50 thoughts on “2019 Mac Pro – What Video editors need to know!”

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  2. Apple's Mac Pro is shit. I thought the 6000$ was all maxed out but it is only base model.
    This is just not fair. People who buy this MAC are just dumb fools.

  3. Max, 2019 Mac Pro & Future upgradability to Thunderbolt 4 and PCIe 4.0 [CPU upgrades too]?: My last desktop purchase was 2008 MacPro cheese grater… I had already saved for buying my NEXT Mac Pro and I ALMOST did in 2013…. But I waited and saved more… so I am PREPARED to spend $12k on a Fall 2019 Mac Pro [probably 12 or 16 core].  I edit lots of 5 camera Multicam 4k shoots and will someday have a couple 6k or 8k cameras.  My concern about making this kind of investment is that I will be locked out of the [apparently 2020] new things like PCIe 4.0, Thunderbolt 4?  Will the new Mac Pro allow those kinds of upgrades?  I think the Thunderbolt 4 should be able to happen via a new 2020/2021 model of the “One half-length x4 PCI Express gen 3 slot with Apple I/O card”. Is that possible and a logical guess?  Is upgrading to PCIe 4.0 ever possible?  Will I be super sad that I can’t upgrade to PCIe4 and Thunderbolt 4?  And, is the CPU upgradable?  I don’t hear much talk about that… But, in 2022 should I be able to upgrade from my 12 core Xeon to a 28 core or 36 core when they become available and cheap?  Sorry for the barrage of questions… but you are the go-to guy and I have not heard about ANY of these answers ANYwhere. Inquiring Zork’s need to know.  As always, thanks for all your words of wisdom.  — Eric ZORK Alan [ Professional Poet & Bed Vlogger ]

  4. I'm was waiting for 3 years now to upgrade my MacPro but that is ridiculous after over 22 years of Mac I guess it will need to be Windows or more likely a Hackintosh build… Apple lost the plot…

  5. For that price you can buy a xeon scalate, a good board. A high end AMD video card. 256gb ram 1tb sdd 2 hdd 8tb. Power supply . A case. At the end you still have 1000 usd more to spend.

  6. Apple continues to gouge the public with little performance to offer from the get go! They are desperate to make money from weak iPhone sales! Products are way over priced!

  7. Being an Engineer from the real world, let me see someone from the Movie Industry put this through its paces. No sales bullshit for me. Get someone from Pixar, Disney or other Film Studio to put through som real work on this Machine.

  8. The 2019 Mac Pro is too expensive for my FCPX 4K UHD to 1080p Youtube projects. I have a 2013 Mac Pro with 6 cores, 64GB RAM & dual 500 GPUs. I see on Ebay an OWC CPU upgrade to 12 cores for $500, including labor & shipping. I'm in no rush to encode, grade and render my multicam video projects, but how much faster would you estimate a 12 core update might be? Do you think it's worth $500 for FCPX prosumer use? An eGPU doesn't seem to be worth it for the 2013 Mac Pro with TB2 ports and costs about $1,000 total. Thanks,

  9. fuck apple fanboys are dumb. It's fuglier than a portrait of Donald Trump. Not saying it isn't powerful, but let's not delude ourselves that this thing looks "awesome"

  10. Tasks that do not need GPU intensive workloads ahhh Pro Audio any one??? this system is not just targeted at video pros dude get your head out of your ass.

  11. so the base model with 4 sticks will probably perform as well as expected and would not see a difference from quad channel vs 6 channel memory. I do not think memory bandwidth will be the bottleneck in that configuration.

  12. The base model is a joke. You are paying 6k for a case! because the other components are useless! It's like Apple wants to profit from the self-employed, small businesses, and youtubers, who want macOS and a reasonable machine to do work on. As you go up in specs I guess it makes sense for Studios and big companies. But for regular professionals it's a joke. These people don't get a reasonable apple machine.

  13. can you do a review on this HP Z820 2 Intel Xeon E5-2690 v2 10 core CPUs (40 threads) and 96GB of 1866MHz DDR3

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  15. So glad I caved last year and bought a regular iMac… $3500, same performance as this box without a monitor… Nah. Thx but no thx.

  16. also if you thinking about the mac pro edit this https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Gizmo_puglife/saved/#view=m3h9GX this is the full set up

  17. we do have 128gb sticks https://www.amazon.co.uk/Memory-Gigabyte-G190-H44-DDR4-17000-PC4-2133/dp/B06XNLJK3S/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?keywords=128gb+ram+sticks+ecc&qid=1560256543&s=computers&sr=1-2-fkmr1

  18. Max, I think there is a trade-off here.  While the base clock speed is slower the higher the number of cores and may slow actual editing within say FCPX, the higher core chips will make up in render time I should think.  Would be glad to hear your thoughts.~Cheers.

  19. Can't you use PCIe slots to extend thunderbolt ports? So I don't see they are locking you in. MXP just offers better optimization, plus Thunderbolt for video out?

  20. 13:18 how much speed do you really need to edit a film? Also no one keeps footage on local machine, almost all studios use networked/centralized storage for footage.

  21. You just talked me out of buying one of these and I have to say thank you. I just hope Apple doesn't wait too much longer to release a new iMac Pro.

  22. They really want to us to dump the most power overkill overrated graphics card on this as well to make it the most "POWERFULL" apple machine ever in the 21st century lmao
    oh and the price rises with there so called "APPLE TAX"

  23. hahaha i cant believe apple is still in business after all the shit they have pulled over the years. How can people still support this company? Have fun selling a kidney so you can buy this over priced garbage.

