13 Dead in Japan Animation Studio Fire - LIVE COVERAGE

13 Dead in Japan Animation Studio Fire – LIVE COVERAGE

multiple people are reported dead in a fire at an animation studio in Kyoto Japan a fire that police say was intentionally set they believe this fire was intentionally set and dozens are injured dozens of people are injured and multiple people dead so we want to bring you the latest details on this story some new details have just come out recently and we're gonna be taking your comments and questions on the air at look nur on Twitter is where to reach me with your comments or questions at look nur on Twitter and if your updates you can message me as well and thank you to our moderators we have Keisha Fowler Lamar walk-ins Michael B and and our YouTube chat room and Mark G there right now and also our periscope moderators in twitch and Facebook as well Paul Thomas in our periscope chat moderating okay let me just show you the latest updates here now NHK they're saying multiple people dead multiple people dead in Kyoto in anime studio fire they say police say police say multiple deaths have been confirmed at a fire at an animation studio in the city of Kyoto Western Japan they have not said how many people died or identified any victims they say a man poured what appeared to be gasoline around the studio he has been taken into custody now here's what Kyodo news says ten believed dead inside Kyoto anime studio after fire according to police 10 believed dead but I they haven't confirmed that number yet so it could be 10 dead but you see that's that's from Kyoto Kyoto news as police are saying 10 believed dead but they've confirmed multiple dead but NHK has not quoted the 10 number at this point now let me just show you some things here hang on a second sorry I want to look at a couple things here yeah so here's here's a photo that says ten believed dead that some cuter news ten believed dead inside Kyoto anime studio after fire and then they also said nearly forty people have been injured nearly forty people have been injured see what this article says a man started a fire at a kyoto animation studio after spraying a liquid there thursday morning leaving at least one dead and not now we're hearing multiple dead and forty others injured several of them unconscious the company is known for producing popular TV animation series k on and the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya the 41 year old man says Kyodo news who is believed to have set the fire was among the injured and has been taken to a hospital now i don't know this 41 year old man does he have some connection did he work there why would this person have set this fire we have no idea at this point police near people near the site said they heard a series of explosions and saw a mass of black smoke coming out of the building police what people were later seen being carried out of the site covered in blankets a person with singed hair was lying down and there were bloody footprints said a 59 year old woman living nearby I heard a bang and the black smoke and the burning smell will awful said a hair salon manager in his 30s Kyoto Animation known for four short as KyoAni in Japan has animation studios in Kyoto and nearby ug where it is headquartered the company founded in 1981 has released a number of animations appealing to younger generations particularly in the 2000s many fans have visited locations associated with the works according to Wikipedia they have produced 21 animated series anime series oh there's another shot at the building Wow I assume that's the building okay so that's what that's what that's what Kyodo news is saying let me see if they have a different story for the ten dead I don't know if they have the story for the ten dead report no the the ten believed dead is according to police but they don't have that in their story now let me show you what NHK is reporting on this hang on one second here let me just get it on the screen so I can show you here it is so here's a shot of the fire from NHK that was there's the studio and there's the fire you know you wonder you look at this so we're healing this report that one guy might have started it with gasoline so you want like you wonder like did they not have sprinklers in this building do they have do they have a fire prevention system in the building because it looks like it just spread throughout the building I don't I don't know you know maybe this person knew something about setting fires or something but you know certainly looks like it gutted the building I wonder what the whole deal is with that building having fire fire protection system I don't know okay here is an HK okay people are being left behind and cardiopulmonary arrest there is information that still people are still in the building basically dead and it is still continuing its rescue activity so this is just this was this was posted I think 28 minutes ago what is Kyoto done yeah 238 so 28 minutes ago this report came out people are still in the building basically dead it's saying and okay let's look at decay news here's their story on it fire an animation company this is 35 injured I think killed one person at all actually hold on a second about 10 people unconscious yeah 35 have been injured so let's see here they say here it is information from police that several people people are dead according to the fire department one person has died but they say multiple people are dead and 35 people have been injured and about ten of these were transported to the hospital in an unconscious state the man who started the fire is secured and police are suspecting it as arson at 10:30 a.m. so this happened about four hours ago at 10:30 a.m. a man sprayed a liquid like gasoline in the building of the studio at the animation production company Kyoto Animation and cut and ignited causing an explosive fire more than 30 fire engines and other vehicles have been out to extinguish the fire but three hours after three hours after the fire the fire has not been sixth English according to this story this is NHK several people died according to the fire department they said one person has died and thirty-five injured and ten people were transported to the hospital an unconscious state so again according to Kyodo news they're saying police are saying ten people dead a 41 year old man is in custody a man who was on fire a man who was on fire I wonder if he burnt himself on fire a man who was on fire secured was secured on the spot and was assumed to be 41 years old from his license the police did not hear a detailed story yet because the man was injured and was being treated at the hospital but was told that he had painted and lit the liquid when it was being transported I think that they're saying the guy spread gasoline around the building or something in addition well what is this according to the investigator it is said from the sighting information in the field that the main was talking to death etc while lighting something like gasoline now I don't know about the translation here but it sounds like maybe the man was talking about dying or something like that or death when he was lighting the fire that's what that suggests I mean III you know this is a translation of the article so I don't want to get too picky with the wording but it looks like he's saying he was talking about death or dying or dead people or something when he was lighting the gasoline or the thing like gasoline in addition it is there are several things like a knife falling on the spot but they do not know if it belongs to the guy the police think this was arson according to the Kyoto Animation website the company was founded in 1959 and has its head office in OG city kyoto prefecture and has about 160 employees and has worked