[4K] The Last Guardian PS4 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test

[4K] The Last Guardian PS4 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test

after nine years The Last Guardian is finally complete it's a game we can all now experience for ourselves after many no-shows at trade events and reported issues during development created by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan studio and gen design the game has had a notoriously rough path to launch and the end result is well worth the wait but when it was announced as a ps3 project all the way back in 2007 little did we know would actually end up playing it on one of two consoles its successor the ps4 and of course the ps4 pro is Tom here with this doll foundry and today I'm giving you an overview of what to expect from the Last Guardian both in frame rate and resolution depending on which machine you use I can confirm right away the game does have full ps4 pro support on day one which you can see running here in its 4k mode if you have the newer pro model you can rest easy there's no mention of it in the day one patch notes but you're very much covered one thing this one gigabyte patch does mention is the addition of high dynamic range support something the game puts the great use regardless of ps4 model going in there the question is simple does the standard ps4 handing a great experience or is there an argument for playing it for the first time on a ps4 Pro let's talk visuals first on the standard ps4 you get a native 1920 by 1080 resolution giving a far crisper image than we could have ever expected from ps3 there'll be more on frame rates later but even playing on a regular ps4 the turn out is easily one of the most visually arresting games on the machine to date at the heart of the production is Trico of course a huge creature of many moving parts despite the dense feathers covering its body when placed against the game's lighting Trico has a nearly pixar s quality emotion dear the ring and rough edges are surprisingly minimal and combined with a high quality motion blur is often hard to tell when a cutscene has ended the same goes for materials across the game geometry and textures are on the simplistic side but because of the way all these elements are lit indoors or out the result is photogenic and natural there are blemishes that show the last Guardians history as a ps3 developed title and texture resolution is one of them which is lower resolution than will expect of a current gen game with a huge pool of gddr5 vram the often thorough post-process anti-aliasing doesn't address all these shimmer either and despite troika's complex design blending nicely with the environment foliage elements still flicker as you pan the camera past even so the final picture comes together beautifully in the Last Guardian with strong art direction that keeps each area visually distinct from the last that's the standard ps4 but what about ps4 Pro well if you boot the game up with 4k selected in the consoles front end settings the Last Guardian renders all this at a higher resolution we've pinned it down to a native 8090 P or 1900 P which would be 33 80 by 1900 either way it's a considerable boost in pixel count over 1080p on the base ps4 and one that scales well to Ultra HD TVs especially with HDR enabled the only shortfall is it still doesn't quite eliminate all visual noise on the foliage we mentioned earlier but everything else looks incredibly pristine on a 4k set in terms of graphic settings the effects textures and lighting for example there aren't any distinguishable differences from the regular ps4 here it's fundamentally the same game but the move to 1900 P only enhances the game's filmic look but here's the twist on ps4 Pro you have two rendering modes you can choose from depending on what resolution you select before the game starts to be cleared the Last Guardian has no in-game options at all for this for resolution or HDR but by selecting either 1080p or 4k from ps4 pros front end video settings you can alter the game's visual quality and crucially the frame rate as well so for example if you select 4k as your output you get a native 1900 P from the game however performance does trouble in this mode on the other hand choose the 1080p mode and you get exactly that when booting the game and native 1080p this second option gives you an image that matches the standard ps4 exactly at this very same resolution but the advantages ps4 pro re allocates its resources in 1080p mode by simply making it run at a much smoother frame rate than is possible otherwise check out this performance analysis on the left is a standard peaceful test in the middle is ps4 pro running at 1080p and on the right is ps4 pro set to its 4k mode which is of course 1900 P in reality the gist is the only option AB the three to give you a regularly smooth 30fps is the middle one Pierce will probe running in 1080p if you're on a regular ps4 you're in for a very variable experience lurching between 20 to 30 FPS just by running around empty areas and with stutters to over 110 milliseconds all playthroughs have full leasing and there are thankfully no frame pacing issues at 30fps here but playing The Last Guardian on a standard ps4 easily gives the worst performance of all three options meanwhile ps4 pro owners have a choice to make running in that 4k mode is smoother compared to regular Hardware overall but there are still glaring drops note the red line here you get a more consistent 30fps in spots while in others it's almost neck and neck with the base ps4 running at 1080p worryingly ps4 pro at 4k can actually add framerate drops of its own such as the earlier lake sequence where we're swimming one theory is the water reflections here take a toll on GPU bandwidth more when combined with ps4 pros higher native resolution it's certainly not ideal to have prolonged drops like this and in other cases to where there were none on original hardware but across the course of play you'll generally get a smoother framerate on ps4 Pro at 4k compared to bass ps4 hardware but in many cases only just for those wanting the smoothest experience with barely any drops from the first two hours of play you've got to play on ps4 Pro in 1080p there are some single frame drops down the line but it's a night and day difference compared to the other two options to be absolutely clear you must boot the game with this option selected to see any framerate games like this to force it to run in native 1080p the end result is a vastly smoother one at 30fps and an interesting option to have on the hardware for those without 4k TVs overall it's no surprise the best way to play The Last Guardian is on ps4 Pro but a shame that the original ps4 struggles as much as it does after such a long stretch of development ps4 Pro comes across as the only machine capable of delivering the ideal experience whether that's in aid of a solid 30 FPS or boosting image quality for 4k displays is high specs are seemingly a better fit for the games ambitions it often leaves the standard console trailing behind and personally there's no doubt in my mind that I'd rather play this on ps4 Pro in 1080p mode at its call though the Last Guardian is a compelling ride there's a quality game behind these technical points regardless of which hardware you're using but for this one the pecking order is very clear so after 9 years the wait is over it really speaks to the quality of the last Guardians art direction that its visuals hot up as well as it does on current gen consoles and I have to wonder what's next from the original craters at gen design now they're finally shipped the game anyway if you found this technical overview useful feel free to like and subscribe to support what we do also you're welcome to check out our patreon that digital boundaries net to see this analysis exactly as we intended before uploading to youtube but until next time thanks for watching

24 thoughts on “[4K] The Last Guardian PS4 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test”

  1. it's not really acceptable that it runs so poorly on the standard PS4. it's bad enough that we have to put up with games targeting 30 instead of 60. but if you're targeting 30 you better be damn sure you hit that 30 constantly because anything below that is just fucking disgusting. I've had my eye on this game since finishing Shadow of the Colossus, but if it's gonna run at sub 30 on my standard PS4 I don't think I'll bother.

  2. espero que não comecem a projectar games se espelhando a versão 1.5 , pois vamos todos nos ferrar , principalmente a galera que tem PS4 anteriores .

  3. So in the end, you were all butthurt, and the Last Guardian is a better exclusive than ANYTHING Xbox One has?

  4. This game with outdated ps3 graphics struggles to run at stable 30 fps, but Naughty dog gave us U4 and TLL which both destroy this game technically and graphically and at the same time deliver stable 30 fps, so I'd say team Ico were quite lazy here 😒.

  5. so basicly they developed a game 7 years originaly for ps3 and manage to fuck it up so hard that it doesnt run properly on ps4 normal. are they realy trying to tell me that? i belive sony paid them to make the game bad on ps4 normal so people would buy the pro anyone else who thinks so?

  6. the comment is always stupid. Bunches of child who even don't know Fumito Ueda, came to complain graphic. Not graphic demanding? My suggestion is just buy a PS4 and play it, every single feathers of Trico is independently calculated. This game is a great art work, if you never played it then just either buy and play or piss off.

  7. Still… going to buy the PS4 slim. The PS4 pro "improvements" are so small it's not worth it… adding 100$ more.. and for what?

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