5 Scariest Last Recorded Phone Calls Ever Made You Need To Hear...

5 Scariest Last Recorded Phone Calls Ever Made You Need To Hear…

number five on the sunny afternoon of August 28th 2009 a highway patrolman from California was driving along in a 2009 lexus es350 a loaner car which he had just picked up from a local dealership also in the car where sailor's wife his 13 year old daughter and his brother-in-law a few minutes into the drive mark noticed that the car began to speed up without him pressing the gas pen additionally it also seemed that the brakes had stopped functioning with the car reaching speeds well over 100 miles per hour at this point Saylor phoned police to inform them of the issue hoping that there would be some way that they could help though it was too late just moments after the call began the freeway which they were driving on ended forcing Saylor to merge off of the interstate he then plowed into the back of a Ford Explorer was hurled through a fence and launched into a dirt embankment where the car burst into flames leaving no survivors the remaining members of the Saylor family sued both Toyota and the dealership who supplied the car ultimately reaching a settlement of ten million dollars following this Toyota launched an investigation into the issue while the car in question was far too damaged for any mechanic to determine the cause of the incident toyota claims that the issue was the result of a floor mat becoming lodged underneath the accelerator forcing it downward though others claimed that this was actually an issue with a faulty throttle body citing accidents under suspiciously similar circumstances regardless Toyota issued a recall for the floor mats in these vehicles following this incident mark Saylor was heavily scrutinized for his actions leading up to the crash with many insisting that the crash was almost entirely his fault as the car could have simply been shifted into neutral allowing it to gradually slow down to a stop though no legal action or official statement has been made regarding this take a listen to the 911 crash so 9-1-1 emergency what are you reporting I'm sorry your cellphone cutting out we're gonna 145 ma about y'all shut up I'm sorry I'll accelerator stuck 125 oh okay okay northbound 125 where are you passing 120 Mission Gorge we're we're in trouble we can't where does no bike okay okay and you don't have the ability to like turn the vehicle off or anything intersection hello number four on September 18 2014 a man by the name of Don Spirit phoned into a 911 operator informing her that he had just shot his daughter and all of his grandchildren even concluded by asking her to send police stating the he'll be waiting on the doorstep letting to shoot himself as they pull on the driveway the dispatcher desperately tried to get more information out of the man though all he would tell her was that he shot his daughter in six grandkids one of which was an infant he then became angered and hung up once police arrived they found exactly what Don had described they spoke to him briefly attempted to get him to put his gun down though be shot himself in front of them dying instantly to this day no one has any idea why Don suddenly snapped and turned on his family take a listen to the audio from the incident okay scanning I'm on one with gadgets at the emergency yes ma'am I just shot my daughter and shot all my grandkids and I'll be sitting on my step and when you get here I'm gonna shoot myself what okay address if you're at chest 2550 Northwest 25 parrots downstairs sir throw everyone overhead name is dawn spirit yep all right then what kind of gun do you have the teller mind what kind of gun I got they're all dead and then when you get here I'll shoot myself and then you figure out what's kind of done it is how this happened on I don't want to hear it now I'm don't know every fucking thing just bring them motherfuckers out here that's all you got all the kids are dead in the house okay how many people okay how many people search kids one adult six kids away adult yeah more no midget agent all right one is any way you can stop me till I get somebody there to help you work hard tonight how do you stay on the phone with me no I'm not that I always my name is good here we're naked here I'm gonna shoot myself on my back step all I'm doing is waiting for them on your back steps yep [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] number three Kevin cosgrove was an American insurance salesman vice president of the Aon corporation and ultimately a victim of the 9/11 attacks that took place in New York on September 11th 2001 when cosgrove called 911 dispatchers that day he informed them that he was hidden away in the office of a man named Jonathan o star room and had two other people with him he continued how the operator on the phone that he called his wife and told her that he was fine and leaving the building though now this clearly wasn't the case he didn't remained on the line with the operator until the building he was in ultimately collapsed Kevin's body was then found days later in the rubble he was buried on September 22nd 2001 according to Wendy cosgrove Kevin's wife at the time following the attacks that took her husband their children have all suffered greatly she stated that her 12 year old son began to have severe anger issues and dramatically suffered academically even having trouble with the law at some points additionally their nine-year-old daughter began acts of self-mutilation for which she was referred to a therapist kevin is memorialized at the National 9/11 memorial on panel s 60 take a listen to the audio from the day of the attack you number two on August 17th 2010 20 year-old amber Takara arrived in nice GUI Alberta where she stayed the night at a motel with her infant son and a friend the next day Takara was set to leave headed to nearby Edmonton she decided to hitchhike and an unknown man in a pickup truck pictura while in the truck amber was on a recorded phone call with her brother who was serving time at the Edmonton prison during the 17 minute call amber began sounding increasingly nervous and became concerned with the direction that the man was driving she could be heard arguing with the man before the twos voices became inaudible and the line with death that was the last time anyone heard from takara two days after her disappearance the Royal Canadian police released 61 seconds of the call in hopes that someone would recognize the voice of the man however just four days after the audio was released the remains of de carros body were found by a couple on horseback about 17 minutes away from the motel where she had stay following this the Royal police admitted that they had mishandled the first stages of this disappearance but they're still hopeful that someone will recognize the voice of de carros where we going number one Amina and Sarah Saeed were the victims of a troubled childhood throughout their adolescent years they were repeatedly abused by their father yes Sarah Saeed in their late teens yeah Sarah was found to have been spying on and videotaping the girls without their knowledge the two are not allowed to have boyfriends yet at the ages of 17 and 18 they started secretly dating it was on Christmas Eve of 2007 that yeah Sarah inevitably found out he began waving a gun in the girls faces after which they fled to their mother's place of work that same night the girls as well as their mother and boyfriend went to Tulsa Oklahoma it was there that they rented an apartment and one of the boyfriends found a job yet for unknown reasons Amina Sarah and their mother returned to Texas for New Year's Eve after finding this out yeah Sarah convinced his daughters to go to lunch with him however after the girls entered the car instead of driving them to lunch he drove them to a hotel parking lot where he shot them then he got out of the car and walked away the girls however managed to survive the gunshot wounds once they made their way out of the car one of them called 9-1-1 a dispatcher with the Irving Fire Department attempted to get their current location but the girl kept falling unconscious repeatedly saying that her father had shot her an hour later the bodies of the teen girls were found after someone reported seeing a body slumped over in the passenger seat of a cab they had sadly both passed away at this point take a listen to the call that they had made what's going on thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video be sure to click that like button also don't forget to subscribe and click that notification ball to keep updated with our videos