on such shows such as k-on and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya well-known shows AFP said those are well known shows let's see here a male employee working at a housing exhibition near the studio said if it was in the office around 10:30 there was a sudden explosion and then a noise there was a fire on the second and third floors and there were people in the evacuation room and the smoke was rising so I reported to the fire department immediately so he said he heard an explosion then saw a fire in the second and third floor so you know again a man was seen pouring a liquid I don't know it would seem if he just poured the leg a saline allowing the studio and rid it on fire wouldn't that wouldn't happen I don't know but you know for all we know the man could have poured stuff inside the studio I don't know what exactly this fire was started the man apparently poured some liquid and liquid and lit it but I mean it looks like the building went up pretty quick let's see residents who live nearby very scary a fireman was in helping in the park for the rescue of injured people however it seemed the number of people did not catch up I guess he meant the people kept coming this talks about some past arson cases in Japan I guess where people died so again according to Kyodo news they say ten people are believed dead and it looks like dozens are injured because we've heard reports of 35 injured or 40 injured I don't know if the dead are among the people that are injured but this is certainly not good yeah so and and and and as I mentioned before I don't know Gwendolyn brass says what's up with the fire protection fire exit for the building to protect the building and people that work there yeah I'm not really getting at the moment you know this building clearly I mean look at that it's like the whole building is on fire and just gutted and what I don't understand is how did you know there was the according to the stories one suspect is in custody who poured something in lit it now was there something else was there a bomb or something that went off I don't know I haven't heard that but there was an explosion but you know is there you you would think at an animation studio HOH you know they would have it probably helped they probably some money and they probably don't want to lose their animation so you'd think they'd have some kind of fire protection system I don't know if the building did and I don't know if the person who allegedly started this fire like really knew what maybe they were like an X maybe they really knew how to start a fire so it burned maybe they worked at the place I don't know you know maybe maybe they started the fire and something caught on the fire and blew up and you know but I don't really understand I just don't know how the fire progressed and got to this point I just don't have those answers for you Paul Thomas is our IP for the victims so sad should never happen yeah certainly condolences that no however many people died condolences to their families and thoughts with all the injured there are a lot of injured people for all we know a lot of seriously injured people but it's kind of confusing right now what exactly happened it and then why would this person do this hold on a second over 10 dead over 10 dead over 10 dead I got to change the headline police over 10 dead in animation in kyoto animation studio fire according to police Wow over 10 dead well that's not good at all Wow let me change the headline so that was just reported by NHK and it looks like dozens injured two man and one person allegedly started at a 41 year old guy yeah fired animation companies over ten dead look at there's the building according to police there were about 70 people including employees in the building whoa and many others cannot be reached Wow there were 70 people in the around 70 people in the building Wow let me I got a tweet that – hang on a second here I want to add to my previous tweet police around 70 people were in kyoto animation studio when fire started many people have not been reached from NHK and many others have not been reached many others Wow so I mean there could be a lot more debt because we've heard so far something like 35 injured so that you know who knows there might be a lot more people inside Linda Belk is not a very big building well that that doesn't show you I think that pictures a little bit deceptive because there's a shot of the building from the side so it has I mean I'm seeing three floors I'm seeing three floors of this building let me see I wonder if we can find the building on Google Maps Kyoto Animation oops Studio Japan I wonder if I'll come up Kyoto Animation is this sit right here is this it mmm is that it is that it that doesn't look long enough does it hang on the white roof that doesn't have it that's a that doesn't have a white I sorry that doesn't have a white white fence on the roof that doesn't look like it I don't know it says Kyoto Animation in Kyoto let's check this out Kyoto Animation sorry we need to now this happens see it says Kyoto Animation let's look this up what oh I'm sorry I need to do this in maps it'll make it 9 million times easier sorry let's try this again Kyoto Animation there we go so we zoom in is this gonna be it let's see I don't think that's that that's not the building that must be a different building that they have that's in Fuji they must have another one cuz that doesn't look like it let's see Kyoto Animation eonni I don't know if somebody can find it a link on the map let me know that doesn't look like it somebody says go to their website let me see I'm looking for a before picture of the building here we go Kyoto Animation click I just clicked they seem to be having problem loading their site there might be a lot of people going to it or maybe they took something down off their site yeah their site is not loading from you right now how would the cache version cached this is Google's cache version of the Kyoto site that also is not loading what can I say I'm trying to load their site and it's not loading so I've done all I can do and it's not the internet the Internet's working oh hold on we got an update no that's not it that's not about this story here's a shot of the fire from ABC News maybe that is the building so confusing all right that's what the building looks like there okay is that this building no it's not it's not it because this building here is where was I here there yeah the roof is different that's a different building so here's a shot from ABC News of the fire so again from what police are saying a 41 year old man is in custody a 41 year old man was seen pouring some sort of liquid like gasoline and then lighting it on fire and it really and then I know we read a quote from somebody who was living a working nearby that they heard an explosion and saw the second and third stories on fire now maybe the first door it looks like we've seen shots of the first story on fire on for two I don't know that they did they not have a fire protection system in the building it looks like a three-story building and it looks like it pretty much burned throughout so I don't know exactly how this fire ended up engulfing the whole building so quickly but it looks I mean there were 70 people around 70 people in the building at the time we've heard over 10 dead and the police are saying that there were many others who have not been reached yet we've also heard about dozens being injured so that's that's the it's kyoto animation they are a well-known animation studio according to wikipedia they produced 21 anime shows in a number of movies in japan all right let me let me try to get more information if you have thoughts questions comments write to me on twitter at look nah I've just been trying