A Meeting of Great Black Inventors – Astronomy Club

A Meeting of Great Black Inventors – Astronomy Club

Welcome, inventors.
My name is Elijah McCoy. In this room lies
some of the brightest Black minds
this country has to offer. Nerds. And that is George
Washington Carver. What up, what up, what up?
Anybody want a peanut? I know you want one.
Okay. I have gathered us together
with the hopes that our inventions can further
the cause of the American Negro, and change the world. Mr. Morgan,
would you like to start? Of course. As you know, my gas
masks saved thousands of lives during the great World War. My next invention uses light
to help facilitate traffic. I call it the traffic light.
Yes. Pretty good. It’s not peanut butter good,
but it’s pretty good. Is this man serious? Madam, what do you
have to report? Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Yes. Well, my hair
and beauty products have not only made me
a millionaire, but have ensured
that Black women everywhere will never feel insecure
about their hair ever again. What them edges though? Okay, we’re going
to figure this out. We’re going to figure this out.
These edges? Getting a little salty, huh?
Like a peanut. Oh God. Yeah, sit down,
you just jealous. Or should I say
peanut butter and jealous. High-five!
She got a pipe in her hand. Apparently, you believe
that your inventions are of greater significance
than the rest of us. I invented peanut butter. Yes, George, it’s literally the
only thing you’ve ever invented. Okay, I think you’re forgetting
about the paint I made from peanut oil. How could we forget
about peanut paint? Oh, that’s right, because
it’s a stupid fucking idea. Is it, or is you just
peanut butter and jealous? Jealous? My lubrication devices
have made train travel in this country more efficient. Train travel ain’t the only
device it’s been lubricating, if you know what I mean.
Talking about these nuts. You’re a goddamn idiot. And you’re peanut butter
and jealous, and you peanut butter
and jealous, and you peanut butter
and jealous. Every Negro in here
is peanut butter and jealous. Nigga Enough! Everyone in this room
has an invention that has bettered
the African-American image. We are real inventors,
using actual science. I invented the carbon filament
in light bulbs. Do you know what I am saying? Motherfuckers can’t see without
me. Look at this. Look. At.
This. That’s a goddamn miracle! That is something
that will have my name etched in the pages of history.
But you haven’t invented shit. You’re a fucking peanut farmer!
You play with peanuts. We’re trying to change
the goddamn world, and this nigga here playing
with motherfucking peanuts. Is that how y’all really feel? Yes. Yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Well, I am a real inventor.
I invented peanut butter, and everybody loves
peanut butter! Even if you allergic to peanuts,
you love peanut butter. I don’t need y’all.
I don’t need any of y’all. I’m George
Washington Carver! And y’all, y’all just
peanut butter and jealous! Yo, why would you … Just take the bowl. Well, that is the last time
anyone will ever hear the name
George Washington Carver, but they will remember me,
Lewis Latimer.

100 thoughts on “A Meeting of Great Black Inventors – Astronomy Club”

  1. This was probably the funniest way you could show the misrepresentation of black minds in American history and how the things we are remembered for mainly do not nearly acknowledge the impact that African-Americans have had on this country and the world🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. I have never been able to understand racism. One of the stupidest forms of human idiocy is racism. It is as horrific as lslam.

  3. Yes!!! Good content and good theme! The acting -maybe so-so, but I'm SO willing to sacrifice that for intelligent black themed comedy! Keep them coming!

  4. Are y'all serious!?!? George Washington Carver did wayyyyyy more than "play with peanuts". He is the most renowned black botanist that ever lived and the most important person in that room (Lewis Latimier is a close second). His work should not be reduced to "inventing" peanut butter for a stupid skit.

  5. Of course the n-word had to uttered. It would have been refreshing to watch this sketch without the mention of it. This sketch was so close to showing our ancestors' greatness, but they undermined it by using the n-word and reducing the contributions of the deservingly world-renowned George Washington Carver to only one of his hundreds of inventions.

  6. Why would they depict black scientist having in fighting for who is more important? Stop promoting stereotypes for dominant society comfort. I mean can't we read and digest facts? George Washington Carver was trying to have poor black farmers plant alternative crops so they could sustain and grow their lives. The man was an early environmentalist, who tried to combat soil depletion from Cotton. Someof you are so fake woke, it is not even funny. Humiliating one black man to make others look more important is just ignorant.

    The man was legitimately ahead of his time on planting soy crops for sustainable black growth. He was directly working to improve the plight of the black American farmer. I'm sorry but this is an ignorant depiction and understatement of the facts that surround this man's life.

  7. When he says people wouldn't be able to see without him it pisses me off so much. He didn't create lightbulbs nor electricity all he did was make the process of making a lightbulb easier which is a good thing but not that big of a deal. Also Carver didn't create peanut butter.

