5 Unsolved Mysteries with DISTURBING Phone Calls

5 Unsolved Mysteries with DISTURBING Phone Calls

Number one April 6 1986 9 year old Anthonette Cayedito and her two younger sisters were at their home in Gallup, New Mexico Their mother was at a bar with her friends, and the three children were being looked after by a babysitter In the early hours their mother returned and sent the babysitter home She then fell into a deep alcohol-induced sleep At 3 a.m. there was a knock at the front door both Anthonette and one of her sisters were still awake Anthonette asked who was there "Uncle Joe" said a voice on the other side of the door "hurry up, let us in we're cold" Anthonette opened the door According to her sister she was immediately grabbed by two men who pulled her into a brown van outside She kicked and screamed but could do nothing to stop her abductors They drove off with her into the night and for the past 33 years Anthonette Cayedito has remained a missing person Her real Uncle Joe was determined not to be involved in any way One year after her kidnap the Gallup police station received this chilling call Unfortunately, the call was too short to be traced When Anthonette's mother listened to the recording, she said that she was sure it was her daughter's voice It seemed like Anthonette was still alive. Though, perhaps living a fate worse than death Her mother didn't recognize the voice of the man who cut the call short. His identity remains unknown Anthonette's mother died in 1999 without ever discovering what happened to her daughter And the same goes for her father who died in 2012 Back in 1991, there was one reported sighting of Anthonette, though the validity of that sighting has never been confirmed A waitress in Carson City, Nevada noticed a teenage girl that matched Anthonette's description She was with a quote/unquote "unkempt couple" and continually knocked her utensils onto the floor Every time the waitress went to pick up her knife and fork for her the girl grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly After the girl left with the couple the waitress found a napkin hidden unto her plate On it the teenager had written two messages Help me! Call police. There have been no further sightings of anyone matching Anthonette's description If you think it's strange that a young girl would answer the door at 3 in the morning then you're not alone It came to light that numerous people were coming in and out of the Cayedito household on the very night that Anthonette was taken Anthony's mother neglected to mention that to the police It makes you wonder who was there and why the mother didn't tell them? it appears that the mother may have had more information about her daughter's disappearance than she let on She even failed the police lie-detector test It's also telling that the cops paid Anthonette's mother one last visit on her deathbed Were they perhaps hoping that she might confess something or reveal some information before she passed away? One other important thing to note is that the Cayedito household had a screen door This suggests that Anthonette may have recognized her abductors If she didn't why would she have unlatched the screen? Regardless, investigators believe that Anthonette is no longer alive They have, however, released this image showing what she might have looked like in 2013 Interestingly ten months ago a Reddit user by the name of sleuthingnoob Came across a Jane Doe file – a police report about an unknown murder victim The report said that in 1996 her body had been discovered in Albuquerque, New Mexico Take a look at this description and these reconstruction images They're eerily similar to Anthonette's 2013 reconstruction the user contacted the Albuquerque Police Department But according to NamUs the US Resource Center for missing and unidentified people It's been determined that this Jane Doe is not in fact Anthonette Still it just goes to show that even after 33 years people are still actively trying to solve this mystery Perhaps one day we'll know the truth about what happened to Anthonette Number two Being a police dispatcher can be a tough job emotionally something that many new operators find out during their training learning how to handle distress calls involves listening to a bunch of them and some like the one you're about to hear are harder to sit through than others This call was made by a woman named Ruth Price and has been used in the training of new dispatchers since the 1980s Many dispatchers say this is the most disturbing call they've ever heard *screaming* Despite being so prolifically used in dispatcher training very little information exists about the call The call is always presented to trainees as 100% authentic Recruits are always told the backstory to the case and they're always told that Ruth did not survive the attack Despite this pretty much no information about Ruth's case exists online It supposedly happened before the days of the internet, but you'd think that there'd at least be something out there about it As one former dispatcher writes: in the