to get you the latest information here so let me just do a quick check on things and just before I take some comments I want to just make sure I have the latest updates here it's also see if Kyodo news is has anything more than they had before yeah I mean Kyodo news is saying at least 10 dead in suspected arson there's another shot of the building by the way you look at this and there's a Reuters photo I mean it's just it's like the whole building but I mean there's fire coming out of here there's fire coming out of all of here it's like the whole building burned here's what here's the latest Kyodo news is saying yeah there you go 70 people were inside the kyoto anime studio when the fire started at least ten believed it here is yeah I think they updated the article at least ten dead and suspected arson there's a shot of the building I mean it just is Wow it does look like a well for what it's worth the the face is more burned here than on the side here a man started a fire at a kyoto animation studio after spraying a liquid leaving at least 10 dead and nearly 40 injured several them unconscious many bodies were found on the second floor the police also found knives at the scene the police found knives at the scene I wondered it well you'd think if something happened before the fire that other people would have run out of there the 41 year old man who said he who said he started the fire was among the injured and has been taken to the hospital I don't know if he set himself on fire well here's the website shot I was trying to load the website before it didn't load for me yeah I can't get to the website right now but there's a screenshot of the website right there people near the studio said they heard a series of explosions and saw black smoke coming out of the building people were later being seen carried out of the studio covered in blankets we read this before the studio in question is the first studio of the company it also has animation studios in OG there's a close-up shot of the building thanks thanks VLA for your support by the way thanks VLA if by the way a donation just popped up just so people know I'm not gonna ask for donations on a stream like this but if anybody does donate the donations just go to pay the expenses for the channel so I can do the coverage so that's what the donations go to and there's this shot again that we saw before now look I don't know also you know it's an animation studio would there be things in there that could burn you know particular things that would cause it to burn it just it's a it's seems like for one guy one guy starting this by lighting liquid to blow up the whole building like that to make the old building Kitchel fires it's pretty wild it's terrible so I don't have a good explanation for how that all happened and whether there was sprinklers in the building schizoid thinks their servers were in the building or the website is down because too many people are trying to access it and he was one of the reports we read from NHK said the man was saying something about death when he lit the fire I know bno news translated as as died I'm not sure exactly what he was saying but there's a report that the guy was talking about death or died or something when the funny when he lit the fire Oh hold on a second Tarek had a suggestion about finding the building let's see he said maybe it's at the end of the street I don't know if I can find it yet Tarek if you're watching I'm not sure which which building you're talking about so I just don't know but I haven't been able to find it on Google Maps maybe he'll send a link can you send a link so somebody thought he found that carrot that he found the building but no here's an archive okay here we go here we go here we go thank you uh um caram sent me this kyoto animation this is an archived version studios and offices first studio that's it that's it right there 15 1 Inaba see if I put that in on Google Maps maybe that'll work here's Google Maps that's not it 15:1 Inaba kyoto why isn't it working that's not it all right well I tried I think somebody sent me a link to anyways but they do have you can see it says first studio and that's the building right there now oh I got it thank you comfy comfy sent it to me I got the building comfy sent it right there that's it that's it right there it says movie studio let's see if I can do Street for you whoops whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa doing this I gotta find a place to put the little man that it'll let me here it should be should be will see it here I'm right that's it right I think we got it I think we found it right here the white fence on top and the orange lining right yup orange lining white fence on top we found it thank you comfy that's not it where is it right it's it's right here that's it it says Kyoto Animation right on it there you go Kyoto Animation it's you know it's it's I mean it's not a small building but it's not gigantic let's go back a little bit and turn around and look at it there it is that's it Wow huh it's three stories I mean you look at the building and you think I don't know I mean I don't know much about fire but I look at it and I'm like so if one guy poured liquid allowed it and it got on it caught on fire like I feel like the guy would have had to know what he's doing like to light a fire that just engulfs the whole buildings that no one can get out somebody had said something to chatter I'm like maybe he looked the exits on fire or something I mean maybe this person was familiar with this building and and and lit the fire in a way that it was especially lethal but that's the building alibaba furball says no fire escapes outside a building but you know another thing is look also there are balconies I mean there's a balcony here and a balcony here so so you know another thing you'd think is if people like needed to get out they'd like you know they could go on the balcony and just jump I mean it they might get hurt but it's it's not a ten story building it's a three story building so I you know look maybe the smoke you know smoke is deadly so the smoke might have just the fire might have started in a way that the smoke just overwhelmed people that could happen – but it's not a skyscraper you know I mean inconceivably somebody could jump from the third floor and they'd get hurt even the roof maybe they'd get hurt but they wouldn't necessarily die but I'm not aware that that happened Wow that's the building but that's it that's the one crazy so that's that's what the building looks like there and then you see in the let's just go back to that let's just go back to the the footage of the building here which we just had before here it is right here Oh 12 people dead now 12 people dead 12 people presumed dead that's from ABC News yeah so there's like firefighters on the balcony and then here is by the way here's a shot of the building we were just looking at this building but there I mean there's fire coming out of everywhere it's like pretty much every window has like damage outside of it because because fire either came out of it or is coming out of it also the fire lasted several hours we read so this is Kyoto Animation and one guy reportedly did this 41 year old guy arson again condolences to the victims families and also thoughts with those injured let's see if the ABC article has anything different so again Japanese fire official says twelve people are presumed dead a Japanese fire official says at least twelve people are presumed dead and more could more could be missing more could be missing after they were trapped by fire at a popular animation production studio in Kyoto 35 have been injured some of them critically so 12 dead 35 injured some of them critically actually I got to do this 12 people