Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory

hey I’m Mike at Neil character animator on The Simpsons hey I’m Kyra lead animator on good advice cupcake today we are drawing Justice League characters from memory from memory Wow Justice League yeah I think I love them do you know who the Justice League are you sound very confident all right give us the characters the flash was my favorite sources yeah you’re exerted a is under one I feel like that’s manageable I’ll try to picture in my head okay it’s like the worst one that was who is your favorite Justice League character holy Batman Batman is too angsty hmm and Superman is too serious and he’s a real what the flash is just right I like bumbling buff Indians you really do I like the dumb one that’s your type I had no idea that you were a flash fan I really thought that you were gonna be like what what do you know about the flash I know that his superpower is SuperSpeed I know that his name is Barry Allen yeah Superman is a man that is super very powerful laser eyes x-ray vision there isn’t a thing that he can’t do I know babe generalities yeah DC characters but I don’t you know I don’t know much I remember I read one of the flash comics and I was surprised to learn he doesn’t only go fast but he also can learn fast that’s cool I guess isn’t that wild and wacky stop saying Bobby rocky isn’t that wild and wacky with Barry Allen as my Cintiq turned off your Cintiq how do I turn it back on superheroes are hard to draw so what do you usually start with me draw I’ll usually try to start with the line of action which kind of acts as like the character spine for the pose it’s like a guideline for how the pose will lay mines different every single time yeah I’ll start with the body one day I’ll start with a head one day I even started with the hand one time that’s a good job I love dry hands people are such a weak they’re always like I hate drying hands shut up they’re fun to buns up here yeah it’s up here it’s over here on your side did I do I always draw like 16 fingers on one hand people are like notice did you know there’s 16 fingers on the hand instead of 5 I’m like why would I draw 16 fingers on accident are you crazy I like how they ask you that question as if you like close your eyes and two hands you like whoops fix it fix it fix it listen fix it fix it fix it fix it oh I fixed it that was cool it’s a good thing I was I thought quick on the fly like flash what you know what I don’t like this I don’t like what I’m going you’re restarting I’m restarting I’m gonna draw a cute flash I’m sorry this is just how it has to be I got the pose now I just got to do the details and I don’t know the details of his suit I know that you know you can’t really see his eyes right right he’s got kind of a Batman mask yes he has the thing where his eye mask moves with his emotion right which is weird that doesn’t happen that her style of dress is kind of I think it’s like kind of yeah I know he’s got tiny squinty tiny tiny tiny eyes big angular jaw curly hair I just know that it’s red yeah but there’s nothing else in my head right now yeah I know that he has the you know headphone things I got that does he have a bill like a waistband maybe oh man whatever she’s legit she’s I’m a shield busy I hope Thanks she has like her her dog lives right right on a rope in the road oh I did watch the live-action 90s flash show oh how did that work out it was actually that bad for the first season and then it got terrible no but that flash for some reason I know that he has a belt okay flash symbol on it was a rope called again as me lasso of truth does he have a flash like a lightning symbol on his I think so on his chest I think he does because they sell flash shirts all right how are you doing Joanie I am having a hard time however I like what’s happening to mine yeah it’s not that great but it’s like there should be low expectations for me is all I’m saying everyone’s a critic everyone’s a critic do you have a favorite comic book hero movie really like Deadpool Deadpool yeah I feel like that may be the reason why I hate Superman and like Batman and all those people’s because like I would be one of the villains like I feel like I really like fit into that category and how I act generally villains are anti-establishment true yeah and I’m always like tweeting about how I hate Amazon yeah it’s the same it is the Joker burning things down and me tweeting about how I hate Amazon are like the same thing that’s disconcerting okay I gave him way too much crotch hey you don’t know that I think okay I’m struggling to remember this costume I honestly don’t remember anything about the costume it’s kind of winging it and I think there’s a W on our tiara yeah right it’s like she has a sword – I have no idea what that looks like though all right my flash is looking cute there’s a lot of flashes so who can really say this is accurate my drawing kind of looks like if a super villain was trying to draw Superman like trying to make fun of him kind of I think I’m just straight-up a villain from DC but I love this idea of method drawing embody the character I decided not to commit to color so I’m just gonna add like tones sometimes color just like he makes or breaks it yeah are the core switched maybe they’re switched you know I don’t really know what his symbols colors are but I’m gonna go with white and yellow yeah it seems seems correct he’s kind of looking more like a McDonald’s character right now then uh then a Justice League character I apologize to Barry Allen and his son Wally West oh wait is this son no no I think I’m done here I think I’m done okay I drew a handsome man because apparently even if you’re from space you just handsome okay now I need to do like a speed effect real quick here’s what I’m gonna do I’m done I’m gonna take the whole thing I’m gonna pretend I’m an educator I am going to do a directional blur hey remember the thing you can do to make it look like your pencil is wobbly yeah we get it Jackie you finished before I did I’m trying to entertain them done you done Kevin done with my flash finished it in a flash so I’m like how do you think you did I wasn’t sure about her costume I don’t know if it’s a two-piece if it’s a one-piece how about you I feel like I I remembered some of the stuff about like the central costume but colors it looks like a Halloween store like discount cost hey Jen how’d you do I did okay i I just per man in transition from the mild-mannered man becoming Superman mine is very plain mmm I am gonna warn you though there’s a lot of crotch come on away again the cry there’s a lot of crotch come away so he’s just gonna have to deal with it he was gonna deal with Flash’s groin and his crotch his costume is so simple that there’s no way to mask is going I mean there is but you know Kevin I’m just gonna let it slide this time because I don’t want to hear you say crotch again I’m just letting you know a lot of crotch all right let’s switch oh wow this looks so good oh gosh you made it look incredible you actually had a full color this looks like a finished awesome drawing here I love the style yours has such a great pose like it’s like that Fibonacci spiral around like pleasing to look at yes oh this is yes I love this Superman your dreams are cute you too I love it I think that like you just like kind of drew him you know you really overplayed the crotch the way you described it I was thinking you gave him like a basketball in there it’s really not that bad very spiky lightning bolt mm-hmm yeah yeah I think I put too many spikes on I think it’s going the wrong way I think you got the right way I don’t you never know oh oh yeah you got it oh she’s just wearing like a bathing suit yeah I guess I was remembering the movie too much yeah I don’t know why but for some reason we thought she had a WN or two I forgot the stars yes stars he’s really there he is yeah you literally just drew him like when I said that earlier like I meant it it was like he literally just did it Johnny captured the inner essence of Superman because there’s a cost of being super at all at all times there’s a cost what Wow no no no this isn’t the flash I know wow he’s got full-on yellow boots yeah there was got you know what it’s not fair to judge our flash off of one flash drawing because there’s certification there’s many class so many costume changes he goes through maybe this is casual day flash it’s hard to get those little details but the broad idea I think I think we think we got it close enough close enough flash is a cool guy flash is a cool guy he’s a chill guy uh cool superpower house fast soda lie yeah I’m real slow I’m real slow when it comes to drawing I’m real slow when it comes to thinking am i right ladies to brain cells hands up that’s millennial talk for you what does that mean [Music]

