9 Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels

9 Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels

What’s there to say about paper towels? Well, they’re highly absorbent Help you clean up unfortunate spills and can even make a rad bandana. and What other useful things can they do? Having trouble getting your vacuum into some of those nooks and crannies that really need attention? some vacuum attachments just won’t get the job done so grab yourself a paper towel tube and place it over the nozzle tape it into place to secure it and
mold the tip to fit into any oddly shaped location that you need to purge.
Obviously, this is great around car seats. Swiffer mops, or their generic counterparts, are
great until you run out of pads. A quick and simple solution – paper towels. It might seem obvious now, but many folks don’t even consider it. Just wrap a couple around the base and tuck it into the back slots. Clean as usual. If you wanna do some major clean ups, bust outta a multi-surface cleaner spray around the area for super shiny finish. You’ve probably heard of a million ways to quick-chill a drink, but we put this method to the test and
with great results! Wrap a wet paper towel around a warm can or bottle a couple times and place it in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes any
longer and a carbonated beverage might explode we tested this along with an
unwrapped the wrapped can was 10 degrees colder than the other so yeah this works
well just keep an eye on things disinfectant wipes are great for quick clean-ups and keeping
your surfaces sterile the only problem is that they’re
overpriced so why not make your own with some household materials grab roll of
paper towels and cut it to fit inside of a small Tupperware container with a serrated knife though it might look a bit ugly at the bottom but we’re more concerned with
functionality here pop out the center tube and pull out a bit of the paper towel to serve as
a dispensing point alright almost done make a mixture of half a cup of water
half a cup of rubbing alcohol now this enough to party but if you want to smell
good too add some drops of essential oil place the roll into the Tupperware and
slowly pour the mixture over it until it’s saturated cut a small X into the
lid and feed the towels through the hole snap it shut and you’re all set just keep
it nearby to clean up any services that need some quick sanitation if you’re
ever in a situation where you’ll be needing to move some sharp blades around you know
like a BBQ or children’s birthday party you might want a sheath grab an empty
paper towel tube and insert the blade carefully press down until you find the
edge fold the tube around itself keeping it into place at the top simply fold a
corner down and tape it down as well for a secured and safe blade carrying
apparatus oh yeah paper towels are great for cleaning glass or are they they always leave
behind this pesky lint for streak-free sparkling results grab a few coffee
filters instead coffee filters are designed to be lint-free and clean up the last just as
effectively leaving no streaks and no lint look at that beautiful shine when
you’re doing some grilling sometimes the sauce can get spilled plan ahead and always have a nifty
portable paper towel holder that’s ready for action when you are just grab a
plastic hanger and snip the center put the roll over one end and then back over
the other things ugly so you probably don’t want it in the kitchen but it’s great for
the griller or worksop sometimes the smallest accidents can cause the worst pain but you
don’t always need to break out a huge ice pack to soothe your wounds grab a paper towel and get it nice and wet go over to your freezer and toss it in for the next
unfortunate accident the great thing about this is that the paper will mold
completely to whatever object needs soothing it will stick in place so you can wrap it
around those sore fingers of yours or use it as a handy-dandy bruise reducer
should the situation arise finally lets amp up that next kicking party rabin
empty paper towel roll and slice out a slot that will fit your phone securely go steal a couple cups from the beer
pong table trace out the ends of the tube just cut out the holes and connect both
cups to the tube you’ll go from mediocre sound to amplified cardboard bliss making you
feel like you’re running through the six with your woes away big thanks to drink
for letting us use his latest track thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “9 Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels”

  1. About that quick freeze for soda life hack
    Once I was spending the night at a friends house and I put a coke in the freezer without a paper towel thinking it wouldn’t affect it that much. I forgot about it and fell asleep, I woke up to an explosion at like 1 in the morning. I didn’t think it was anything so I went back to sleep. When I woke up I was thinking about the loud bang I heard when I remembered the coke. I opened the freezer and there was coke slush everywhere. My friend and I knew his parents would be up soon so we cleaned it up super fast and I got away with it.

  2. 2:45 something sith the barbecue listen carefully
    If i am making food like cutting up some onions meat and is spill some sauce i always have a normal cloth towel around my neck or an old t-shirt if im done just toss it in the washing machine or just re-use it

  3. Nice hacks, pittty about the childish shite music at the end, drake by name drake by nature, sounds like a demented duck!!!

  4. Why does he use a COFFE FILTER in a video about PAPER TOWELS ?!?!

    Only question not a hater<3

  5. Lol, why did he just tell everyone how terrible paper towels are for mirrors, and then promote coffee filters?

  6. I want to play league but also see the championship, what sould i do? Oh sure, ill just go jax, no skill needed

  7. Did you really just use cleaning up a murder scene as an example? Really?? Because if that wasn't a murder scene…that person is very inconsiderate of the injured person. Help them up before cleaning the floor!!! :

  8. For the last hack, if you want better sound quality, stuff a few paper towels in. I made this when I was babysitting and it worked well, and with the paper towels, even better!!

  9. #10. Apparently you can use them to wipe the Egg off your Face Hmmmph !!
    AND when you mop up gravy and wake up next morning. The whole house is covered in shredded paper. Bloody mongrel has raided the Bin again. Yes the ones with baby sick and kitten Do Do's too !

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