what’s up guys and welcome back to fort friday
it’s the day of the week where we build forts today we got a fun fort for you guys we’re
going to be doing some fort challenges in the fort we build right but before we start
the video let’s do a quick like spike guys 5 seconds everybody watching the video hit
that like button 5 4 3 2 1 yes let’s start we just found the one fort that we want to
go in it’s over here it’s by the wall by the back wall look at this you could never get
caught in this fort because it’s up against like the wall plus you can move this like
a door alright andrew the coast is clear go go go here you go take the cam thanks dudes
this is a pretty cool fort if I could just lift this up there we go come on in I made
it bigger wow this is fun and a lady saw me go in this okay that’s a good starter fort
someone did see me go into this it was a customer though but still phew that was close so that
was a pretty cool fort but that wasn’t very good for the fort challenge which what we’re
trying to do is get a fort where we can throw stuff in people’s carts as they walk by yeah
we’ve done this before so say if we’re in the shelves someone’s driving by we get a
really light weight object and try to make it in the bottom or in the top of the basket
they walk by and like it’s kinda loud but hello we may have just hit the jackpot i think
check this out this is definitely the jackpot check this out two story toilet paper fort
and come over here look how far back it goes so we just build up these walls right here
guys like you can go all the way back there behind the toilet paper dude ow we can’t get
caught we can not get caught we also need to find what products we want to use for the
challenge oh it has to be like dr. suds see like something like super like maybe not too
loud that’s kinda loud maybe like this one then cause it’s like yeah definitely really
light weight and you cannot hear it yes we found another one you need quiet products
this is very quiet i’m about to jump in the fort andrew’s making sure the aisle’s clear
so I can jump in go get the sponge how’d you get in here you just jump go go go hurry okay
you gotta block the door here how did you block the door how do I block this we need
to build a wall like right here they’ll see us I know hurry these things move by the way
and block these walls and now we can see over them andrew andrew’s closing the door yes
this is starting off to be an epic fort people paper almost all fell off we can’t have any
spillage then we need to build up something here I think I feel like I can even fit through
this and go down there I bet you could right here is like pretty open yeah before the challenge
begins we have to do some clearing out of the space in here we’ve already blocked the
walls now we need to open up all this toilet paper so that we can you know stand in there
and maybe see over the toilet paper so we can drop the prizes in people’s carts yeah
there you go oh what the this is called the spy hole guys so we have the fort up there
oh andrew what it kinda reminds me of a firefighter’s uh secret escape hatch a fireman’s pole yeah
oh yeah jump down and then run away wow someone’s like thinking we’re up here we make a quick
escape down and then run out so is this the fort yeah pretty much I think we can just
do a little more fortification but right here’s the what I thought I saw somebody walk by
but we can right here can be the drop zone if people walk by just quickly okay that’s
that’s good I was gonna ask where the drop zone is we just gotta be careful some of these
wood pallets are loose so the toilet paper like jiggles no this one’s good though it’s
grandma the return of grandma I can sit up fully and I think people over there can see
me but people walking by couldn’t be able to see me I don’t think this is already so
epic we already got to the second floor but guys leave your comments do you think we’re
going to be able to land any of these prizes in anyone’s cart how many we have to decide
how many points do we get for each land oooooo let’s see so these small ones will be worth
5 and those orange ones are worth 10 cause they’re more bright and big yes okay if you
land it in without them taking it out of their cart ooooo yeah if they notice you get minus
2 points keep track at home guys I heard a cart I found a spy cam a place for the spy
cam see now I’ve got my phone right here as a spy cam I don’t have to peak over the edge
to see anyone if they’re coming this is epic there’s birds in here so here’s the plan I’m
going to be in the drop zone right here Andrew’s going to be in the spy zone the film zone
is over here yeah here okay let’s go take a look I’m in the film section so I’ve got
my little blockade and there’s Justin in the drop zone I can just come out like this we
have the grandma coming yes throw it right now okay do it wait did I get it yeah what
did I just see I think she saw me I think she saw me she saw me no me did she laugh
I don’t know I got 5 points nice good job cause she saw you not me oh right I’m almost
positive she didn’t see me though because when I threw it I kinda flicked it and immediately
went back but I landed it in her cart and I heard her laugh she was like what did I
just see dude I can’t believe the first time the very first try I got it like I was like
peeking out and she turned around real quick and we made eye contact I don’t see him I
think it’s time to make a secret escape hatch down here I just saw I just saw employees
hey hello yeah you guys need to get out of there okay we cannot get caught cannot quick
back to the car okay we’re back in the car guys darn it we got caught I have got to say
it’s got to be that woman who told on us it’s gotta be she’s probably like somebody threw
this into my cart it came from the toilet paper section I saw them I wasn’t filming
but the employee went under the toilet paper section to the secret layer area and she was
looking around and I could see her looking around she’s at the back and she’s was like
this she’s like and she like looked up and I’m like just standing right there like did
you say hello pretty much oh I think she said hello she’s like hello I was like hi they
were nice about it at least they weren’t like really mad they just said what’d she say she
said scooch so we scooted but yes mission success wow guys leave a like cause I did
not think that was going to work it did though guys click right here to watch our toilet
paper fort battle video or click right here to watch another random video make sure you
guys laugh daily and we’ll see you guys back here next time peace roar


  1. Fort Fridays are the best! Ahhhhh I love you guys so much. Truly enjoy watching both of you. Makes my day so much better! <3 838 liked. <3

  2. I’ve been a subscriber for a year and 4-5 months and my favorite vid is the “sneaking snacks into movie theater “

    Eapic vids keep it up mas

  3. as soon as i heard the sad music i new they where going to get caught next time dont add the sad music like if you new please 🙂

  4. When someone steals your seat at lunch. 10:03 (BTW she said, "Hey, you guys need to get out of there") She didn't say scooch
    HELLO! 1:42

  5. i just relized you posted this on my birthday last year ily guys sooo much you are my fav youtubers my b day is may 18

  6. Hey guys you guys are the best and I’ve liked and subbed and can some people plz sub to me and show me some love

  7. You guys are literally living my childhood dream! I always wanted to make forts in stores and go in them when I was a kid but my mom always stopped me lol

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