are presumed dead and more could be missing let me just retweet this hang on a second here undo retweet and then retweet with comment now let's go back here so twelve are presumed dead more could be missing and 35 injured I mean most people in the building are dead and injured we already know that oh my gosh firefighters found 12 people who presumed dead inside the three-story building there are several others up to 18 who could not be reached but it is not clear if all of those had reported to work Thursday let me add that to the tweet hang on one second here up to 18 who cannot be reached Wow up to 18 who could not be reached a man is suspected of starting the fire early Thursday he's among those injured in a hospital what happened here man Linda Belk says it just gets worse with each report yeah it's terrible so again to repeat this fire it is currently 3:10 p.m. in Kyoto Japan this fire broke out around 10:30 a 41 year old man reportedly poured some liquid like gasoline and started the fire at this animation studio Kyoto Animation a well-known animation studio and at least 12 are dead 35 injured there are there were 70 people in the building at the time around 70 people and up to 18 people are missing and look at how gutted the building is I mean it is just gutted on every floor pretty much it's not even that big of a building that's the building it's not a that's it see it says Kyoto Animation gosh you know what now you wonder why anyone would send any building on fire but why Kyoto Animation I mean it's just so confusing we don't know if the man had any connection to Kyoto Animation hmm if you're hearing updates or if you've comments questions write to me on Twitter at look Nura I'm just doing a quick check to see if any of the other news sites have posted any updates yet give me one sec here let me check that hang on one second here let's check NHK and see what they're saying here's an HK let's hit refresh and translate more than ten dead or not many other people cannot contact Kyoto I don't know again a 10:30 a.m. a man I sprayed a liquid like gasoline in the building in the building it says causing explosive fire there were about 70 people in the building more than ten have died and many others have not been reached okay whoa whoa whoa whoa NHK says there are nearly 30 people who cannot be contacted what it is explained that it is not confirmed information and there are new there are nearly 30 people who have not who cannot be contacted so we'll have to see what the deal with that is a man who was on fire has been secured he's 41 years old he pink he had painted and lit the leak he poured and lit the liquid when it was being when it was being transported I'm not sure that means he was talking to death etc while lighting something like gasoline I don't know if that means he was saying die or death or something there's a there reportedly was a knife or knives found but it's not sure if it hit if it's his they think this was arson and people do report hearing an explosion like this person reports hearing an explosion so you know who knows what what what maybe the fire caused something to explode Wow let me know if you're hearing anything new you have comments questions at–look neuron twitter as we covered this story rising says it's unlikely that the man responsible was a former employee as the employees get paid much better and have better working conditions over there other competition over their other competition more likely a disgruntled fan or some extremist otaku I don't even know what our taco means a young person who's obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills I will say this though you know you say it's unlikely it's a man responsible for as a was it was a former employee look I mean employees can get fired employees can be mentally unstable so at I can't you know I have no idea this person was but even if even if companies pay somebody well that doesn't mean they can't get fired for something or be disgruntled so I have no idea who the person was so I mean I would think to me at least everything's open right now oh I'm sorry a viewer sent me another article Yi Shinji said one survivor describes an unknown unknown man pure kerosene like pouring kerosene like liquid on her and lighting her on fire let's look look at this this is from menisci Japan another shot of it another shot of them she says stranger look at this shot of the building gosh an explosion noise came up a young woman who was burned out rushed to a nearby store with a look that said help me or something and nearly 40 men and one were injured many people were thought to be still in the building okay a 60 year old woman living in the neighborhood witnessed a young woman in her 20s who was burned all over her body rushing into us into screaming into a rice shop about 90 meters east of the scene she sounded I got a liquid like kerosene from someone I don't know help me huh and now that almost makes it sound like he poured the liquid on her she was bloodied barefoot and her clothes were torn a woman of so woman 73 years old I said I saw a man who came down a with a rain gutter from the roof climbed down from the roof when the smoke was already rising in addition about 10 people were injured because they had blood from their shoulders red or burnt faces and sooty faces there were two people who could not move at all an 80 year old man heard an explosion and came to the studio and saw a couple of men lying flat in front of the door it was said they had them take water and towels a man said he was likely to be arson and declared he was scared another a male employee of a housing maker heard a loud explosion the fire was burning from the second floor and spread to the hole the smoke was coming out with great force Wow that is from this site minnici yeah and thought you know the people who were injured there could be some really bad injuries of course so thoughts with them it's terrible sir disinformation says not many people are jumping to pick up a phone call from work when they're off not a surprise some can't be reached hopefully no more injuries well I mean I would think if people keep calling and texting you for hours you might pick up the phone so well hopefully they find the people who they can't get in touch with a number of people they can't get in touch with right now a couple of viewers sent me a gofundme nest number one Nessa fan and master death Teddy sent me this now I have not verified this it says it's trending it says Kyoto Animation says help KyoAni he'll let me do something really quick here so Sentai Filmworks hopes to help the KyoAni team during this time of need and ask that you join us in this endeavor so you know there that says Sentai Filmworks houston texas so I leave it to you to check this stuff I'm not I don't know that this is I know they have a guarantee on GoFundMe that like a go fund me guarantee that that you get like your MA I think it's a key I think it's something like you get your money back if if it turns out to be a fraud or something but just you know I encourage people to research GoFundMe is before you give to them it very well might be legit one I just I I literally I'm seeing it like like you are right now let me do something really quick here so again if you sorry if you wanna I'm if you wanna check this out you can look up help Keown KyoAni here he'll help Kilani he'll heal but again I am just seeing this as soon right now so I can't know vouch for it but a couple of viewers send it to me Brack stone says sent I licensed anime came from Keo they are business part partners o tessitura says it's legit I saw it on their official Twitter let me look up the Twitter let's see here hold on a second KyoAni twitter KyoAni twitter that's not there – maybe it was