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  1. LOL

    I played that game 10 years ago and i thought i just made a new game. I also knew that fakt with 11, you can ask all my friends, it's true. ^^

  2. Pls may you an example when it is how to win Legs 11 because I know it is almost the same principle however does doing it with more than 2 players alter the arithmetic series? Thanks 🙂

  3. My 6th grade algebra book has a game like this. The rules are:
    (Of course this is a 2players game)
    1. Each person say a number from 1 to 3 (for example the first person say 2)
    2. The next person say a number also from 1 to 3 and then add to the first person number (for example the first person is 2, the second person say 3 then you have 5 in total)
    3. Whoever gets to 20 first wins

  4. Ele 6
    Eu 5
    Soma 11
    Ele 3
    Eu 8
    Soma 22
    Ele 9
    Eu 2
    Soma 33
    Ele 2
    Eu 9
    Soma 44
    Ele 4
    Eu 7
    Soma 55
    Ele 1
    Eu 10
    Soma 66
    Ele 9
    Eu 2
    Soma 77
    Ele 5
    Eu 6
    Soma 88
    Ele 3
    Eu 8
    Soma 99
    Ele 1

    Perdi, resumindo se eu n começar eu perdo

  5. Brother: That Yoghurt is mine!
    Me: NO! It's mine! Let's play a game! It wor….
    Brother: IT'S TIME FOR A D-D-D-D-DUEL!

  6. Didn't you say something about your evil twin from the future in a future video… I guess he was good and willing to play in this past video.

  7. So none of my friends are as obsessed with math as much as I am, but I have realised that this could make a fun and destructive drinking game to play and obliterate your friends with if you so choose. The person who loses? Oh yeah, you have to do a shot.

    Good times.

  8. This is a math game u can win 80% of the time with a
    normal person
    u can’t choose a smart person cause u have a 50% of losing
    U can use this to gamble
    1+1 = 11
    2+2 = 22
    3+3 = 33
    4+4 = ?
    it’s 8 not 44.

  9. I have another game that’s a lot like the match game but you don’t have matches.
    It’s called unlucky 13 and you can play it with as many people you want (but to ensure you win you must have 1 other player)
    So what you do is you count up to 13 and the person who lands on 13 is out
    You can only say 1,2 or 3 numbers at a time
    For example, you could say 1,2 and the next person would say 3,4,5 then the next could say 6 and the next 7,8,9 and the next would say 10,11,12 so the next person up would be out because they would be on 13

    To always win you have to let the other player go first. You got to make sure you first say 4 as your last number, then 8. Then you are ensured to win. They could say 1,2 or 3 numbers but it wouldn’t matter. If the last number you say is 8 no matter what they say you can always win.

  10. Thank you, HAHA i used it on my friends to get what i want 😂 asked them to play a game with me and they never doubted me that im calculating in the number game 😂

  11. Right after he said "play a similar game with match sticks" I got an ad for jumanji that started out by saying "find the jungle"

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