7 New MAKEUP & HAIR Beauty HACKS You MUST Try | #Haircare #Sketch #ShrutiArjunAnand

7 New MAKEUP & HAIR Beauty HACKS You MUST Try | #Haircare #Sketch #ShrutiArjunAnand

You’ve seen so many hacks but I’ve brought for you awesome beauty hacks We are back together after a long time so get this video to 2,00,000 LIKES hit that LIKE button Anku is also there in the video but she isn’t in the Intro hit LIKE for her too now lets enjoy the video you say first you are my cute sister… Plz don’t tell this to Mom so give your that expensive highlighter Expensive Highlighter!!! I’ve that cheapest one so how your cheeks looks so shiny thats because I follow a hack tell that me too its a Secret don’t you tell to anybody tell me fast otherwise I’ll tell you that ok.. I’ll tell you Wow Skin Science 10 In 1 Mist Tonic Just spray it twice on your makeup brush like this and then swipe any highlighter in your brush like this and then just apply it on your cheeks and at last spray this mist tonic on your face like this let me see Wow… this makes your cheeks shiny.. today We’ve brought a Eyeliner Challenge video she has just shown the upper wing & we’ll show you the double wing eyeliner and thats too in only 30 seconds did you see the video?? yeah…but you’ve learnt nothing.. need to use the same trick just need to change the way a little and you’ll be able to apply eyeliner in 10 seconds I’ll also tell you the hack for Cut crease Wing liner should always be parallel to the Eyebrow make a line first with the help of this pencil then with the help of a liquid liner make a thin line across both the sides to create that double winged liner now complete the wing just as you normally create it I am using the Kajal pencil for the lower portion to make this process more easy you can apply double winged liner in both of your eyes in just 30 seconds with this trick I am always in a search of these type of hacks note it down fast we too will make a video see the Herbal Shampoo Not all herbal shampoo is chemical free do you eat if I’ve given you a sweet of dung with gold foil sheet over it.. No… Not at all and how should I know which ingredients are good ?? and thats also written in Sanskrit Take this WOW Skin Science Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo see its clearly written on it that it has no harmful chemicals that is its free from Sulfate, Paraben, Silicon, Salt & Colour so its pure and gentle for your hair often the companies write the ingredients in Sanskrit so as to hide the harmful ingredients which we can’t be able to understand but now I got it and even they too got it now thats why your hair are so beautiful yeah the Moraccan Argon oil in it which make my hair soft, shiny & manageable plz give it to me no need to snatch it it is easily available on Amazon I’ve given the link in the description box so get it from there ok you’ll order it from there who has slim waist.. mine who has long hair mine and who mind is slow me… who has long nails mine who has thin nose I’ll tell you how to do conturing first make a L shape around your nose with a dark coloured concealer or foundation now need to blend it I blend it outward like this I further blend it using the edge of a beauty blender again take a light coloured concealer on a small brush and apply it on centre of your nose and blend it towards your forehead using that same brush or with your finger wipe your beauty blender first to blend it further and blend it in a tapping motion and finish it up using a highlighter yes Madam! I want a face moisturiser, face primer, anti -ageing gel etc….. take it a solution for all these problems in a single bottle what’s this I’ve ask for so many things and you just put a single bottle in front of me Madam! its a all in one product it moisturises your face and also makes your hair shiny No need to buy so many product but its in a bottle rather I’ll use natural aloe vera gel Madam! I don’t think so you will able to do all that to extract the gel you seems too lazy Madam! its Body Cupid Aloe Vera Gel which is 99% pure & where’s that 1% 1% is preservatives in it which increases its shelf life and its clear just like natural aloe vera gel no synthetic green colour in it ok give me its two bottle all have different eye shape so it just take 5 seconds to know our natural cut crease line apply any of your favourite dark coloured eyeshadow on your crease line now its time to tel our cut crease hack so apply concealer on your eyelid and look upward like this concealer itself got applied there then define the crease using a brush it took only 5 seconds to create that cut crease listen!! what happened?? just see your lipstick oh.. lip line can’t be seen after applying foundation and power cut too that time We are Indians.. We always find way to sort out our problems lets find something for this you too don’t see your lip line or lip shade after applying foundation so first line your lip with any dark coloured lip liner then apply foundation or concealer you can see the lip line here then apply lipsticks and then no need to apply concealer again and your lipstick look picture perfect have enjoyed too along with these hacks SHARE this video with others also COMMENT if you want me to make such type of videos more? also press that notification bell to get the notification about the new uploads also SUBSCRIBE to channel Anaysa its gonna be 5M soon will see you in our next video

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