in sent eyes twitter Sentai Filmworks twitter here it is there it is help us help us help our friends at kyoto animation by donating if you can or sharing that's it right there I'm going to retweet this this seems to be the GoFundMe people are using to donate for the kyoto animation studio fire I'm not familiar with the anime world but many viewers are vouching for this all right so I just posted it on my Twitter thanks for letting me know about that guys posted by Sentai Filmworks so if you're looking for that if you're looking for the GoFundMe you can check out Sentai Filmworks or you can go to my Twitter cuz I just posted it there alright let me just check and see if there's any updates about the actual fire in the last few minutes here's a photo posted by news executive there's the photo there now they say they news executives say heard the guy broke in I haven't heard this police saying a man broke into the Kyoto Animation company studio and started sprayed what appeared to be gasoline around the studio yeah I I you know I haven't heard that it's no it's not clear to me whether he was inside the studio here's an AP story sorry twelve presumed dead in arson twelve dead more could be missing thirty five others have been injured three-story building up to 18 have not been reached it's not clear if they all report it to work oh okay here it is look a man burst in and spread an unidentified liquid like that suggest the guy went into the building and poured the liquid in the building and then lit it on fire so there's a 41 year old man in custody who reportedly said he lit them he lit the fire and he said he's been injured but that suggests this is the AP story suggest he actually was inside the studio now this doesn't make much sense though at the bottom it says so we've heard more than 70 people were in the building but most of them ran outside well I guess that would include injured people because we've already heard at least 12 dead and 35 injured which would be the majority of people in the building let's just let's check NHK and and Kyoto again here's Kyoto let's go to Kyoto news at least 10 dead okay I don't think they've updated this oh no here's 12 dead 36 rushed to hospital so they don't have this in the story they say 12 dead and 36 rushed to hospital you know what I don't know is so we're hearing maybe the guy went in there and it's we heard a guy poured some kind of liquid maybe inside the building we read one story in a Japanese publication which suggested maybe a woman had had liquid poured on her butt so a guy runs in there and he if assuming the guy went into the building and poured liquid around and lit it on fire it's still I mean the whole building ended up going up as you can see there's there's a more of a close-up of the building but the building is just gutted it's a three-story building it's not even that big of a building I mean that's the building that's it it says Kyoto Animation right there Kyoto Animation Kyoto image so you know like is you know I'm wondering is what happened like if he is it a kind of thing where he went to this like assume he went to the building and he went like to the second floor and he lit any and he just spray lit pour liquid stuff and he lit it on fire is it is it just like chase it like everything went up so fast that the smoke overwhelmed everybody and that people you know people on that floor and this I mean somebody said they saw the fire first on the second and third floor but I'm wondering is it just you know did it just go up so did the smoke go so fast that people couldn't avoid the smoke he Paul Thomas is how was he able to start a big fire yeah I just don't know and I and I also don't know where their sprinklers in the building I mean you'd like to think there'd be sprinklers in the building but it doesn't look like there were hey thanks to our moderators by the way we got rusty G and Lamar Watkins and Mark G and Michael B and also they're in our YouTube chat and our periscope chat we have Paul Thomas is there in our periscope chat and in our facebook chat and our twitch chat we have moderators as well thank you let me just open up the facebook chat for a second there the company's website is still not working a viewer was suggesting maybe their servers were in the building I don't know but the websites still not loading for the company but this is in Kyoto Japan let's see if an HK has anything new if you're hearing anything new or you have comments or you have questions write to me on Twitter at look nur okay here's an HK let's let's refresh this okay they have some more pictures now it looks like over ten dead no that's not a new picture over ten people dead and many others could not be reached well this isn't not the new it this is not the newest information yeah they I don't know if that they've updated this this has not been updated in like a half-hour again a 41 year old man is the one who started the fire reportedly by pouring some liquid many other people have not been reached this article says there aren't that there is nearly 30 people who cannot be contacted the other article says there's up to 18 people who cannot be contacted yet let me take some more comments here at look neuron Twitter's were to reach me what is this here's an article a viewer sent me this drawn toast send me this it's from Sun cane News I don't know Sankei news I don't know if they're reliable when a man cast liquid like gasoline okay yeah I don't know about it says the man which said to have entered the building shouting don't die I mean these translations into English often aren't very good from the Japanese so I don't want to get caught up on the wording he was talking about death or dying supposedly when he lit the fire when asked why did it the man was angry and said I'm addicted it was also said I used gasoline I put a light on the lighter that's a little confusing Keano fire on e fire put employees like kerosene on fire yeah it's a little by the way there's another picture of the building this is from the same kind news I mean it really is just destroyed it is just towed like gutted with fire yeah I didn't see this quote this person who posted this said they said the arsonist was chased by an employee until he was apprehended by police while hiding at a nearby home when asked why he did it well that's not with that but I mean we saw a different article which said the guy was on fire and he was and and he was he was taken to the hospital so I don't know if that's the case you know I don't know this source we've been looking at the sources I'm more familiar with it said he was taken into custody and he had been he was on fire daniel says comic-con international just kicked off here in San Diego our biggest annual event bringing thousands of fans sure to dampen the celebration expect a vigil at our city about Kyoto Fire Seth Thank You Daniel bittley's says so far one director has been seemingly confirmed to be okay hoping for the best for all the staff director Yamada now co I was contacted it seems to be safe now I don't know I mean I can't speak to this because I'm not familiar with these people so I have no idea if this is legit or not Haley McGough says Kyoto Animation is my favorite anime studio of all time here is a picture of my sari here is a picture of my Kyoto DVDs I got so far my thoughts go out to the people involved with this tragedy Thank You Haley risings sent me an alleged post created by the attacker I don't want to show that because I have I have no idea if it's legit and I don't know where it's coming from so you know it's nice in Japanese so I don't even know what it says bittley's says Kyoto Animation has multiple studios in this particular studio where this happened is filled with directorial and top-grade creatives