early 1990s I worked as a 911 dispatcher in Florida This call was played for us as part of a training exercise As an example of why it's so critical to ask for a caller's address before asking anything else As a result of similar incidents, it's been policy across various police departments to state "911 what's your location" What little information there is matches up with what I was told in the early 90s The call was made in 1988. The caller was an elderly woman named Ruth Price She was killed by a prowler and the prowler was not apprehended I'm so frustrated by the lack of any credible information about this call Because of the lack of information about the case it remains a mystery whether this call is genuine or just an amazing piece of voice-acting Another former dispatcher is more certain that the call is real Although there were rumors that this was fake when it first came out, sadly, the recording is 100% real the recording is used in police training on what not to do during a 911 call and why you should always get the location or address first Because of the 911 operator not getting that info and not really taking her seriously The cops never got out there in time and the killer was never caught There's little info out there on Google as this happened way back in the 80s before the internet or Google existed But there was a thread posted about it on a police forum back in 2002 I'll try to find it and link it, but, from what I remember I'm pretty sure she was beaten or bludgeoned to death If you scour some online forums, you'll still find people debating whether this call's real or fake Whatever the case though the prospect of receiving a call like this is enough to put anyone off becoming a police dispatcher That much I'm sure of Number three July 1974 A man named Bashir Kouchacji went to pick up his wife from a party in Beirut His wife was a singer The venue that she was singing at was known to be a gathering spot for middle-east diplomats and arms dealers While enroute to pick her up, a white van drove Bashir off the road Several armed men came out and forced Bashir into the van with them He had just been abducted and he had no idea why The men took him to a basement in an unknown location For the next five days Bashir was tortured by his new captors When he told them that he was an American citizen, they accused him of being a spy for the CIA Still utterly confused Bashir told them that they'd simply got the wrong guy That he had no idea who they were or what they wanted from him Still the torture continued He wasn't allowed to sleep and was only fed small meals He would also hear the tortured screams of other prisoners being held at the same location Rather than endure his torment any longer Bashir attempted to kill himself Using a small piece of plastic he cut his wrists Surprisingly the men holding him hostage actually took him to the hospital and saved his life After receiving medical treatment Bashir was able to escape That was the first bizarre incident in the life of Bashir – a victim of mistaken identity Cut to 1983 and Bashir had become a successful restaurateur in the USA His crown jewel was the Marrakesh – a Moroccan themed restaurant in Philadelphia, which his sister managed while working on the construction of a second Marrakesh restaurant in Washington, DC Bashir started to receive some peculiar phone calls The newly installed landline would ring and Bashir would answer, but there would only be eerie breathing on the other end of the line When Bashir installed an answering machine things began to escalate Someone would leave messages where they'd just laugh into the receiver while strange noises played in the background Whoever was doing this had the voice of a child making the constant harassment all the more strange As time went by the harassment got more extreme The caller started threatening Bashir's life and the life of his employees Machine-gun fire and screams could be heard in the background of the calls now Bashir thought the screams sounded familiar They were just like the ones he had heard from other prisoners when he was a hostage in Beirut These were more than mere prank phone calls now Because of the caller's childlike voice he was given the nickname "L'Enfant" – French for "the child" for the next decade Bashir's restaurant would receive an average of 15 to 20 calls a day from L'Enfant If he traveled to the Philadelphia branch of the Marrakesh, L'Enfant would just call there instead The mystery caller always seemed to know where Bashir was at any given time Eventually things became more serious than simple phone harassment Bashir's unknown tormentor began tampering with his vehicle carving Stars of David into the paintwork They even began cutting the wires in his car, which at one point led to the vehicle catching fire Now fearing that his life was actually in danger, Bashir went to the FBI for help They placed a wiretap on the phone at his restaurant Over the course of 18 months over 3,000 sinister calls were recorded These calls all came from pay phones The strange part though