5-Year-Old Wows Family With Sonic the Hedgehog Drawing

5-Year-Old Wows Family With Sonic the Hedgehog Drawing

he may just be a pint-sized Picasso here the sidewalk is his canvas his grandma is blown away by her five-year-old grandson Devin strong we know he has a gift now and we want to share it with the world Devin draws a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog he's able to see the characters on screen and replicate analyzed it on TV when grandma originally saw as strong as she thought they would print out not hands drawn by her grandson but on in time I thought he would actually even be pitchy from a coloring book again you know and he just colored it or something what started as an after-school hobby gave way to the family learning about Devon hidden talents his mom just gave it to a drawing at the activity you know come on Scoob while she's cooking here's some art supplies not too shabby when you put them side-by-side great job Devin for Inside Edition calm i'm justine ray

43 thoughts on “5-Year-Old Wows Family With Sonic the Hedgehog Drawing”

  1. That boy is going places!! Gets older and works for a cartoon production company sketching and drawing cartoons for them or for himself 💙👑 #ChildﹰProdigy

  2. I’m going to Comic Con in a few hours. I should be sleeping. It’s almost 5 am. I can’t go without energy.

    Wait nvm I need to watch this, this looks amazing

  3. This is one brilliant little boy here. Wow! I hope that he can grow to be a great artist. He's fantastic. When I first saw sitting on the ground, I thought that someone else had drew that Sonic the Hegdgehog sketch, I said that little boy did not draw that. Then when I saw his little hand moving, I knew then that this little genius did draw it himself. I'm just hoping for the best, because he is too smart, & definitely talented to be his little age. May God continue to bless this little man, & his family. Wow!

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