Animator Vs. Cartoonist Try Character Mashups

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Try Character Mashups

all right Kevin hey Jackie we’re doing something a little different today guys today we are drawing character mashup from the wheel we’re gonna spin the wheel twice and whatever two characters we get we got a mash them up oh god I’m scared oh boy Oh Sonic Sonic Sonic that’s a solid solid character and Mario I just have to technically take one of these characters and make like a fan Hedgehog who are you gonna get who’s game I’m gonna get no face first spirited away all right no face and yeah writing them right on the edge I’m gonna make you do Kermit Kermit no face sounds horrifying oh no Johnny Bravo I’m doing on a trellis current and Johnny Bravo oh my god oh and this is great Johnny Bravo oh yes oh Shrek laughs Oh Jerry hey you got a mouse Garfield okay so let’s get started let’s do it [Music] we want to mash the hell out of these characters just we’re doing did it I don’t think I need to use reference because like Kermit’s like literally just like you know there’s like dude I kind of do yeah a shrek snowman or over olaf I think over Olaf it’s gonna be a grotesque one for you you know what it might be because I’m like afraid because this is just a cat in a mouse should I draw Kermit drinking the tea oh yes oh why did you even ask when it’s obviously a yes you got to do the mean gotta do the what did you decide to go with shrek snowman try to make it kind of a vibe I want to go for did you like frozen field effort I did not like Bruce but I also like have a one and a half year old and it’s like me that I will start to like from say God be ready for that brezin two is coming so which do you prefer Sonic or Mario I think Mario I’ve played more Mario games this is going here it’s supposed to go weird it’s like strange I don’t really know if what we’re doing is moral it’s absolutely not my process is most people probably know this thing is a little bit different then I think a lot of what other people have done I use a lot of shapes I use a lot of forms I work from values a lot though I like to work from values because it gets me they look faster but it is very hard I’m not gonna make it sound like I just paint in value you guys will all be alright like it takes a lot of work it takes a lot of effort to get good at it like I spent years getting good at it like what what process do you prefer but I think for this one I mainly am starting from sketching I’m just like okay I’m trying to feel the gesture and I’m trying to feel like how the POE is gonna be okay this is going to be a very simple drawing is it yeah cuz no faces body is just black why do you love Shrek so much Brent you actually talk about him a lot I do talk about Shrek a lot it’s just something it’s half ironic half genuine love for this character I just love the the artistic direction DreamWorks decided to take with these characters like they weren’t really sure how to do CGI back in the early 2000s all these creepily realistic basis I love come at the Frog do you love Kermit the Frog dude what do you love most about Kermit the Frog he’s just so good-natured and you’re gonna say he’s so good-looking it’s just a handsome young man he’s just the most handsome frog I know he’s just trying the best it can and everyone around him is an idiot or a weirdo don’t you watch The Muppets he’s the straight man he’s the one who’s holding it together wait did he have a short sleeve shirt Johnny Bravo what is your real yes she’s like a black mask like masculine shirt that’s super muscle tight like a clever shirt but I like you going to the club yeah you definitely skip leg day though that wasn’t right yeah definitely skip leg day dang it I wish I did better feel self-conscious again no don’t let it don’t let the IRD not you know try my best until zero seconds Jason you gotta level with me here you were gonna be running some childhoods with this one oh yes it’s not even a question I’m gonna try to bring in some of that DreamWorks detail because the difference between DreamWorks and Disney is a priest start to divide between their approaches to character design I think the key here is to just lean into what an abomination this is the concept of these mashups is yeah you know like get a Cronenberg monster out of this thing like oh my god that’s like my dream this is weird I don’t like this get weird with it Jackie I don’t know what to do with his other hand [Music] what are you doing trying to modeling you want me to model it so you can see know what I don’t need your pity no oh it’s me Sonic I went to AI we had a teacher who once like told a student just like look better in two phases like you’ll never make it in this industry really quit no no I’m not like even sugarcoating like I’m telling you he just straight up daughter like don’t chase your dreams quit life and get out of my room and whoa the reality is like the industry is not like that you know people don’t like talk to you