was that oftentimes the calls were made in completely different parts of the DC metro area But were made within seconds of each other and that strongly suggested that there were multiple people involved in the harassment and that they were highly organised Bashir was eventually forced to check himself into a mental hospital The calls were beginning to take their toll on him and he needed to escape Still L'Enfant continued to call him at the hospital While Bashir was away, Richard, the young son of the Marrakesh's new manager, was attacked by two unknown men L'Enfant later called to let the manager know that they were responsible They even spray-painted the words "Richard will die" on their front door In 1993 the story of L'Enfant was featured on the popular show Unsolved Mysteries After the episode aired the calls from L'Enfant suddenly stopped Perhaps the person or the group feared being identified Whatever the case they had made Bashir's life a living hell for ten straight years To this day the identities of the L'Enfant callers remain unknown Who were they and just how many of them were there? Why had they dedicated ten years to tormenting Bashir? Were the calls linked to his abduction and torture in 1974? And finally was Bashir simply the victim of mistaken identity in that incident as he acclaimed? all questions that remain unanswered In 2002 it came to light that Bashir was running a website that revolved around homophobia and antisemitism He even published an advertisement for his restaurant containing the line, "have Zionists turned Jewish beliefs into a political party in the service of hatred and greed?" That line doesn't exactly scream 'fine dining' to me People have debated whether Bashir had always held these extreme beliefs, if they were somehow the reason he was targeted by L'Enfant Or whether these views were the result of his mental breakdown brought about by the calls If you'd like to dive deeper into this mystery, I've left a link to an interesting podcast in the description below Be sure to check it out after the video Number four "What should I do?" "*indecipherable* interference *indecipherable* should be disrupted by then" "Okay, is that good for me or bad?" Gary Sudbrink, a soldier stationed down in Texas, took some time off from his base to visit his family in New York He didn't tell anyone that he was heading home since he wanted to surprise them all While waiting for his flight at the airport, he was approached by a man holding a clipboard The man began asking him a bunch of questions like how he spelled his name, where he was going, and other personal information Gary figured the man was trying to sell him something. So he tried not to pay him any attention Problem was, the guy was persistent When Gary boarded the plane to New York, he forgot all about the encounter Then just as he was relaxing into his seat a different man holding a clipboard sat down in the seat next to him Again, this new guy started questioning him Gary told him to get lost, but this guy too was persistent When a stewardess came to check the clipboard man's ticket, she told him "this isn't your seat you need to move" Luckily the guy with the clipboard obliged. Two strange encounters for sure, but nothing to worry about When he finally arrived in New York, Gary went to surprise one of his close friends with a visit He became confused when his friend didn't appear surprised to see him at all When Gary asked why that was the friend replied, "What are you talking about? You told me you were coming to New York yesterday" That was strange, Gary thought – he definitely hadn't told his friend he was coming Gary worked out that someone must have called his friend using his phone number somehow pretended to be him and then told his friend about his plan to return home A weird prank to say the least Not to mention Gary didn't recall telling any of his buddies back at the base that he was returning home Next, Gary went to surprise his parents It's while he was at their home that he started receiving these strange calls from an unlisted number Whoever was calling him spoke with a sinister robotic voice like they were using a voice changer or something The robot would ask Gary the same question multiple times Like "how long are you back from Texas?" and made weird statements like "you are being impersonated by the other voice" These calls would come day and night Gary tried talking to the unknown caller. Gary's father tried talking to the unknown caller, but they could never get any information out of it The calls were so relentless that Gary started recording them Yes, this is me Can I speak to-
Is this-
yes, can I ask why you're calling? Is this-
Can I please ask- yes, this is Is this *indecipherable*
Yes, that is me *indecipherable*
Say that again this planet Leave? I'm standing right here is this a joke or what Hello?
Is this *indecipherable*
