Apple Pencil Unboxing & First Impression

Apple Pencil Unboxing & First Impression

hi YouTube Ricky here from Tech Talk so
today we have a new unboxing and yes it is the Apple pencil for the iPad pros so
first of all before we begin I want to give you a brief history that’s why I
have a pencil a pen and then the Apple pencil so first of all the modern-day
pencil was first invented in 1795 but writing materials were known back in the
Roman era the modern-day pen was first invented in 1888 the fountain pen was
invented slightly before this in France and then finally the Apple pencil was
first announced on the 9th of September 2015 and then released in November of
the same year Apple’s founder Steve Jobs always said
that we had 10 styluses with us and that’s all thanks to this video we don’t
want to carry around the mouse right so what are we going to do Oh a stylus
right we’re to use a stylus No who wants a stylus you have to get them and put
them away and you lose them yeah nobody wants a stylus so let’s not use a
stylus we’re going to use the best pointing device in the world we’re going
to use a pointing device that we’re all born with with one with ten of them
we’ll use our fingers we’re going to touch us with our fingers and we have
invented a new technology okay something it always makes me laugh thinking now
that Apple would sell this product for 99 pounds which is crazy here in the UK
and 99 dollars in it the u.s. let’s look and see how well this Apple pencil works
compared to the ten styluses but we have here apparently taking a closer look now
at the Apple pencil on the front you get to see the Apple pencil in it nice clean
packaging that we have come used to from Apple on each side you will find pencil
and then if we turn it round to the back here we have some information so down
here it’s just talking about its compatibility with the iPad pros only
and also it showing you how to charge it like a lollipop so let’s carry on with
the unboxing Apple’s tagline for this product is it’s only a magic wand and
let’s see if it is my main reason for purchasing this product is for taking
notes and notes are more beneficial now in iOS 11 so you have a little tab to
pull out your information here so on our literature we have designed by Apple in
California so we just lift this out you then will see the Apple pencil sack
underneath and looks exactly like how it does here so in our extra information
I’m just going to pull this up so first of all you have your lightning to
lightning charger so you can’t just plug this into the iPad if you don’t want to
and use as a big lollipop I know it’s come to use for that now so
you can plug in your lightning connection and then the pencil into this
or you can use the dock as well we have a dock then also you’re going to find a
spare tip for your pencil where the sensors go in as this may wear through
time and usage we also then have Apple pencil information here so again just
information on charging and then how to connect with the cable as well
underneath you’ll find regulatory and warranty information that comes along
with every product you receive finally moving on to the Apple pencil there’s a
little tab here to pull this out it has the same weight as a pen or a pencil
depending on which you choose to use but feels very nice in the hand straight
away I’ve checked this out in the Apple Store as well so just taking off the
wrap in here so with design you can see the Apple have added their Apple logo
and the word pencil stamped into the silver ring here if you pull off this
top cap this will then reveal your lightning connection and also again with
some information on there as well which
hopefully the camera is picking up cap is also magnetic as well which is nice
to know then if we move down to the tip of the pencil you can unscrew this to
replace and inside here you’ll find all the sensors that work with the iPad
so when rested on a table or desk as like this it does have a weight behind
it so it won’t roll too much roll a bit it is weighted and when weighted it will
show to reveal the pencil up here at the top so you always know which product you
have which I think is a bit of a genius idea but it does have some weight behind
it so with this pencil you can do a multiple of different things you can
take notes you can paint you can draw you can also use it for fine details in
a graphic design or video production so I’m actually going to be using this with
luma fusion and iMovie to test how well it is but it’s mainly for taking notes
so let’s bring in the iPad pro which is running iOS 11 which will benefit you
massively with the Apple pencil and of course it’s the new ten point five inch
Edition iPad that I’ll be using this product with mainly so we have our iPad
here we have the Apple pencil and to actually sync these up with each other
to get them connected we need to do is actually just to plug it in to your
Lightning connection then you receive this message on your iPad so we’re going
to click pair replace that cap or otherwise you’re going to lose it is
nice that it’s magnetic you’ll be able to use your Apple pencil on your iPad so