that way they they will hire you if they feel like you’re qualified and if you’re not you just got to you’ve got to work towards that it’s really that simple stay positive guys keep keep trying yeah well every day how are you doing we’re surest I feel like it’s coming together it’s the creepier the better you know yeah I went to ambitious but I really like it it’s okay I’m gonna go with it well this is weird this is a very strange thing I’m drawing is it yep so it just looks like Kermit wearing a black robe sipping tea there is a meme like that isn’t there like Kermit like talking to himself with the select a black robe oh yeah that’s what you’re doing I don’t even think about that oh do a double a triple mash up the triple measurement memes and spirited away character why not it’s not like we’re running out of time at all okay you know you’re right oh but can you do it I’m gonna try okay come on hurry all right five minutes Wow get on it some color moment of truth Jason green snow or just gross gross Brown snow I want green snow greens now all right we’re doing it oh yeah he wants you out of his swamp because he is the swamp I am the swamp my Shrek he’s a tragic character you know he’s not long for this world what does um what do you say like don’t do this guy knows Buzz Lightyear right like reach for the sky right reach for the sky wait and mid that woody yeah I love Toy Story so much wasn’t that great though in that movie where woody like turns his head you know like 360 like in that moment where you’re like Sables gonna set them on fire I love that moment I remember watching that as a kid and you’re like Joe yes 30 seconds Jackie 30 seconds I believe in you all right home stretch fast like sonic excuse me I need to focus and you you’re not helping at all all right Olaf Olaf Shrek there you go all right I’m as done is Oliver be for now all right okay thinkin I’m good with this yeah how’d you think you did right well I think I really captured the spirit of what it means to mash up two characters into an ugly abomination it just looks like I neither know what Sonic or Mario was like filling in about mine but I I I think I could have pushed it more mine looks like I took a Kermit and we painted him and put him in a giant black sock huh Wow oh my god this is in credit or childhood than I did I don’t know if that’s true looks like Kermit died he became the new Grim Reaper and this is him after a lovely day of taking people’s souls he’s like maybe going to heaven you may be going to hell that’s not my concern that’s what this is it’s very spooky this is actually what I should have done no or what your narrative is spot-on like it has so much good character yeah I think yours is too much it looks like you’ve eaten multiple very notable cherries in there what’s up if I had more time they’d be vomit Jason you’re the childhood Flair hey have yours is really imaginative is it you know what yours is a great mashup so here’s the thing don’t be so hard on yourself huh this matchup is incredible I think like I think yours was very successful okay yeah I appreciate I think yours is very successful mashing up characters is on the spot is very hard yeah you gotta think of a lot of things and you got a design it very quickly mashups is a genuine strategy for design yeah like I think like people don’t realize it a lot of like your favorite TV shows movies video games are a mash-up of some sort I agree I think like mashing up stuff is also a great way to get out of your bubble so I think it’s like a great thing for people to try get out of here Kevin I don’t want to see you anymore see you tomorrow Oh God [Music]

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  1. Woooooow Anthony's drawing is so amazing! 😍😍😍 Def my fav in this episode 💙 Hope we'll see more of him and Ross in future eps!

  2. Yow. My cheeks are burning, I'm so happy Jasonnnnnnnnnnn Welcome back.
    So no Kyra huh. I'm not concern. Anthony was her best match. I think she'll be back soon though hopefully.

  3. I love Anthony mashup. Damn he's so talented, like the whole scenery. And Ross was good too. My boys Jason and Brent, welcome back sons. Always doing horror smash down. Last but not least, Jackie and Kevin. I love that KermGrim Reaper and that SoniMario. Damn Good.

  4. Three types of mutual reaction in this video :
    Anthony and Ross: No, yours better!
    Jackie and Kevin : …
    Jason and Brent: You're the one who destroyed my childhood.

  5. The quality of this series is so much greater than literally anything else BuzzFeed does (other than Unsolved and Ruining History (RIP))

  6. I love Anthony and Ross. Jackie and Kevin have the best charisma their convos just flow. I think Brent and Jason feed off each other’s vibes. I just love watching them all.

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  9. Soooooooooo excited for jason's!! Can't wait to see his creeeepy Frankenstein version of Garfield and Jerry 😍😍😍😍

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