  8. Funniest thing is, GWC was the only ethical inventor in that room. Everybody else (all real people) either stole other people’s inventions or just patented them (not invent them). And guess who the real inventors were? White people + George Washington Carver.
    Just an objective fact.

  9. George Washington carver is my GREATEST HERO. I can't believe any black person would find this the least bit humorous. Carver accomplished something so miraculous that it puts EVERY inventor to shame by comparison. Carver brought the south… the ENTIRE SOUTH… out of poverty after the civil war. He also benefited the NORTH and WHITES too. I have read many books about Carver and I encourage everyone to study a little about this man. By the way, Carver did NOT invent peanut butter. That was invented by some dentist… for his patients who had no teeth. Carver did invent more than 300 uses for the peanut.

  10. Seriously? People are offended? Comedy is when we laugh at ourselves. It’s a joke. Laugh. 🙄. You’re all just peanut butter & jellous.

  11. Peanut Oil is the new in thing at the moment… I just think peanut in itself is one of the greatest invention. I feel sorry for those with nut allergy 🤣

  12. George Washington Carver didn't invent Peanut Butter. He invented like over 100 products including gasoline, plastic, dyes, milk, paints, cosmetics, medicinal oils, soap, ink, rubber, glue, wood stains using peanuts, sweet potatoes, pecans and soybeans. The 3M company bought many of his patents and we still use his research to this day. He was born into slavery and eventually went on to teach at Tuskegee Institute and speak before congress in 1922. He suffered greatly in slavery, at age 10 he was castrated by his slave master because they saw his intelligence as a threat. I wish I could find this skit funny…but it just seems incredibly disrespectful of the work of man who was so brilliant and suffered so much.You don't need to throw your ancestors under the bus to build a comedy career. You are more talented than that Astronomy Club.

  13. It really doesn’t matter if one is bigger than the other, if one has impacted this culture or that culture more. Slavery is bad, bondage is bad from no one deserves to in chains.

  14. but he didn't even invent peanut butter, he just wanted farmers to grow peanuts and sweet potatoes instead of cotton so he listed a bunch of uses for them and recipes :-/

  15. Lol it’s true. Every black history month, George is one of the main people you hear about in school as if he were the only greatest inventor amongst black people..they don’t even barely mention the other uses of the peanut, let alone the other famous and pivotal inventors..the system man 🤦🏾‍♀️

  16. Actually George Washington Carver changed the fucking world. He basically went on tour to teach us about the science of plants. He was a god tier plant scientist.

  17. im so upset I just found out about this! What an amazing scene! I have to find the rest of the season to watch it all in full! THANK YOU ALL FOR INTELLIGENTLY BLACK MADE HUMOR! and the ending!! GENIUS!!!

  18. Where was the advertising for this show!? Loving it, but maybe too late for proper support. If off-air, you all really should join onto the Black lady sketch show on HBO.

  19. Damn YouTube! Damn Google! I thought we were friends! I thought u knew me! How could you wait a YEAR to show this to me! You suggest endless fox videos- I never asked for- never clicked on- and hid THIS!! My instant new favorite show! Ooooo I would cancel u if I didn't need you so much!

  20. You know, it just occurred to me that some of Madam CJ Walker’s products served to perpetuate the idea that black women should feel insecure about their natural hair.

  21. Coonary… And get your facts straight on George Washington Carver. If the record would of been set straight on his enormous contribution maybe it would have made it a little worth it. I don't care how many people think this funny none of you comedians careers are going anywhere like this. Pay attention

  22. His voice actually sounded like a woman 👩🏽 because he was castrated by his so called adopted white parents because they had a daughter in the house. He let people believe he was gay before he let people know he had been castrated.

  23. "We trying to change the got damn world & THIS…" 😂 I felt that to the bone. Good job mixing the comedy with the FACT Black Inventors barely get recognition.

  24. Literally just learned about Mr. Latimer. But Mr Carver………….

    Well you know. Every black millennial under 35 has written a 3 page essay on Carver.

  25. Really YT. All the listening and recording you and you couldn't recommend this sooner? Just trying to block this Black Excellence!!!

  26. Washington-Carver sound more like Thomas Edison. Edison was really a annoying guy.

  27. I'm not knocking the sketch show. They just need to be careful about the content that they put out in the public because these videos will live long after we're gone. 50 years from today, they could use clips like this to say that this is how black people felt about these inventors and make their work even more insignificant.

    The line in the movie Barbershop about Rosa Parks and MLK is another example of this. Be careful about what you put out in the public because words can be taken out of context and flipped into something you never intended for it to be used to do.

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