Advancing the Art of Living

Advancing the Art of Living

What I used to hear is ‘What, he’s just an old Fogie, he’s over the hill, he’s had it.’ You’re an alter kaker, what would they know? That’s the expression, do you
understand that? That’s what they usually think about older people. When I was younger I was thinking, ‘Oh they’re old Oh my, poor things. I used to think that aging
was sitting in a chair You don’t think about getting old when you’re younger, it just doesn’t enter your mind I’m surprised I’m doing as well as I’m doing. I live by myself. I’m still driving, do own cooking.
I drink the right kind of scotch. I feel young. I really do. Why are we here? We’re here because this is the place for us at this stage of our lives. Keep positive, keep yourself busy and stay off the pity pot. Keep up what you’re doing and improve if there’s a way of improving mentally. We don’t do anything crazy, we love each other. If you enjoy interacting with people you may not always like the results but
you’ll never be bored. If I come here one day a week, whoever I meet when I come home will say ‘well how were sales?’ I say ‘great – I sold a dollars worth of candy and I was the one who spent the dollar!’ When we’re outside on the patio, it’s like the most beautiful thing. Sitting with the people you want to sit with. Have you seen the patio here? It’s beautiful! It’s a very nice…deck PATIO Whoever put that back patio up they really should be given an honor. I didn’t know him before I came here. I walked in and lo and behold who was
standing there but… Me We were having a lecture by a woman and
she said there’s an advantage to the art of living. And I said no there’s an advancement – and that’s where my tag line came in: advancing the art of living. First thing I wanted to do is call my brother and I said Ron I want to play
this by you and he said Harold it’s terrific. First of all I’d like to give credit to
the resident who came up with that line which is Harold. The art of living – says it
all by itself – living – not getting bored Advancing the art of living – see I don’t
understand what it means I’ve never I’ve never heard that.
And what does it mean? Advancing the art of living. That sounds good. It sounds so promising. I never know it was an art – I thought it was a necessity. Isn’t that a beautiful tag line?
Something that people will live for! Damn, he’s good. What they probably mean, that you live a better life. Keeping us going. Keeping us more in the game. Having all these activities is what advances the life of people. You’re not just sitting in a chair wasting away. Now it’s my time to really show off – okay? Do you think we would move in together?
In together? Yeah. What’s your goal for the future Billy? Enjoy life – what’s left. You can’t sell furs anymore. I haven’t sold furs in forty years! I’ll tell you. The whole building here – she’s the best one. I’m blessed and I don’t take it for granted and I’m not gonna blow it. This is our home. We are family. That’s it. It’s not written, it’s just in the air, I don’t know how to say it. It’s just a wonderful place to be. Especially when you have a big mouth
like me. You meet everybody. I have no comment. I learned a long time ago. You don’t argue with women – because they don’t get mad they get more than even. He’s full of it! Can’t hear too well anymore. Can’t see as well anymore. Don’t
dance anymore. That’s okay. Life is good. I think society is beginning to
understand aging. They are beginning to get more considerate and understanding of old people. They don’t have to be shut away. It’s a period in one’s life where
you really can enjoy. We are advancing the art of living. We are at a different stage and we have to create new life. But we grow older and wiser I can encapsulate it by putting it this
way In my age now being here Is an experience of a lifetime.

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  1. The art of living means that no matter what age you are, you are trying anything possible to perfect the happiness you experience every day. You are not sitting around and simply existing. You are living.

    Love you Pa Harold!

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