ANIMATING A GIF – 500 Drawing Prompts #137

ANIMATING A GIF – 500 Drawing Prompts #137

Hello and welcome to prompt #137. This is a special episode. Well, this episode is normal. But if you want to watch me create this illustration while having a live interview with Brad from Brave the Woods. He has a YouTube Channel, he post on Instagram, he’s a fellow artist and graphic designer. So if you want to watch me create this in a real time and talk about art stuff and life stuff and other stuff, check out the link in the description to watch the interviewed version of this illustration. But for now, this is going to be a time-lapse and talking about the art drawing. Okay, let’s get into the prompt. Alright, we have… Oh goodness. I keep struggling opening that. We have one! We have “Mad scientist.” That leaves it so open. Alright, here we go Surprisingly these single prompts are always the hardest prompts because they are too open. They’re so open that I struggle to come up with an idea and narrow it down and be creative with one single word. But on the other hand single prompts are the easiest to get creative with so if I do find myself feeling a little more inspired than usual, a single word prompt is the best thing ever because I can get really crazy with it. So, I did get crazy with it. In today’s prompt I’m actually going to be making a digital animated gif and unfortunately I ran out of time so I kind of cut some corners near the end. But this is definitely an idea that I want to revisit when I have more time. This was unfortunately the last video that I prepared for my two-week vacation in Australia. So when it came down to finishing this prompt, I had to really cut out a few things I wanted to do. But enough excuses. Let’s talk about the art. As you can see, I wanted to create a really fun and silly mad scientist. “Mad scientist” is so open. Typically, you just think of a crazy old guy or something, but I wanted to do, as usual, maybe a naked sexy female mad scientist. I don’t know. But then I thought about how cool it would be if I her environment and made, like I said, an animated gif. And I- I went with that.
I got kind of excited. I got too into it.
A little too ambitious as usual. What’s new? [Music] So because this is going to be an animated gif, I had to do this digitally. I mean, I guess I could do a traditional gif, which honestly one day I would love to do. That’ll be a video much later. For now I am using Procreate and I’m using an Apple pencil to draw with and I’m using an iPad pro. As usual, all of the supplies I use my videos will be in the description, so if you’re ever curious about what I’m using make sure to check there. So, like I mentioned, I wanted to create an environment for our mad scientist to be in. And as you guys know I love isometric rooms. Basically, it’s a room that doesn’t have a vanishing point so everything is kind of boxy. And it has a fixed perspective. It’s just a really fun and simple way to do environment and it really fits my simple geometric style. So, I love doing them. The first half of the inking is done live during the interview with Brad, So again, if you want to watch me talk about art stuff, We had a fun time. Sock Kasey made an appearance. You’re not gonna want to miss this. So, again, check out the link in the description if you want to watch that interview and watch just how slowly I actually work on these illustrations in real time. In my defense it’s a little hard to talk and draw the same time. But, also, I’m not that used to digital art. So I was a little out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed this illustration and turning it into an animated gif. Like I said, I just wish I had more time and I did really end up rushing it at the end. It still turned out really cool, but there are a lot of mistakes and I can’t wait to do this again when I have more time. So anyways, let’s talk about the idea of our mad scientist. As you can obviously tell, this is a plant based mad scientist. She loves cacti because as you guys know I love cacti. And I was pretty close to actually putting myself in this illustration by decided not to. Originally, I had our sexy mad scientist girl sitting on a cabinet cackling away at all of her experiments and success with this weird giant cactus creature on the ground but as I got near the end of this illustration, I decided that I needed to cut out the cabinet and turn her into something… else, as you will see later. I needed to cut out as many details as possible and unfortunately, the scientist was the main detail because humans are hard to draw. But honestly, I don’t feel any different about this illustration with all the corners I cut. I still think it turned out really fun. And this is a new format or… subject for our prompt series. So let’s go over- So let’s go over all of these, I guess, experiments in this illustration. Starting on the Left we have a cactus full of holes because I don’t- Why not? In the center of the floor we have our giant cactus creature who is toppled over. Their dirt is spilled out and they are really struggling to just live their life. I gave them no head. Originally I wasn’t even going to give them a face, but then I thought it would be really cute to put this really silly simple face on them. And they just look so content but also a little disturbed. In the back we have two cacti on top of a experiment. The first one is a normal tall cactus with a face and the other one behind it is a cat cactus. And they are sitting on top of a pig that is turning into a cactus. Or is it a cactus that’s turning into a pig? I have no idea. I wanted to put some extra details onto the walls so I put a sign that says do not feed and some chains to keep our giant cactus creature in place so that he doesn’t try to run away. As I carried on at this illustration I found myself wanting to add more and more details despite not having time, but I thought I could always add some cactus poking out here and there. So I added a few cactus arms sticking out of the bars in the window and I created like a little mouse hole on the floor and there’s a cactus coming out of that. These small details I think are just really effective and just really interesting and I’m obsessed with drawing cacti. What can I say? [Music] When it came to our mad scientist, like I said, I got rid of the whole detail that she was a human and I turned her into her own experiment. So our cactus mad scientist is half human half cactus. I don’t know how she survives. I don’t know what’s happening. But there she is just standing there half cactus looking really stupid but really funny. I loved her. So originally my animated gif idea was to have a few things moving around. So I was going to make the pig floating around and bubbles coming off of it. Maybe the cactus on top of it were going to laugh and move around. I wanted the cactus creature in the center to move their shoulders up and try to stand up. And of course, I was going to have our mad scientist laughing away. But, like I said, I ran out of time. And something that also I also wanted to do was have a Lightning shining in through the barred window. I thought that would make a really interesting visual and also playing around with color is always fun on top of animated bits. However, something had to be cut so in the end I decided to only do the color lightening situation. It was the most simple animation I could do and I think it was the most visually interesting. So that’s what I ended up doing. Unfortunately- Unfortunately, I really rushed this bit, so there are so many mistakes. So many lighting mistakes. The barred window has white?! I forgot to color it in dark. The shadow on our mad scientist dress should be shadowed during the light but then not shadowed. Anyways. I’m sure you guys could find all the mistakes. Despite rushing it I am really happy with how this turned out and it was really fun doing a different style. I guess going from watercolor not only to digital but making an animated gif was so much fun. And I really liked the change of pace. I hope you guys did too! So thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this prompt and I’ll see you guys in the end card. [Music] Just a reminder, I am still in Australia, so there are not going to be any prompt entries at the end of this video. But feel free to join in if you just want to have some fun. And with that. Goodbye!

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  1. I love your style! Did you take life drawing classes in the past or study anatomy at all? I love seeing digital art in this video. I mainly work on Procreate and my Ipad Pro too!

  2. I can't believe youre in my lil country right now😱
    And I went to Melbourne twice a few months ago and now you're there! I missed you!
    So sad that I couldn't meet you while you're here. I hope you have a lovely time here in Australia.
    Keep making art, you lil artist😄

  3. Could you do a tutorial on how to properly draw an isometric room in procreate? O just can't get the hang of the assisted drawing tool

  4. Green is my favorite color❤🤘🎨. Thanks Ms. Kasey for always making me inspired and still motivated by your videos❤😊👆

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