so here is again the Kyoto Animation this is a cached version of the site but it has a head office in two studios and this one is one here in Kyoto that that burned was gutted today that one right here yeah risings says the suspect allegedly posted about what he was going to do online before the attack I can't confirm that information I don't know and again I posted this on my Irie tweeted this but some viewers wrote in and mentioned that sentai Studios Sentai Filmworks has set up this this seems to be the the the GoFundMe that people are using help Kilani heal you can see people are posting comments on it but I I posted that on my Twitter account and it is right yeah see Sentai Filmworks help us help our friends at kyoto animation by donating if you can or sharing all right let's see we can find some more updates on this but thank you for for your updates and for your for your for your comments feel free to write to me on Twitter at looking or on Twitter niemand says maybe he used kerosene a popular heating fuel in Japan rather than Patrol near and also say that water wouldn't put out a kerosene fire which I don't know about and I can't find an easy answer to that so all we've heard is that it was a liquid like gasoline okay CNN is now saying at least 13 feared dead at least 13 feared dead that's what CNN is saying that's the first mention I've heard of 13 13 feared dead and suspected arson attack at least 13 people are feared dead and 38 injured according to fire officials one person has died in 12 were found with no vital signs inside the building in Japan deaths must be confirmed by a doctor before being officially announced a man poured would appear to be gasoline around says around but we've also heard in the man has been taken into custody and then there's a shot of I mean that's a little earlier in the fire just like the whole building Tami Brennan says I hope the investigation gives an answer of what happened I'm sure it will take weeks well you have the fire part of the investigation then you have the whole criminal part of the investigation too of so why the person did this let's see if I can just find anything else here no I just saw another picture I hadn't seen this picture before this person here I Jiang her JA posted on Twitter but I want to show you this the picture they posted I guess maybe this was like a new shot or something there's another shot of the building oh I was also gonna check and see if any was posting on snap maps about this let's check that out you never know people might have been posting video of the fire when it happened if it loads I'll show it to you snap Maps is not loading at the moment here it is slow now Maps is going slow but I don't see anything near where the why isn't it saying Kyoto I'm confused Kyoto Japan oh I got it here so I'm just I'm checking to see if anyone's posting it was supposed to anything about the fire that's not it nope No No nope can't find anything about it there Haley says I went to animation studio when I was in Japan with a friend I remember the first floor being a gift shop it was a long time ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy you are IP to all those involved Thank You Haley for writing in Jorge cartoon says I am very sorry for what happened it is very sad to see one of my favorite studio is burning and hurts me a lot to see this news thank you for sharing Jorge cartoons millennium exile says Kyoto Animation is a very popular anime studio with some extremely large titles my heart goes out to all who were affected Thank You millennium Eagle exile gunnar says i feel like it had to have been an explosion with the windows looking that gutted out unless the fire spread incredibly quickly i feel like there may have been a slight explosion of some sort well multiple people reported hearing an explosion but you know a fire could in theory cause an explosion so I don't know all we know is that a 41 year old man spread some kind of liquid around like gasoline and lit it on fire that's what we know and then that just led to the building just totally burning up and being gutted and now we're hearing at least 13 dead a bunch of people supposedly missing around 35 injured some reportedly seriously or maybe even critically that's what we know right now and the man was saying something like die or death or something like that reportedly when they found him they found a knife or knives nearby but they don't know if it's his we don't know why this happened and that's the building that was on fire kyoto animation and then let me just show you one more time the the ABC news they posted a video of the building on fire this happened about 10:30 in the morning about over all over five hours ago it reportedly took several hours to put out the fire it was such a big fire here is here's the shot from ABC news when the building was on fire this says a man burst into the studio and started the fire inside the studio Fairey goddess says these sprinklers might have went off but had no effect fairy goddess says kerosene floats on water it's like lighting a grease fire with water if it was a cure scene fire I'm not sure Stephen Johnson says it looked like it happened fast an explosion okay Kyoto just posted their confirming at least 13 dead over 13 dead I actually want to just update the the headline here hang on one second here we just fix something really quick all right I fixed that now let me just go here and see what their article says at least 13 dead Oh at least 13 dead any man started a fire at Kyoto Animation studio after spraying is spraying a flammable liquid spraying it it's interesting it says it says spraying it it doesn't say no I for all I know I don't know what the translation is maybe but it says spraying not pouring did he have some kind of device to spray it I don't know leaving at least 13 dead and nearly 40 injured several of them unconscious many bodies were found on the second floor I don't know if that's where the liquid was sprayed of the three-story building we're about 70 people were believed to have been working when the fire started around 10:35 a.m. the police said some people witnessed the man screaming died as he set fire they also found knives at the scene again the police said some people witnessed the man screaming died as he set the fire they also found knives at the scene the 41 year old man who was injured has admitted starting the fire jeez screaming die Kyoto Animation is known as KyoAni in Japan has produced popular TV animation series people near the studio said they heard a series of explosions and saw black smoke billowing out of the building people were seen being carried out of the studio covered in blankets we read this before a person was singed hair was lying down and there were bloody footprints Wow let's check in HK and see if they have anything new posted there NHK let's try this again translate they're still at fire over 10 manger over 10 did hmm just terrible so again thoughts with those who are injured hopefully they can there's not too many use I mean the injuries sound bad but hopefully people can all recover and condolences to the families of the people who died just terrible and she says I've seen some comments in the YouTube chat about a potential chemical reaction explosion but not sure if someone did hear an explosion then that would explain the rapid mists of the fire yeah I there are multiple people who said they heard explosions I'm not a fire expert it does sound like something exploded what it was I have no idea you know maybe there's something there was something in the building or that had to do with the kind of material that was was was that the liquid that was lit on fire I'm not sure but a number of people said they heard an explosion and some people are