3 NEW SpongeBob Animatics! ft. SB-129 ✏️ Sketch to Screen!

3 NEW SpongeBob Animatics! ft. SB-129 ✏️ Sketch to Screen!

All better. That should seal up that drafty gap. And kill the whistling. Ha, ha. Well, thank you Dr. Squidward. Say, without a gap,
my voice sounds almost cool. Testing, testing 1, 2, 3. You know with this voice,
I don’t need whistling. Oh, I have got to sing. [music playing] [humming] [snoring] Where is that heavenly voice coming from? I must– Huh? [humming] Oh, blowfish! Does he have to ruin
everything for me? Oh… What a dreamy voice. Wow, it really swings. Hey everybody, look! SpongeBob is cool now. Hmm, maybe I could use SpongeBob
to get in with all those cool people at the jazz club. Yeah. Hey SpongeBob! Owie, owie, owie!
How would you like to accompany me to
my favorite jazz club tonight? Oh boy, would I.
That sounds so cool. Aw! [music playing] [drumming] Oh man, that beat is so pure it hurts. Ah, my people! Hey, hipsters. Its groovy cats, I can dig it. Lame. Hm, turn away from me, huh?
We’ll just see. It’s past eight, where is SpongeBob? Hey cool crowd, what’s shaking? Oh yeah, hey hipsters.
It’s groovy, cats. Oh, I can dig it. [moaning] Oh, welcome man! You’re the coolest
customer we’ve ever had! Oh crazy daddy, crazy. Can I sit you at the coolest table? No, thank you.
I’m here to meet up with a real cool cat. – Oh, there he is! Hey, Squideroni!
– Ah! [groaning] You’re with him? Yes, he’s with me! And he is my… Best friend. You heard the man, folks. He’s my best friend. Can you dig it? [snapping] I guess he’s… cool? Prepare yourselves for the horror. Or the joy.
Let’s not be downers about this. But probably like I said, the horror! [screaming] Neptune’s nightmare! That snail is
eating SpongeBob’s face! Get away from him! Such a nice kid… – Oh, morning everyone.
– Huh? [grumbling] SpongeBob! You’re alive! I am? Oh, thank goodness. Wait, why wouldn’t I be alive? You were late to work,
so we assumed the worst. You mean the best. Late to work? But that’s impossible! My trusty alarm clock
always wakes me up. See? Well, how do you like that?
It’s unplugged. We’ll just fix that and I’ll never
be late again. My clock! Looks like you need a new, clock boy-o. Oh, I could never replace my old clock,
Mr. Krabs. We’ve been through too much together. It’s the only alarm clock I’ve ever owned. – I can fix it.
– Eh, good luck! But you better not be late tomorrow.
Or else! Future! Future! Future! Future! Thanks. Now listen, all of you!
I don’t belong here! This is all a horrible mistake! Please! We’ve got to do something! Jelly fishing! Did somebody say jelly fishing? Hi, Pat-tron! Just listen to me!
I’m not supposed to be here! I gotta get home to my own time period! – I’ve gotta go!
– Well why didn’t you just ask? The time machine is
down the hall to the left. [laughing] Oops! Oh yeah, that one’s the can opener. Try the one on the right. Well, I wouldn’t have chosen this interior. Oh, what’s this? Well, if SpongeBob exists in the future,
I better go to the past!

61 thoughts on “3 NEW SpongeBob Animatics! ft. SB-129 ✏️ Sketch to Screen!”

  1. I surprised they managed to retrieve the animatics for SB-129, I thought they would've been lost because it's been 20 years. I hope they manage to find more animatics from season 1

  2. I love this channel. But according to Copa you'll need to mark your channel as for kids. Everything but your video will be gone

  3. The older episodes look so much better I think for April fools they should make a new episode but with the old animation

  4. It really amazes me to see those pencil drawings done by animators, including Stephen Hillenburg who inspired everyone with his creative career on Spongebob.


  6. Notice for every background you see the abbreviations CM 1 or CM2 meaning character model 1 or 2 etc.
    These are the characters given to the artists at every episode to fill into the backgrounds and animate

  7. Spongebob storyboards look great! I love how you can notice that the new ones are still hand draw but in digital (since the higher animation quality and budget) and still they keep the same charm from the original cheap paper and pencil boards!

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