5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

five great reasons why responsive web design is an integral part of your mobile marketing strategy due to the significant growth of smartphones and tablets accessing the web from mobile devices represents a fundamental shift in online behavior statistics from Google show that 67% of searches start on one device and then progress to a second device with this in mind the time has come to seriously consider making the switch to responsive web design responsive web design enables your web content to dynamically adapt its layout in response to the device which is being used to visit your web site here are five great reasons why responsive web design should be a part of every mobile marketing strategy one improved user experience done right the subtle transformations responsive design provides should go unnoticed resulting in an improved user experience and with it a higher conversion rate to increase your reach incompatible or awkward content presentation will quickly turn visitors off easy-to-use content from any device on the other hand will encourage content sharing and extend your customer reach three SEO and PPC benefits in the pursuit of returning search results which provide the best user experience search engines will be more inclined to recommend websites that are ready for mobile or tablet users both for PPC ads and organic search results for save time and maintenance costs a website with a responsive design means one update will immediately be seen on all formats likewise website maintenance is reduced by eliminating the need for a dedicated mobile ready web presence five simplified reporting a responsive website means measuring campaign success using web analytics across user devices will be more of a straightforward all in one place process in conclusion responsive design is a great way to generate consumer engagement and can significantly improve conversion rates amongst your mobile audience if you want help improving your mobile strategy with responsive web design get in touch

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  1. A very good video covering almost all the benefits. To know more about respomsive designs and their benefits, watch the video- https://youtu.be/OTbBEC3JEmw

  2. Nice Presentation…The purpose of responsive design is to have one site, but with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of different sizes.this benefits should know for web developer….

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