17 Responsive Web Design Trends You NEED to know in 2017

17 Responsive Web Design Trends You NEED to know in 2017

27 thoughts on “17 Responsive Web Design Trends You NEED to know in 2017”

  1. Good video, but you should have labeled it "7 design trends". I understand you are driving traffic to the funnel, but you shouldn't mislead the audience.

  2. Superb but can I add these in WordPress website? I mean any plug in or theme have these functionality?

  3. Such an amazing informative, thanks for sharing. Also here is the list of best frameworks for Responsive Web Designing: http://bit.ly/2jcfYae

  4. 2- Using Javascript might not be the right approach to serving the correct resolution image.
    At 2017 we have almost all green lights for HTML Picture tag at caniuse, with the exception of IE (Edge is OK) and opera mini, so maybe it's the right approach now.

  5. This is very nice and interesting. Thanks for shared. A well worth thorough video.

  6. Good material and well presented. (Video feel is consistent with message.)
    BUT…pretty basic: Title says 17. You give 7. No apparent "part 2". So as a viewer, I feel shortchanged. Giving 7? Fine. SAY you're giving 7. I'd watch that. Don't promise, then fail to deliver…whatever you promised. Bottom line: you lied.

    Or is that a trend?

  7. nice.
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  9. video was awesome. u clubbed up all the latest trends in a list ,what i was actually looking for past some days. Guide time to time more and more please on web designing

  10. The form on the website is not responding when you click SUBMIT. Several people have commented on the site stating that it's not working. You might want to fix it. I and many others would really like to get the PDF and subscribe to the newsletter.

  11. So this is 7 Trends you NEED to know 2017 and subscribe via email for the other 10! hmm misleading click bait? lol I was about to subscribe to your channel, but on account of this, I feel I'm always going to have part of the promised video content!

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