A Challenge Of Drawing Without Sketching ( Drawing Samuel L. Jackson )

A Challenge Of Drawing Without Sketching ( Drawing Samuel L. Jackson )

Thử thách vẽ bằng bút bi mà không dựng hình trước

100 thoughts on “A Challenge Of Drawing Without Sketching ( Drawing Samuel L. Jackson )”

  1. Do you think this challenge is so easy for me? ….
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  2. You can draw like printer, you can draw with vertical and horizontal lines, with circly lines etc etc etc but is it possible to draw a picture by sliding random lines to every direction randomly?

  3. Sie sind sehr kompetent und sehr kreativ sehr talentiert, wieder eine mega schöne Zeichnung, vielen dank ❤️🙏🙏👏👏👏👍🍀

  4. You are a human printer! This is real Art! Not like today where someone is making 5 paint stains and sell it for millions of dollars.
    You need more attention!

  5. Im practicing drawing ballpen too, i hope you would care to watch and pin my small channel? Thank you so much everyone,

  6. Không hiểu một điều là sao các tác phẩm khi đăng lên nhiều người nước ngoài bình luận mà ít thấy người Việt thế

  7. Can you do a portrait of my hood ( Queensbridge) the actual bridge , or nas ? Very nice drawing , you have an amazing blessed talent , keep up the great work !

  8. Hey I have a hugeee request and please if u want pin this

    : Can you please draw Natsu,Grey,And Lucy from FairyTail please?! ;-; (DONT know if I spelled grey’s name right)

  9. When i look at your hands i would always think "damn this person practiced a lot of times just to get this good". I mean when you look at it hands who worked dont look pretty and/or soft. Kinda like pencils, pencil who have been used tend to look worn out.

    Not saying if you have pretty hands you have never worked, it means damn your selfcare routine because you maintained pretty hands whislt working hard.

  10. What the ACTUAL HECK, you’re TOO GOOD my friend, just too good. How do you even draw with a pen like that all at once (no drawing and erasing and redrawing) never once have I ever even heard of talent like urs. Also I know ur thing is with pens and pencils and things where you can directly draw (if you know what I mean) but I’d like to see you paint something

  11. đẹp quá anh, xem nhiều rồi nhưng ít đăng ký nhưng cái này vẽ bằng bút bi + không dựng hình mà vẽ như thật thế kia đạt đến trình độ thượng thừa rồi

  12. I keep typing and deleted because I can't think of the right words to use to express the level of amazement I have right now. Like wtf.

  13. Imagine if his subscriber count didn't balloon. He wouldn't have had the financial means to lay back and develop to this extent.

  14. I think you are the one of the most challenging YouTube artists. I am still afraid to paint without sketches, but watching your passion, I am also taking courage and practicing again.

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