Yoo whats going on everyone, whats going on where aboushsuej nope yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy We absolutely killed it we took an L The two layers together you Want to go I feel like whenever I do this one right here is No, okay yes Yes, why How many fingers am I holding up exactly Any we might need a setter, what are you thinking? I don’t want all the pressure on me. Huh which one you know? He said to no he said why he said one yeah, he said three no – he’s it Oh My god I’m about to pull another sapphire right here. No. No y’all wait on the brook now If you pull the bran I’ll jump in the pool right now Dude okay, I know you don’t like him I had a Man Bob beside me wonder you got some sneaky vibes. Yes, I could tell okay And I’m no need for your through six eight oh my god, it’s also gusset trihard nay Right there I’m making a point I Mean oh, oh Oh hear us I know you dare. Oh, oh he’s so scared me And I know you hear us scared well, I won’t Quit does quit broke he knows I afford to go home bro. No way bro. Is it the fourth quarter so you can close it out? I’m sure she do is the unnatural Institute to leave yes, how? Ok what do you do? I don’t know why you done, that’s on me. That’s a choice Ok I want the better side that’s a better side all right there. We go are you happy now? You know I’ll actually I have to leave this quarter Right The mask alone Oh Okay, don’t play no. Hi. Hi. This is this is a challenge. We got a score in thumbnail position, baby You gotta be posing for a thumbnail and an score You’re here you’re right But we just killed two birds with one stone, we got the thumbnail and we school ah Oh there you go your target is That I got no Phyllis I can’t King and Prince of my team I’ve even steps But it’s the plan didn’t set foot into this kingdom go back to the park anyways raising your hands, Westbrook I saw why so high so high so You got bullet ah Try twenty-nine point that whoa Hey now we can open a ten box celebration pack My god, bro he went now 14. I got carried back over to boy Eyes they’d rather open em be a life hacks four out of ten. I’m pulling it if I don’t pull and emeralds and There’s a player let’s go The final task or the video we get We get Jeff Green if you guys want more 2k collabs will do a wager We’ll do some make sure to leave a like rating down below. We’re about to do another draft on your channel Yeah We bout to do a jazz on casters channel the video will pop up you can click it or it’s in the description Leave a like on the video so try to focus on today and peace Japanese girl Asian mommy but is it too soon for Japanese girls to tsunami Is it racist if I say she tastes like edamame was I supposed to?


  1. Hey just so you are a best and no I don’t want to sleep with the fan on the new cause you’re a bitch a dress or you make Christopher I’m gonna go to sleep because a you know what to do and make Christopher go to sleep Chris with a K you are trash you have to make money when you go to sleep OK Chris you don’t even have to but I just want you so yeah you don’t have to have two even though I want to Uber you don’t have to you’re so go-between you even though you have to go I just wanna say hey just say you’re versatile best Roberto is the best university of Missouri better a better best to best the best the best the

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