sending me you know links to like Japanese video platforms but you know I don't think I can just take their videos and show them on my stream skala bar by the way says the gift shop is in another building Thank You scalper oh you know I've been in some pictures Daily Mail often has pictures of this stuff oh and let me show you something else real quick this is from BBC what do we know about the studio it was founded in 1981 has produced popular animation series on social media many fans have been expressing their shock and posting pictures of their favorite KyoAni shows for example this person Senor Juan said my thoughts and prayers to Kyoto Animation studio and its workers who brought us many of us pure joy fears and unforgettable moments may those artists get well soon but I wanted to check this okay here are some photos from the Daily Mail here's one well we saw that one already here's what a video from a distance you can see although all the smoke coming out of there there's Riccio to is its productions are extremely popular among fans of anime which is a style of Japanese animation with colorful graphics and fantasy themes pictured is a graphic from their show The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya a woman who answered the phone at their headquarters in OG City said we are in the process of learning what has had what happened we cannot tell you anything more she said yeah we don't know Kenneth sim says what's the reason behind the arson attack we have no idea no idea why this was done there are a bunch of I'm just speaking at an Instagram there's a bunch of posts on Instagram about this I was trying to find anything that might add to what we've been discussing here I mean there's a bunch of people posting about this and stuff I mean I certainly would like to know why this guy did this and what exactly happened but you know we don't really know that right now J Dylan says they said one dead 12 with no vital signs well we were reading this before often when you're covering like something to happen in Japan where people die I guess a doctor has to officially confirm the death so what will happen is they'll say no vital signs but really they just mean dead but they can't report it as dead until a doctor confirms it so we're hearing at least 13 dead now and it looks like like around three dozen injured but I'm not seeing much more info at the moment let me just check a couple more things yeah you know so I don't know how long it'll find me I'm sure they'll do an investigation and stuff but who knows maybe the man will tell him why they do it why they'll do it why he did this and hopefully the people who are missing they can track down and there's just not more people inside but you know what we've read we've read one story that said up to 18 people were missing in another story this one right here from an HK said where was it here there are nearly 30 people who cannot be contacted so you know hopefully we hear about more people being safe and it's possible that a bunch more people could have died and might still be in the building suzanne says those poor people it sounds terrifying the guy who did it is alive though so again one more time just to sum up what we know this happened at the first studio of Kyoto Animation which is right there in Kyoto this building here that's the building a man a 41 year old man reportedly sprayed some kind of liquid possibly inside the building and lit it on fire and now it basically engulfed the whole building thirteen people are dead least 13 dead around 35 injured and a bunch missing and we don't know why the person did this and he was shouting died reportedly when he did this and also and we've heard of reports of people with severe burns by the way he was shouting died when he did this and there were knives found at the scene and faithful empires his moment of silence for those whose live wilt a wise we're taking well what I will say is also I'll add to that just as I said before you know certainly condolences to the families it looks like people just went to work at the animation studio and someone came into the studio and set it on fire wood I mean it was horrific and thoughts would those who are injured because some of those injuries could be really bad we've read a couple I witness accounts of people with with bad burns but let's see here Yukie the snowman says one of the one of the kyo Yanni one of the sorry Kalani one of KyoAni shows inspired me to leave my mark on the world Haruhi Suzumiya so this is hitting hard for me Jess chin Langevin said since most of the office workers were probably in their personal officers I mean I don't know wouldn't it make sense for them to all jumped out of their office windows for safeties as soon as the fire started well look clearly something happened to cause this fire to be so destructive into cause to be so lethal I don't know what it is I'm not a fire expert but something happened to prevent to make it so that all these people died is it that something is it that the smoke was so bad at first that it just knocked people out did we know we've heard there was an explosion or explosions was there something especially flammable there you know I don't think I don't think anyone wasn't trying to escape I'm just guessing there's some kind of reason behind how the fire progressed that made it so lethal but that's something I'm sure the authorities are going to be looking at comfy thinks the guy will get capital punishment it's by hanging in Japan let's see here capital punishment is a legal penalty in Japan it is implied and practice only for murder in executions are carried out by hanging the death penalty is usually reserved for cases from multiple murders he might get the death penalty it looks like a couple of people have asked me about it being a terrorist attack I mean I just you know unless I hear oh I haven't heard the authorities say it I don't know why somebody I haven't heard that it was no one's been saying it what they thought it was a terrorist attack so you know my assumption is that it's not that until we hear otherwise who knows you know I'm look we don't know how much the I'm sure the authorities will go shorts the guy's house and see if he's written about this some people were saying they that there might be social media posts the guy had made about this I have no idea so you know we just don't know until we hear from authorities joy Babli says I appreciate your reporting on this kyani's my favorite anime studio and I'm so grateful that now Co llamada my favorite anime director is safe now just to be clear I can't confirm about whether individual people are safe I don't have that information but thank you joyeux for writing in and I was going to show you their Wikipedia page just so you could see all the stuff they've done Kyoto Animation so they have these are all these TV series they've done I guess 21 TV series in a bunch of movies too and original video animations and original net animation our viewer dhoka says legit I was hoping for so many new seasons like Dragon made I've been waiting for a few years and now this happens and I'm just heartbroken 2019 is getting worse and this is awful just so damn awful okay there's an updated article here from NHK let's see what the updated article is I think there's an updated article mmm let's see so NHK as they said now they're saying at least 12 people died other reports say 13 around 10:30 a man in his 40s sprays a liquid like gasoline in a studio which creates a fire and explosive fire occurs there about 70 people in the building at least 12 people died and many people have not been reached many people are missing investigate being investigated as an arson there were about 70 people in the building which means that at least 12 