Alternate Evolution or Lab Accident? Pokemon Card Art Challenge #10

Alternate Evolution or Lab Accident? Pokemon Card Art Challenge #10

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
It’s time for another Pokemon card art challenge. I’m going to open one of these unfortunately
counterfeit booster packs. They are XY Ancient Origins 2015. I’m going to select three of
the cards at random to become the prompts for my new Pokemon combination art challenge.
All right, so just for fun, the seven that we are not using today: We have Beldrum, Forest
of Giant Plants, Persion, Registeel, Kirlia, Whimsicott, and Paint Roller. [laughs] I just,
I love that one when I see it. Paint roller! I noticed that we got two different coloured
ones. This one kinda looks beat up, does it? Alright, let’s see. We have: Spinarak is Pokemon
#1, a pokeball. Level Ball, but I’m just going to consider it a pokeball and probably draw
whichever pokeball works best for this, and Blastoise. Alright, so, we have a spider-y
leaf type Basltoise, err, Spinarak. We have our big, fancy water type, Mega Blastoise.
He’s mega. That means he’s got a connon on his back as well. And we have a pokeball.
This shall be interesting! Let’s get drawing. So at the end I am going to ask you to comment
down below, tell me what you would have done differently. What do you like about the way
I’ve combined them, but more importantly, what is this new pokemon’s name. What’s the
type. What’s the move set. Any other lore you think would go with this one. Once again,
we have a Mega Blastoise, we have Spinarak, and we have a pokeball. So I have combined
Mega Blastoise and Spinarak, as you can see, and he’s, he’s out in the wild, he’s fedning
off some pokeballs that some eager trainer’s throwing, trying to catch this rare mystical
Pokeon. I think I forgot a line that I was going to put in… that’s better. And yeah,
he’s an interesting guy. I’m wondering is this a new pokemon, or is this some freak
lab accident that escaped? Tell me down below. I’m going to colour it now, and then I’ll
be back, and I will tell you what all of my decisions are for those questions, but feel
free to comment any time when you ahev your ideas, and then I don’t know, comment again,
edit your comment, reply, whatever, to tell me if what you came up with was the same as
mine, if you liked mine better, if you liked yours better, whatever. All right, so I think that this guy is called
Spinaroise, and I really do think that this guy is a lab accident. Somebody was trying
to create some super awesome Pokemon, and they ended up with this, and I’m not quite
sure if it’s the super awesome thing they were hoping for. It’s kind of monstrous, but
also super cool, and despite being part Blastoise, this is most definitely a grassy leaf type
pokemon. It would have mostly those type of moves. Specifically bug ones, because Spinarak
is such a big part of this, but we do still have this cannon. I’m gonna leave it up to
you, would this Pokemon still be able to do a water sort of move with this cannon, or
is this canon going to facilitiate something like slingshot? Something like that. That’s
more of a bug type, gradd, leave move. And yeah, what did you call him? What do you think
his is his typing, his moves. Do you think this is a naturally occuring Pokemon? Do you
think maybe this is an alternate evolution of Blastoise? Maybe you have to get a particular
stone for him? Or, like I think, is he a lab accident? I had a lot of fun with this guy,
and I will see you in the next one.

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  1. I think, because water is often used to extract stuff from leaves for teas and herbal medicines and stuff, and because of the spider-ness of the Pokemon, that instead of being either water or leaf type, this guy is actually a poison type.

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