Afrihost Mobile - Connect all your Devices with our Mobile Hotspot

Afrihost Mobile – Connect all your Devices with our Mobile Hotspot

this is Roger Roger likes being connected all the time on all of his devices even when he's not at home this means he needs a SIM card for each of his devices which he then needs to load with expensive data and when Roger goes over his cap the outer bundle charges are ridiculous introducing mobile data from a free host forget the hassle of expensive contracts and Sims you can connect multiple gadgets to your own portable hotspot with a MiFi device and single SIM card from a free host keeping you connected on holiday on the move or when your DSL goes down so how do you get it just head over to Africa's calm and choose a package best suited to your needs once you've signed up you could manage your account online via our powerful client zone using either your browser or our mobile app from the comfort of your own home we'll deliver your Wi-Fi device and sim straight to your door best of all there are no unexpected charges out of bundle or otherwise when you hit your cap you can simply tap app via client zone or SMS with his MiFi device and affordable data from a free host Rodgers always connected no matter where he is or which of his devices he's using for more information or to sign up visit a free host come today

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