Yeah, hold on a second Yeah, what is your question? I'll answer it So, how long are you going to be back from Texas? You are being impersonated by the other voice. Right, when am I coming back? Is that your question? Okay, there was a break hold on. You want to know when I'm coming back to Texas? is that your question So, how long are you going to be back from Texas? How long am I going to be back from Texas, that question doesn't make any sense
You are being impersonated by the other voice Okay, I'll be coming back eventually umm I can't tell you when, you should know the answer to that question because you seem to know more about me than I do As many have noted it sounds like the caller's voice is coming from a tape recorder Every time he repeats something it's said in the exact same way and as wishIknewwho points out, you can even hear the whir of the machine as the caller rewinds and fast forwards the tape The calls go on for a lot longer than the clips I've played here with the strange voice continually repeating vague and nonsensical questions To this day Gary has no idea who continuously called him while he was in, New York Nor does he know what they wanted from him and why they disguised their identity He also doesn't know who the men with the clipboard were, or how someone was able to inform his friend of his return What do you think's going on in this one? Your guess is as good as mine Number five I suppose this last one's cheating a little since it's technically a phone message rather than a phone call, but it's interesting and creepy nonetheless Four years ago a Reddit user posted a chilling story that happened to their mother Worried that the call might be linked to the nuclear defense agency the user created the post anonymously under a new account In 2012 the user received a call from their elderly mother She was calling from her neighbor's house, and she was absolutely hysterical Sobbing about how somebody had taken over her home phone The user was confused by what she meant. But, then again, she was very old The neighbor she was with checked out the phone and everything seemed normal. So eventually she calmed down and returned to her house A few days past and then the same thing happened again, the user's mother called them in a state of pure terror Once again, she was at her neighbour's house shaking uncontrollably This time she refused to go back to her home The Reddit user took a week off work to stay with their mother To begin with, the user couldn't find anything wrong with the phone and figured that the mother was just going a little senile That proved not to be the case Over the next few days the user discovered what was really going on Every day between 7:00 and 7:15 p.m. a strange message took over their mother's phone When she lifted the receiver instead of a dial tone, she'd hear this unsettling message Outside of that 15-minute window the phone would work normally The phone didn't ring at 7:00 p.m. or anything It was just that if you lifted it to make a call within those 15 minutes, you'd hear the creepy message rather than the dial tone If you hung up the receiver and lifted it again the message would restart If you hung it up and lifted extremely quickly the line would appear to be dead until 7:15 The user was able to make a recording of the message. Here's what it sounded like Connecting you please hold the line No ready AWS station Toulon Foxtrot 77 Zulan Foxtrot 77 Status alert come for status alert come for security tracing in progress Attention attention attention Whiskey whiskey zero nine ready November papa four for danger hotel Seven ready Hotel Quebec three nine Ready? papa kilo 5/8 Ready? Foxtrot Charlie, two three ready November November 1 a trigger Victor Yankee 9 to Ready? Lima Charlie five six secure Attention attention attention For the whole day after they recorded this message their phone line was dead The phone company said that they couldn't find a fault in the line That evening, they attempted to record the message again to see if anything had changed but rather than be met with the strange message, there was just the normal dial tone again The message never came back To this day the origin of the call remains a mystery but if you have any theories about this case or any of the others in this video Be sure to leave them in the comment section below Perhaps we can come up with some answers You Hey guys, Lazy here, and thank you very much for listening A huge shout out to Let's Read and Lady White Rabbit for guest narrating in this video Be sure to check out their channels by following the link down in the description below Also a huge shout out to my biggest supporters on Patreon Stephanie crazy masquerade Sebastian James labor John Crouch Leicester leader Pro Cupid I Netta Bob the devil Gina Valera Philip Westra Alex greens or Monica Mendoza scion of the Emperor Crawford came Macdonald Marley Wright and Ray Price Burton
Thank you guys If you'd like to consider becoming a patron yourself and you can check out my patreon page, which is also down in the description below Be sure to smash that like button or I'll smash you and I'll be back with another video very very soon Until then guys, you will stay spooky and remember the best things happen in the dark

