39 thoughts on “3D FRAME ART! Drawing Future Trunks – Sword Of Hope!”

  1. If you were to sell these drawings they would be already out of stock before I could get my hands on one of them.

  2. If you still take tutorial requests then can you please do a tutorial for usagi from sailor moon? If not then that’s ok!

  3. FYI, Trunks dosen't have a spirit sword thats only vegito…No hate just pointing that out there. Its called "The sword of hope",thats when he gathers all the power lended from everybody to destroy merged zamasu😁😁 Btw luv ur vids… keep it up man👍👍

  4. This is great I love your work I wish I could draw like this I’m definitely subscribing to see more 😁

  5. Yair how do you grow so fast I wish I had that much subs so I can do a lot of art videos but I only have 26 subs can you maybe help me get to 30 subs plz also I love your videos

  6. Trunks surely has a big sword…
    And no, not in a dirty way! Who in their right mind, would ever think of this as dirty™? -_•

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