2012 Biennial: Nicole Eisenman: Figure Drawing Atelier

2012 Biennial: Nicole Eisenman: Figure Drawing Atelier

We invited painter Nicole Eisenman to do a public program that’s an extension of her process and method in order for the public to have a better understanding of her work. They can see the work in the gallery. They can read the wall label. This is a way that they can come to understand it experientially. The program is a figure drawing workshop. What Nicole has called a “Figure Drawing Atelier” and she is walking the public through a series of exercises that she does when she sketches a figure. Nicole’s a painter and she’s interested in figuration and drawing figures. She often works from her friends and her friends have a history of doing these kinds of salons where they paint each other. And what you see happening are five models who are in a series of long and short poses for the public while Nicole walks them through a series of exercises for shadow, contour, and shape. And the hope is that the public will walk away with a better understanding of how Nicole approaches her work and how she realizes a painting.

3 thoughts on “2012 Biennial: Nicole Eisenman: Figure Drawing Atelier”

  1. Cool! I modeled for an art class, for the first time, recently and would like more of these functions so the public can get more familiar with the modeling process.

  2. I have no idea _AT ALL- why (and I am an art model too) "the public would need to get more familiar with the modeling process".  I think that the mystic process of posing nude in front of artists is special I don't like it when anyone just can walk in and observe.  Whatever defense/ explanation people come up with, it is somehow voyeuristic.  If people want to attend a life drawing class, go ahead and do so, but don't just put your models out there on view for anybody to view.  Even if the model doesn't care there  just seem s something created for just sensationalism.

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