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  2. Antoinette’s mother definitely had something to do with it. Disappointing how many chances multiple people had to help her and they missed it.

  3. 7:17 OFFICIALLY TRAUMATIZED CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!! Also for some reason that didn't sound like an elderly woman's "scream" ???

  4. 27:36 these are all.. military code words? foxtrot.. charlie.. november… but they don’t spell anything? is it just more codes? what the hell was that?

  5. This was the most horrifying video I have watched from you. The video actual scared me. I had to walk round my house to make sure nothing was lingering…

  6. 911 training calls always have the originating agency- it should not be too difficult to locate the case- if you have the original training resource… I spent 10 years in LE- was at one point a training officer. This is not as difficult as it has been made to be. Also- all 911 calls have to be kept for a period of x years- depending on the state and the agency policies.

  7. I used to deal with military emergency calls (222). Quite often we'd have what were known as "No Speech" calls. The bell would ring, 222 would populate on screen, telling me the location, extension, etc. Occasionally, there could be a fault on the line, and we'd receive several No Speeches from the same number within 30 minutes. We were trained to never ignore this just in case it was someone trying to reach emergency services whilst having a heart attack/stroke/going into a fit, or perhaps they were in a situation where someone was threatening their life.

    I dealt with some harrowing emergency calls, and some "lighthearted" emergency calls. Some of those calls remain with you forever.😕

  8. Hey, nice pronunciation of Beirut. I even hear some of my Lebanese-American cousins pronounce it wrong. Just wanted to point that out

  9. Alert Con 4 is a government status warning of them increasing there "Spying" NP44 Danger is stating that something is up with it and there could be outside tampering with the other being fine.
    Last time I have ever heard this was on a faulty old nokia cellphone in 98. ( note not the same message but in the kind of same way )

  10. I finished this vid a good bit ago, and still feel physically sick from hearing Ruth's call. It reminded me of one I heard, with zero content warning…

    Before I start, I'll give context. I work from home as a transcriptionist. On our job site, you log in and there's a queue of open jobs to take. You get the name of the client, the length of the audio and some other file info details, and how many times it's been pitched back to the queue– essentially, somebody's picked it up and realized that the file's beyond their skill range, bad quality audio they're not willing to do for that amount of money per audio minute, they had something come up irl, ect. They have the option to leave notes. It's wise to heed the number and read the notes early on in your consideration. I didn't. Even if I had, I probably would've still sample-played it out of curiosity on what "very disturbing" meant. Several law firm type clients post on the site, and the content is often interviews. It can be anything from the most boring lawsuit you can imagine to police interviews pertaining to a murder case. Finding murder related legal files comes up more often than you'd probably think. Working on those has somehow left me feeling less emotionally moved when hearing content like that, yet it's also cut through a lot of that "that'll never happen to me, that always happens to other people" mental cushioning and made me more aware of my surroundings.

    That was long. My apologies. Typing as quickly as you think without effort can make a person a little rambly.

    This law firm client file… wasn't a police interview this time, no emotionally chilly and faux-friendly slow opening here. It's a 911 call. The woman on the other line… the best word I can find to describe it is hysterical. Utterly hysterical. "Grief stricken" or "distraught" don't cover it. The only intelligible words she can say to the operator are "My grandbaby''s dead, my grandbaby's dead" in between the uncontrollable wail of a woman who's soul's being torn to pieces in a way that only the death of a child can do.

    I, too, passed on that file. I was done working for the day after that. No idea of how the child died. Ruth's call will be burned into my memory alongside that one. Different emotional timbres, but the same intensity.

  11. so I hope this is the right video, but I want to share my experience with the one about the strange phone message at 26:50. I had the same message. I cant remember exactly when it happened (i.e. specific date/year), but I do remember most of it. I was visiting my parents over summer, and at the time, we had a land line because they couldn't afford much better (this was when flip phones had just started to blow up, and we didn't really have any yet). We discovered that message when, at 8:00 am (maybe 9, no clue. been a while), the landline started ringing. It woke me up (I was sleeping on the couch), and I got up to answer it. I picked up the phone and lifted the receiver to my ear, answering with the usual "hey" or "hello". There was this weird static sound that was extremely loud, and it played for about 10 seconds before I put the phone up (I thought something was wrong). I put the phone down, and the moment I did, it rung again. I picked up, thinking it was bad timing (and wanting the ringing sound to shut up), and I swear to god, that exact message played. I doubt it was different, because some parts I remember with strange clarity, and I recognized them in the video. I listened to about half of it before putting it down. Again, the moment I put the phone down. It rung again, so I picked it up and yelled into the receiver, saying something along the lines of "Who is this!? What do you want!?". There was a kind of weird moving sound. I don't really know how to describe. Best I can is kind of like those sounds in the geigis fight from earthbound. This time, that message didn't play, but instead, the other end said, in the same voice as that voice from the other message, spelled out "clear" in military lingo (like Zulu, foxtrot, etc.). After that, the line went dead. Put down the phone and couldn't sleep. Told my family the next day, but we had no idea what to do or what it was. The line didn't work all day after that, but that was the end of it. That's why the security voices from scp containment breach scare me so damn much. Honestly didn't remember the whole ordeal until I heard the recording in this video. Doesn't really shed any light on anything, but I thought it was worth sharing.

