5 Things Guys Do That Girls Love (ft. D-Trix)

5 Things Guys Do That Girls Love (ft. D-Trix)

– You should listen to me,
I’m a relationship expert that’s single… (bells jingling) What up everyone, it’s
your girl Superwoman! And I am not looking for
a relationship right now. I have no interest in putting
my time or effort into another person, nor do I
need another person to put energy into me, okay? Because that’s what granola bars are for. And even though I’m pretty
solid on that decision, from time to time a guy will
do something and my heart will try to convince my
brain to think differently. So let me reveal to you
the five things guys do that girls love, AKA:
life hacks for single men to get that Netflix and Chill. Number one, wear distinct cologne. Okay now hold up, I’m sure
you’ve heard that before. It’s not some unique thought,
it’s not rocket science, let’s be real we both
live on Thought Catalog. But let me explain to you
why this is so important. You see, because women wear
perfume and perfume smells sweet okay, reminds you of:
flowers, fields, nice sunsets. Okay, perfume is basically
like Connor Franta’s instagram. It’s effing beautiful! In fact, the whole experience
of wearing perfume is very sensual, all commercials
that advertise perfume are always like a girl touching
herself with no real storyline. A great example is any
Miley Cyrus music video. ♪ I came in like a wrecking ball ♪ Parfum, by Dior. And although perfume smells
great, it also smells kind of like delicate and fragile
and passive and submissive. Like, straight up, if perfume
were a person I would imagine that person having to fight
for their right to vote. And that’s annoying! I mean like straight up, even
I wanna ask a bottle of Chanel to go make me a sandwich. But cologne on the other hand, no no no. Cologne smells like confidence, okay. Like power. Cologne smells like you
just hit a three pointer, won the game, and now Drake is gonna write a rap lyric about you. (rapping) And that’s hot! So it’s hard for a woman
to be around you and ignore that scent of victory, okay? And chances are if she’s
pissed at you, she’ll still be captivated by the amazing
scent of your cologne. I saw you check her out! – No, I wasn’t even looking at her! – I saw you! – Lilly, I wasn’t even looking at her. – I saw you with my own eyes Dom. – Fine, okay, I’m sorry. Alright, I’m sorry. – Don’t even touch me, get away from me! Get over here! – Okay? I’m sorry.
– Don’t touch me! Get away from me! – Ow that’s my neck. – You smell like a miracle, damn it! Not to mention, girls actually
remember how guys smell. True story, I cannot tell you
how many times I’ve hugged a guy and been like oh my
God, he smells like my ex. And then I’m like, finish him! (karate noises) What up t-shirt reference? JK, JK. No but for real, that’s the
type of f-ed up brainwashing you need. Number two, children. Now let me make one thing clear, I do not want kids right now. I have absolutely no desire
to pop a human being out of my va-jay-jay, and have to get
my va-jay-jay all stiched up, you know why? ‘Cause snitches get
stitches, and my va-jay-jay didn’t say a damn thing, okay? It’s that simple. And you know what, maybe
one day I will want kids. Just like, maybe one day I’ll
actually update my computer software and not click
“remind me tomorrow”. But today is not that day. I mean don’t get me wrong,
I love kids, in small doses. I mean I love my nephews, but
I ain’t trying to be a mom. So then why is it that when
I see man interacting with a child, suddenly my mind
views him as the father to my hypothetical children? I swear to God, why does this happen? Is this just me? Because I feel like a man
with a baby attached to him could be like a Pokémon
character, just like “I play Fatherhood!” And
I’m gonna be over here like “Ah pika-pika!”. It’s effing wizardry. – Hey Sweetie, how are you? Oh my gosh, you’re so adorable. You know Uncle Dom loves you, right? – Oh my God he is so cute. – Christmas presents, and
we’re just gonna have a blast. – Were his eyes always that nice? – You’re growing up so fast. – Has he been working out? Wait, wait… Should I marry this guy? – Gimmie a kiss! – Oh my God he’d make such a
good father, just look at him. – Go on give me a kiss, don’t do that. – Wait, what’s happening down there? – You’re just so cute. – Oh my God I bet you he
could assemble IKEA furniture with his eyes closed. – Uncle Dom loves you. – (sighs) And then we
could live on a farm and we could be known as that cool
family that lives on a farm. – Okay I love you sweetheart. – And we’d only use organic baby food! Ugh, this is everything I want! Let’s make a baby! But, do not be confused
’cause this effect/spell only lasts for about 60 minutes, okay? You better milk it for as long as you can. – So, ’bout that baby… – Baby?! Ew, what? Get away from me, don’t touch me. – Yeah I didn’t wanna do that either. – Tired. Don’t be tryna bring up no
kids in no normal situation. If the child is not present,
no booty for you, okay boy? And to answer your question, yes. I would make out with you
in front of the child, if that’s what you’re thinking, okay? Don’t judge me, kids need to
learn about the human body at some age, what better age than three? I talk so much crap! I would never do that. I sound like a man. Man, man, man, man, hello my name is Bob. Number three, move that body boy! Can I just say, that there
is no greater turn on than a man that can dance well. There is very few problems
that that can’t solve. I cannot believe you
forgot our anniversary. – Alright, well I apologize okay, come on? – Okay, that’s not gonna work again. This is a different part of the video. – (sighs) Fine. (“Sorry” by Justin Bieber) – Now if you’ll excuse me,
I’m gonna go get a tattoo of D-Trix on my bosom. Number four, food! Now this could include bringing
us food, making us food, ordering us food, whatever
as long as it involves you allowing food to enter my world. Because honestly it says a
lot when a man understands his place in my life. It goes food, Game of
Thrones, him/all my friends that I complain to about him. – Uh, hey babe I wanted to
talk to you about something. Oh, you’re eating, you know what? It’s okay, we can talk about it later. – Thanks babe! – But babe, did you want fries with that? (cutlery clashes) – Come here! (soft music) No one has ever understood me like that. – Yeah and I can get you like
ketchup and mayo on the side, ’cause it’s your favorite right? (soft music) – It’s overwhelming! Marry me! – What? – Whoa! That might’ve been the sexiest
scene I’ve ever included in a video, is it hot in here? Number five, thumbs. And by that I mean clicking
the thumbs up button, what the hell were you thinking? Okay to be fair, you
liking this video might be just something that I like,
but like yo, hey you, yo. How you doin’, huh? Let’s get to know each other. And some other quick
ones include: not peeing on the toilet seat, being
funny, playing the guitar, being David Beckham, wearing just a towel, driving a manual car, knowing
how to properly hold a fork, knowing how to properly hold me, being WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And these are a few of my favorite things! But yo, this is just my
opinion, at the end of the day straight up don’t change
yourself for anyone, not even someone you’re
in a relationship with. Because can I just tell you? There’s more than enough hours in the day and hot strangers on Instagram
for us single people. So don’t stress about it too much. (magical jingle) Hope you enjoyed that video with… – D-Trix! – And we shot an awesome
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– Let’s do it. One love Superwoman.
– Superwoman. – That is a wrap, and zoop! You nailed that! – I know, I was a little early. – Nailed.
– I was a little early! – I sound like I’ve swallowed
Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change. Like I swallowed her sex
change, like what am I? Lilly or Louis? You decide.

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    Give long hugs
    Forehead kisses
    Sing really good
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