29 thoughts on “5 Scariest Last Recorded Phone Calls Ever Made You Need To Hear…”

  1. i don't really believe in heaven or hell but i know some people on this list are for sure going to hell.

  2. I am a 38year old man,I remember 9/11 like yesterday.. Shame on any1who 4gets these people hate us ..If they can't convert us then they want us dead… Don't 4get what happened.

  3. #2 is just plain creepy! Not only do we get to hear the woman's last words, but the killer sounds extremely creepy. Just knowing that when he speaks he has every intention of killing this young woman. And I have to say, he certainly has some seriously large balls to kill a woman after she was on the phone for half the time. Damn.

  4. #4: He kept saying over and over that he was gonna shoot himself, expecting the dispatcher to beg him not to. Of course, she didn't say a thing about it, lol.

  5. I'm sorry, but only an idiot wouldn't think about putting the car into neutral or even park. Park would clearly blow the engine and possibly cause the car to spin out, but it's better than slamming into an intersection and risking others' lives. It WAS his fault, he could have done something.

  6. number 1..i saw that story and their own MOTHER took them back to be killed by their father because they had been dating…it was one of the saddest stories I've ever heard and stayed with me to this day…

  7. The replay of the 911 footage as the man was on the phone made it even worse. Especially when he screamed at the end and you could visibly see the building collapse. It was horrifying.

  8. For the one with the dude that killed his daughter and grandkids did anybody else hear "I need help" In a female voice?

  9. 9/11 was in inside job. It was a bomb 💣 in the basement and controlled demolition. Steel and concrete does not collapse that quickly snd melt! Only controlled demolition collapses that quickly!

  10. Wtf he shot his whole family, 6 kids and even a baby! It is eerie that his last name is spirit! That is an evil spirit!

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