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  13. the fifth call, i think they were using walkie talkie codes. it is not creepy, to me, at least. it's very mysterious and intriguing. why would it happen at that particular house, at that particular time? why use codes, like maybe walkie talkie codes or maybe coordinates?

  14. The first one is so scary! It’s sad the mom did not hear the knock and so sad that she opened the door 🚪 at 3am. I bet the males
    Were from the bar and knew her mom and knew she had kid daughters.

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  19. For #5 I think the line was misdirected in replacement with a military base line. My father served in the army for 11 years, and he taught my brothers and I the words in relation to the alphabet, which match up with the words used in the message. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard these letters and numbers were planes, like in an air force base, but I’m not certain. Then the question comes up; how could you misdirect a line like that? How far do you have to be for a common misdirection? I don’t know all of the answers but hopefully someone can help me out with this theory. Thank you for reading, I love your work Lazy Masquerade, keep it up! 😋

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    I know it serious and that was horrific, but headphone users I suggest turning the volume down around the 9 minute mark

  21. The restaurant guy that was kidnapped was taken by Mossad. I would bet every penny on it. Fukn dirty joos! Same with 9-11. Same with the USS Liberty. The same motherfuckers that got the US into WWII. The same cocksuckers behind the Federal Reserve, the media, the news, Hollywood. You don’t believe it? You’re stupid! Also look up the Balfour Agreement. The Holocaust is a fukn lie. It is a brainwashing campaign against the world. Ask yourself why Hollywood keeps making movies about WWII. Why did we, the US, side with the communists against our own people? Stop watching cat videos and use the fucking internet for what it was meant for.

  22. Even if the Ruth call is real and the dispatcher asked for the address immediately, nothing would have changed. She was literally being killed mere moments after the call was made, no way police were gonna get there in time to intervene. The killer most likely would also still get away clean without being identified.

    Your own safety and defense begins and ends with you, and if you're smart you own a gun of some kind. Especially if you are small and weak like an elderly woman. This goes ten fold if you live in a rural area where it would take police about 30 minutes or more to reach your home. In those situations the police won't arrive to help but to clean up the aftermath. Keep it close when you go to sleep, a weapon that is out of reach is useless.

  23. I think i know what the NORRAD call was. If im wrong then im wrong. So i think someone got a old CONNELRAD phone box that when you would dial a certain number you would hear that almost exactly. It would tell you the CONNELRAD code for radio transmission stations in your area. When it repeats the word Attention that was probably the last security word that was sent to the box thru a phone line. So One someone really close had to have that plugged into their phone line near her. Two Someone used her phone number as a dial number for it. So basically. When you plugged these in to power it would have a phone on one side. You would pick up the phone and listen for it to ask for a phone number. Enter the phone number of norad for a public check station and wait for it to spit out a teletype message. For a example of the machines purpose look up wcco 1971 ebs false alert. The machine that is mentioned by AT&T. Thats it. The machines are a bright orange and you would need a full pickup bed of space for it. The voice and everything about that. How it said what it said when it said it. Its a perfect match. I hope this helps.

  24. Hear is a lesson. Never ever answer the door unless your sure that’s the person is clearly the person they say they are. And if your a child don’t open the door. Tell your parents. It does not matter if they are asleep

  25. my german teacher told us to answer weird phone calls and telemarketers in german. spanish doesn't always work because in america it's very common to have a spanish department, but any other foregin language is always a safe bet. especially if people are setting out to confuse you – just confuse them right back.

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  27. Those type of messages used to play on a old computer I used to play on, at max volume it used to scare the living shit out of me

  28. As a waitress myself…. for Antionette…. I would’ve called police before that napkin. i mean when a child keeps making the same mistakes over and over again infront of you. And squeezing your hand. I mean. That screams help me. But idk, I wasn’t specifically in the situation at the time. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  29. Ughh I always find number stations so spine chillingly eerie. I'm not sure why, it's just so electronic and sinister.
    Of course the other calls are certainly worse, especially hearing the cries of people before they're attacked(especially Ruth's one, Jesus Christ what a blood curdling scream). But number stations are the ones that keep me up at night. Not sure why.

  30. wasn't Ruth's call confirmed to be a staged event ? unless im thinking of a different call 🤔 nonetheless it's still creepy

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