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory”

  1. Eww Jonni is annoying as hell. Please just stop. Everyone on this series is so chill, relaxed and easy going. Then here comes Jonni complaing and criticizing.

  2. What the holy hell is that crap Jonni did? That is a bar set so low a 3 year old could do. I am not as much fire Jonni as I am fire the moron that hired him in the first place.

  3. woah! the lead animator of The Good Advice Cupcake! so nice to 'know one of' the incredible people behind the amazingly cute cupcake!

  4. Please no more Jonni. Too negative and whiny. Not a good drawing imo. Did you pick him out of pity? Were you influenced to choose Jonni for some reason? Is he a family member of someone in a very high place?

    More sweet and talented Kyra.

    Never stop Jackie and Kevin. Evuuur

    Hae-Joon is adorable and a saint to put up with Jonni.

    Mike's cool but relatively quiet

  5. The Simpsons < good advice cake… Cupcake…. Wait…… Yeah cupcake. She shouldn't have tried to follow the Simpsons animator

  6. honestly I think they jus pulled someone randomly off the street an was like hey u wanna b in the video for jonni

    this dude is lame af

  7. I can't watch this anymore. I know it's supposed to be funny but at this point. Instead of cartoonist vs animator. It's like a blind person vs a toddler

  8. Jackie's Flash gives me life. ❤️ The Flash is also my favorite!

    But I will say the way they paired everyone up and most of this video just sucks. ;;

  9. It makes me think of me being and high School alot in high school was spent doodling. Seeing one Computer screenss that you can just draw on. Makes me want to get one and start drawing again. They're so lucky are making money off drawing. And really they're just doing nothing more than doodling. If they had a teacher like me k won't get nowhere doodling like that.WROONGG?? doodling what the teacher say about that. I'm 38 years old and I still hold a grudge over the teachers.

  10. Did anyone else get excited seeing kyra draw an African American Wonder Woman?

    ….. it made my heart so warm and happy

  11. I didn't know they just let random people draw. First time I've ever thought…"hey, I can draw as good as that Jonni fellow". Maybe i should just start my own drawing channel called Fuzz Beed. Feels like the kind of guy who starts telling you about his long weekend when you just want some water.

  12. Jonnie: The joker burning things down and me tweeting about how much I hate amazon are like the same thing”
    Kevin: “That’s disconcerting”
    Thankyou editors

  13. Jesus Christ why did the editor put so much of that Jonni in. My god I was physically angered each time they opened their mouth

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