Amazing apples – 3d drawing

Amazing apples – 3d drawing

Hi everybody today I drew something
that I like a lot not by chance
it’s something I do often… two amazing
red and yellow apples Excellent three-dimensional subject,
very suitable for learning to draw I had a lot of fun doing it
and now let’s go see how I did But before starting,
how about a big Like? Your likes always
make me very happy so GO with the Like !!! … and now, let’s start
the drawing if you want to learn
how to draw like me I offer exclusive
tutorials on Patreon here is
the link Ciao and see you
next Thursday

100 thoughts on “Amazing apples – 3d drawing”

  1. Thank you so much for watching and liking my video 🙂 please turn on English subtitle and, if you like, help me to add titles, descriptions and subtitles in your language 🙂

  2. Your artwork and original content inspired me to create my own drawing channel! I really appreciate all the inspiration

  3. Hi Marcello Barenghi, the pictures you have made are very superb. For example, when the object is running, put the real image at the end of the video. I think it would be much better. The pictures you've already drawn look real. there really is no difference.

  4. Your work is so incredibly relaxing for me and it's amazingly realistic and amazing. It's also incredibly thoughtful of you to make sure that everyone understands the words of your commentary, through translation. I wasn't aware that YouTube offered this feature until now.

    Thanks for sharing your gift with the world. I've also subscribed to your channel.

    Il tuo lavoro è così incredibilmente rilassante per me ed è incredibilmente realistico e sorprendente. È anche incredibilmente premuroso di far sì che tutti comprendano le parole del tuo commento, attraverso la traduzione. Non ero a conoscenza del fatto che YouTube abbia offerto questa funzione fino ad ora.

    Grazie per aver condiviso il tuo regalo con il mondo. Ho anche sottoscritto il tuo canale.

  5. Ho tradotto questo solo così saresti in grado di leggerlo più facilmente! ❤️ Mio padre mi ha mostrato il tuo fantastico canale e ora siamo entrambi abbonati! Il mio preferito è il tuo disegno Harley Quinn! È così realistico! – Tiyler The Unicorn xx

  6. Big fan of yours
    I have drawn a hyper realistic eye for you .
    It's my wish to gain your comment 😉.plz plz plz .

  7. Tes pommes sont magnifiques, je peins souvent des fruits et des légumes, je trouve que ce sont des sujets faciles car ils ne bougent pas et sont bien sages. Merci encore une fois de m'apporter tant d'inspiration Marcello, Mimi ♥

  8. You are the most talented person I’ve ever know!!!! One day I would like to draw like you. You create impossible things into big art Congratz!!!!! ✌🏻

  9. I heard about you somewhere and have been watching your vids ever since. I was really inspired and i started to draw realistic portraits of people. I love your drawings a lottt!!

  10. Безумно нравится ваши рисунки!!! Яблоки просто волшебные!!

  11. Amazing work! I'm starting the art career and I was wondering how much time a day you practiced and how many years took you to get on that level?. Thanks and keep creating!

  12. I might not be professional, but here's a tip I have.
    Try to make the cast shadow under each apple a bit lighter. Compared to when you have your hand over the paper with a shadow, they are a bit to deep. From one artist to another!


  13. miticooooo non ci abbandonare per troppo tempo abbiamo bisogno delle emozioni che ci regali ogni volta ciao marcè

  14. Marcello ma perchè non inizi a disegnare personaggi creati da te fai uscire il leone che è in te perché io sono sicuro che non solo nei tuoi occhi e nelle tue mani c è tanta roba ma anche nella tua mente pensaci un abbraccio il tuo amico enzo

  15. When i first looked at the cover photo of the video i thought that those were real apples on the paper and i was like why does he not show what he's drawn and then when i watched the video i was like…ooooohhhh…honestly, you're a superhuman to pull off something so accurately!!! Hats off to you!!!!!

  16. Quando studiavo fotografia mi sono imbattuto in una spiegazione che diceva che per essere buona una fotografia doveva, per esempio, farti provare la sensazione del profumo del mare guardando l'immagine di un panorama marino, le tue mele, sopratutto la prima, mi hanno fatto venire l'acquolina in bocca, complimenti !!

  17. I think i need to see an eye doctor cuz this amazing fabulous art has completely blinded me 😑😑😑

  18. This is so freaking amazing. The second apple looks like I can just pick it up and grab it straight from the picture. That's a masterpiece.

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