when using your Apple pencil of course the battery will run low depending on
your usage so if you swipe to the far left here as you can see it shows our
battery percentage and with this pencil with 15 seconds of charge through the
Lightning connection you’ll get 30 minutes of use and then with a full
charge you will also get 12 hours of use from this so with iOS 11 and this pencil
you can actually do more handwriting skills and make them more searchable
with spotlightz a spotlight now we’ll recognize your handwriting so
if we’re going to note and it notices that we have a pencil and we’re using a
pencil instead of our keyboard so normally a keyboard would come up once
the pencil kit is highlighted down here we can then choose from all different
manners of drawing tools I’m pretty sure more will be added over time a few
different colors here you do have some others as well but with more apps and
third-party apps that this pencil works with you can then add in more colors so
let’s start with blue here again this iPad will recognize a palm rejection so
my palm didn’t make any move with a pencil you can then twist and shape to
get different lines so when we move on to a pen please make a couple of people
have said that this may potentially scratch your screen if you press too
hard or if it’s dirt between the pen tip and your iPad to make sure both are very
clean when using so as you can see here it uses a brush stroke which can be loud
you can have very small and you can do all different designs so the choice is
yours loads of different options so that was in notes again you saw me moving
through the actual iPad itself like so there is an application called luma
fusion which is great and make sure you go and check that out the inside here I
could actually work in fine detail and go through my video plus it won’t make
my screen as blurry so it’s great for that it’s also great for drawing and
painting if you are a great draw as you can see from my drawing it’s not so
fantastic the Apple pencil is benefited from the iPad pro and its new promotion
on their new devices so this takes latency down from 50 milliseconds down
to 20 milliseconds and that’s an improvement massively and also beats the
Microsoft this pen as well which was at 21 is
fantastic to use enjoyed using it in the Apple store I’ve talked to a couple of
other youtubers and reviewers and they said it’s worth the money is 99 pounds
which is quite expensive for a pencil or a stylus as it is but I think it will
add benefit to my production work and also for taking notes I’ve got books and
books of notes that I do on products and it’s nice to maybe save everything on my
iPad one other key feature is with spotlight it will recognize your
handwriting so if I just write the word youtube in here okay we’ll go back home
and if I go into spotlight here and we search for the word YouTube then seize YouTube in notes and then as
you can see here it recognizes my handwriting which is fantastic so my
handwriting isn’t the brilliant mist but it does recognize the word YouTube and
then comes up in your spotlight sir so let me know what you think is the
Apple pencil worth it does it work better on the new iPad pro especially
this model as it is a 120 Hertz refresh rate and it offers extra benefit be nice
to get your feedback like I said I’ve taken on board reviewers and multiple
other youtubers is a great youtuber that I’ll put a link in down below he
actually made me make my decision for getting this Apple pencil especially
when it comes to handwriting notes and it’s great even that I can search them
as well thanks always for watching please give thumbs up as it does help if
you’re new to channel hit subscribe so that’s date with all the latest news
reviews and unboxings from me Ricky I’ll see very soon bye for now

2 thoughts on “Apple Pencil Unboxing & First Impression”

  1. how is 99$ expensive for the apple pencil? it is basically the best pencil out there! It feels like pen on paper, no delay! the surface pen's tip is some kind of wanky because the tip enters the body to mesure pressure sensitivity and it doesnt feel right.

  2. Even after almost 2 years of ppl using that Jobs soundbite about not using a stylus and the general assumption he was talking about using one to navigate a phone, I find it humorous you’re still giving it credence in connection to the Pencil.

    Since Jobs’ vision for the iPad was also about productivity and not just media consumption, I think he would have been on board with the Pencil especially how it out performs anything by WACOM and Microsoft.

    I also found it humorous when everyone was attacking Apple (esp. Surface users) for not only not including it with the iPad Pro but having the audacity to charge an extra $100 to get one—only for Microsoft to do the exact same thing a year later with the Surface Pen (an inferior stylus that after 5 iterations STILL has some of the same performance issues) without so much as a chirp from reviwers who had excoriated Apple about it just a year prior.

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