  24. Wait it can cost almost 1 Tesla Model 3 What the f**k! Like I’m not hating it, it’s a powerful piece of technology, but I think much people won’t buy the top of the line model

  25. Some things, Apple may say this thing is built for standard PC components but they are lying. The Mobo has no M.2 and only 2 SATA ports. Based on the HDD sleds shown by Promise there will be no SATA power cables in the unit so a buyer will not be able to go 3rd party for storage and the storage options that presently exist, being as kind as possible, suck. 2 SSD's that can each fit up a 1 Tb drive and the only way to mount HDD's is through a sled card as promise has shown where up to 2 HDD's can fit on a single card or up to 4 can fit on one of the MPX slots, because a standard PCIE can't power 4 and they need the data bandwidth from the MPX slot as well. So if you want local storage of video files you are SoL unless you're willing to give up one of your graphics card slots.

    Now the box does have 10Gbit Lan so if you have a NAS, or the like on the same 10Gbit network, you could do without local storage. But my company has 6 video editors and I shudder to imagine what would happen to the network if all 6 were hammering the file server all day every day rather than transferring the WIP files to local storage.

    So as someone who builds workstations for video editors there is no way I'll ever authorize purchase of one of these.

  26. Actually, 28 cores run through rendering much faster than the slightly faster 16 cores. As far as cost goes, does this guy really understand what this machine does, and what it’s competition is? This competes against the other $10,000 and up workstations. The monitor is pretty cheap when compared to real production monitors, which start at three times the price.

    Look, the base model is for those who aren’t going to need, or afford a higher level version. But they can upgrade when they want. The 580 Pro is a mid level card. It’s not a bad card. It’s gotten very good reviews. But if the work you’re doing doesn’t require a lot of graphics power, then it’s fine.

    Sigh. PCI 4 is just barely just coming out. It won’t be anywhere near available for a few months. It won’t be until the end of the year before anything worthwhile is out. It won’t be until mid 2020 until it becomes viable.

    All of those big software companies have already announced that they are excited by this computer, and how the performance with their software is so much better. Several have announced special version for this new Mac Pro. So as far as the nonsense that the performance isn’t needed on new software, that a load of crap. The newer the software, the more powerful the hardware needs to be.

    So yes, lower end editors as he apparently is, won’t need this. I agree. But that not the market for this. This is for studios doing high level projects who buy high performance equipment, and can afford to pay for it. When you take the price of that equipment into account, even if a new Mac Pro system, with their monitor, costs over $20,000, it’s a bargain if they can save some time. Time that’s worth, in many cases, over $1,000 an hour. That puts things in perspective, I hope.

  27. WTF , most of all I was impressed by Mac Pro , work with 8K-sources (which still need to be removed on RED or Arri Alex ) and for all this in the top kit – 50,000 real money and 6,000 for BOMJ-Edition . Danunakh , I is the old-fashioned .. sit in 4K with his modest "Stove" with two 1080ti in SLI and three monitors to the same and a bit cheaper : https://youtu.be/jHMNPI2kjh8
    Moreover – I think that will buy this "miracle" only crazy freaks ( or rather obedient geeks AIPLA ) , because professionals-winemakers are likely to work with very different programs and on a very different "hardware"

  28. Would be nice of them to sell this machine minus the GPU so we can toss in our own Vega 64 or Radeon VII

    But then again, this is Apple.

  29. I think one thing commentators aren’t mentioning is the amount of time a system like this will last. Realistically a higher end system could easily last up to 8-10 years.

    So looking at it from this angle it can easily add up for people who make money from it especially if your really about your creative business.

  30. NEW MAC PRO – I love the 1960's kitchen door handles…. and the Russian 1952 nuclear bomb trigger lock from Dr Strangelove. As for the inside; many empty slots for all the things you didn't buy when you paid $5999! With the upgrades I have running in my old Mac Pro cheese grater – I cant' see a need for any of this nonsense until well into 2030….. and even the new OS updates will be running very well after dosdude1 has his hands on them for ten minutes! Of course the dark grey APPLE logo on the side is very sexy. 👍😎

  31. I have edited on mac for over 25 years, mostly on AVID. I am currently using a late 2013 MacPro and a iMac Pro. By the time you done adding everything up this new system will cost over 2x what my current system cost and that is hard to justify. Up until now I have always been one of the first to upgrade. Not this time. I feel they are pricing themselves out of the market even for professionals.
    Doc B.

  32. No you won't have that much Vram, you will get more compute but only the ram on one gpu card. Vram doesn't double because you have two cards. Only the Vram of one gpu is used.

  33. I laughed a little when looking at the specs listed on Apples homepage. 500W GPU + 500W GPU + 300W CPU = at least 1300W.
    PSU is listed to be 1180-1280W continues load, so it is going to power throttle right out of the box.
    Remember to add on: op to 75W for each extra PCI card, memory power, SSD power, the T2 chip, 10W output on each thunderbolt port and 5W on each USB port.
    The abundance of any filtration of the incoming air, means that this machine needs to be cleaned at least once a year.

  34. If you use Premiere Pro a single core is already enough cuz Premiere Pro only sees one core. Stupid adobe😒

  35. Great video, and you make great points. Sure, it's meant to be a " professional" computer for professional people (those with money to spare). But as I see it, it's a niche market. Which means niche sales. Which means a MUCH smaller market. For those who can waste money as they see fit, (and keep a Ferrari parked in their garage), sure, it all makes sense. But for us mere more mortals, nah. I'll pass.
    And to answer your question: Yes, the iMac Pro just got a whole lot more attractive to me. Maybe that's what Apple intended all along…? To overprice its consumer base SO much that they would change their perception of the already exorbitantly expensive iMac Pro…? Peace, R.

  36. I think this Mac is more targeted for CGI creators. At big big companies.
    But hey, it really looks good.

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