people have died and many other people cannot be reached 36 people have been transported to fill far too hospitals there are not more than 30 people who cannot get in touch with but that information has not been confirmed 12 people were found dead that baton card and cardiopulmonary arrest base that means dead 12 people were found dead on the first and second floors of the building police haven't heard a detailed story yet from the 41 year old because he's been injured we heard reports he was saying died when he was lighting the fire anything else different here okay so that's the latest they're reporting oh hold on fire suppression what is this fire suppression in the animation company firefighting what does that mean according to the Kyoto okay the fuck this is interesting the fire was extinguished it took about five hours for the fire to be extinguished according to the Kyoto City Fire Department the fire was extinguished around 3:19 p.m. about five hours after the fire started that's how long it took to get the fire out it's not even that big of a building that's the building three-story building but it took about five hours to get the fire out where was that at right there Linda Belk no motivation known yet all right I'll take a few more comments here but I don't know you know when we'll hear about a possible motivation cookie sucks and as could be a lot of ink stored they're probably pretty toxic went on fire yeah I mean look it's an interesting idea that there could be something on there that when it caught on fire was toxic and you know the smoke from that was toxic I don't know what they would have stored there and also how you know how would we react in a fire let's see here I don't know if this is true Edward shank says I didn't know this company made the special Super Mario Brothers episodes that came out in Japan and 1986 I love those episodes hearing this disturbing and sad news breaks my heart I hope the man responsible gets severe punishment or life in prison Jorge cartoon says my condolences for the people who unfortunately lost itll lives in the fire a very sad news that is coming to the whole world it saddens me that at the beginning was just one person and now they're 13 yeah well right when we were coming on the air it was one dead and now it's at least 13 dead and there's other people missing too possibly a bunch of people missing possibly 18 to 30 people missing Paul brain concezio Lana Mae is made from a template whether it be hand-drawn or more likely than nowadays computer-generated if the templates have been destroyed and the original artist killed many Chiodo works might be lost I can't speak to what animation might have been lost you know whether it was on a computer or not whether it was saved or not I don't know enough about that now of course that that's a great loss but the most important loss is the human loss just doing a quick one last quick check to see if there's any other updates here so one each case is at least 12 dead and well I thought Kyoto was saying 13 before now they're saying 12 feared dead but there's a bunch of people missing too CNN was saying 13 dead anyways alright guys well look I I'm not really seeing much new information right now so I think I'm gonna wrap up this live stream right now as I've mentioned several times you know condolences to the families of the victims it's terrible and also thoughts with those injured there can be some really terrible injuries for this from this incident so thoughts with the people who were injured and um hopefully we don't hear I'm very concerned that we're hearing these reports of lots of people missing so I'm very worried that the death toll is gonna jump significantly I hope that doesn't happen but those given that we're seeing these accounts of a lot of people missing I'm quite concerned about that so we'll have to see what happens again and one more time as that GoFundMe this GoFundMe was put up by another animation company and a bunch of viewers said it's legit and it's this one right here Sentai Filmworks help us help our friends at kyoto animation by donating if you can or sharing yeah you can see it's already has it's been 11 11 thousand retweets so this is the GoFundMe here yeah that's that's the one right there Sentai Filmworks hopes to help the Kilani team during this time of need and ask that you join us in the endeavor so if you want to find that it's on my twitter at look nor also it's posted um just go to GoFundMe and search Keo help kill on you heal and you can find it there so thank you for joining the stream thanks for your help a lot of people have been sending me stuff and letting me read your comments when we're on the air so I appreciate your help in covering this news also a big thanks to our moderators really appreciate it we have mark Jie there in Barbara Smith and rusty Jie and Michael be in our YouTube chat room Paul Thomas and our periscope chat and Linda Belk as well and our Facebook and Twitter ators as well thank you for your help in the chat rooms and a quick reminder I am going to be traveling to Boston tomorrow well I guess it's today I still have impact so later today I'll be traveling to Boston so for much of the day Thursday may be all day Thursday I won't be available to come on the air so I apologize for any news that we miss I will be posting on Twitter throughout the day but I will be traveling so once I'm in Boston I'll be able to broadcast live again if you want to know when we're doing these streams subscribe to us follow us agenda free TV if you subscribe on YouTube be sure to hit the bell and choose all notifications so that is it for now sorry for the bad news and we'll just have to see what else we hear about this from the reports out there and some people send me some other reports and I didn't pass along everything people sent me I appreciate you sending me stuff but if I'm not familiar with the source I'm not gonna just pass it along and I'm not familiar with a bunch of these sources people are saying to me and if it's in Japanese I can't really check it so anyways if I hear more if and when I hear more of this I'll post on my Twitter account at look nor you can follow me there for news updates so if again if I hear anything more I'll post it there alright guys thanks for joining us and thank you for saying thanks people like Susan axe and and oh by the way on the just and just so people know I know on the F I know F is posted as a tribute in the chat and chat room sometimes and in theory that's fine I guess an issue if one person is posting F a lot though it really you know it it kind of messes up the chat so I I did notice that sometimes people were posting posting well like one person would post F multiple times so if you want to post up in the stream once that's okay but if please don't you know post it repeatedly so if you were timed out for posting F it might have been because you posted it repeatedly because we want to just not have that we want to have the chat not be still be a place where people can get their get their comments in and stuff so that might have been white somebody was timed out anyways thank you for saying thanks the people saying thanks engi emaki tech and the other people saying thanks and on our and our facebook chat as well robin cherry and everybody else alright i'm wrapping this up again i'll post in my twitter if i hear more at looking or on twitter and that's it for now and and that's it and again condolences to the families of the victims and thoughts with those who were injured hopefully they can recover but it sounds like there's some really bad injuries alright that's it for now we will see you soon with more live news coverage right here at agenda free TV

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