on set HOLD ON, I have to get changed into my outfit 3…2…1 (whoosh) okay okay uhmm, okay, okay, um, I need a dog. awwww hi there actually, you know what? I don’t need a dog 3…2…1 (whoosh) Where is the dog?! Guys, I’m gonna go get some, makeup, on my face because they make you wear makeup so that you know, so thay you you don’t look like this (close up of face) let’s go get some makeup (whoosh) how do I look? Do I look good? I look good right? thank you Not quite yet.Jake: I gotta work on it this is how you create a cool intro all you need is little bit of editing alright. You say good. You say morning You say Jake You say Paulers now edit that together good morning jake paulers fire bro and good morning Jake paulers were out here on set of BIZARDVARK im here with the martinez twins and it is a shoot day which means that it is gonna be a little bit chaotic today were actually fillming the cameras roll. Mondays through wednesday was rehearsals and and now were shooting. Now we are going back to the team 10 haedquarters lets go oh hey this is a nice car now we should go to the team 10 house probably right YO weres my squad at YO what’s up guys I have a video idea for us to do subtitles by patrick lozan

100 thoughts on “10,000 TOILET PAPER ROLL FORT”

  1. Ayyy jake paul y u lying u know the martinez twins told the jake paulers that u are a good actor really good actor y u gotta do them like that????

  2. When Jake said and my bed out here well here all the magic happens I started dying😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️😏😏😏

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