Are Design Trends A Waste Of Time!? - Graphic Design Trends 2019

Are Design Trends A Waste Of Time!? – Graphic Design Trends 2019

should you be following and even caring
about design trends within graphic design we're going to look at graphic
design trends how important they are or if they're important at all and then
some insights into some interesting graphic design trends in 2019 so is it worth keeping up-to-date with
graphic design trends or is it entirely overrated as human beings we want to
appear to be in the know rather than behind in the times either positively or
negatively speaking humans are very social animals and trend-following
appears to be most radically in our youth and our early adulthood this is
when we're most self-conscious about our social standing with our peers and our
groups so we're drawn to new things that
provide a feeling of change and also progression following trends can bring
people together for discussion activities and socializing in general as
an example a huge graphic design trend in 2019 has been duotone which can be
seen across a magazine and editorial designs advertising campaigns UI and UX
designs respectively so that's all well and good but how do
trends fit into the graphic design world and is it even important to your graphic
design career trends in graphic design help allow the industry to remain in a
Ford progression as well as also to maintain a visual interest but this
isn't just for consumers and clients it's also for the designers as well
there are some very good instances to keep in mind graphic design trends for
your career but there are also some instances where I would suggest it's a
very bad decision to use or incorporate graphic design trends in your projects
so we're now going to look at those times where you should be using them and
when you probably should just drop them so one of the first instances where a
graphical design trend can really come into play in a positive addition is when
you're on social media as a graphic designer
now this can be simply for fun or when you're promoting yourself on social
media it is a great way to establish yourself as a competent designer by
creating artwork that falls in line with a graphic design trend in this point I'm
not referring to graphic design client work that you are working on but more
geared towards day to day pose on social media on your graphic design business
accounts so for example you can have a selfie or a picture of your workstation
with a duotone overlay furthering your ability to connect with the graphic
design trends you can even use relevant hashtags so for example hashtag Jew
attend social media as a way to come together as a community share ideas and
express yourself utilizing design trends is a great way
to become part of a larger group and firmly place yourself as an established
content creator and graphic designer so that's using graphic design trends more
or less for fun but let's get serious and dive down to brass tacks and head
into the business side of things as the internet and social media become
more and more accessible as well as an integrated part of human society people
have become more aware of design trends and more often than not your clients
have done too so your client might want to have a
design solution that is completely in line with trends if they are aware but
they also might want something traditional or vintage or they might
just want to be going for something completely against the grain and away
from current trends but one of your jobs as a graphic designer
is to establish the style of a design within the context of your clients
industry brand and their brief simply throwing some design trends at a project
and hoping it works out for the best is far from practical and is not a
slightest bit professional trends are a tool and you wouldn't use a spanner to
tighten up a screw if for a good example you need to really have a strong grasp
on the function of a design and then you can begin to apply the design style from
there after so the first area where you really want to refrain from using
graphic design trends is for a logo designing quality logo design is
timeless or at the very least you should be trying to lengthen the lifespan of a
logo design as long as possible so with that in mind slapping a graphic design
trend onto a logo design it's probably one of the worst ideas that you can come
up with sure it might look neat and pretty cool now and it might even look
pretty neat and cool in ten years but it's probably going to look horribly
dated as well your client is not going to want to have to rebrand their design
or logo every other year that's gonna cost them money and it's also damaging
to the brand identity because if it's constantly changing is not going to
stick in the mind of the consumer think about the Nike swoosh that logo
mark is imprinted in the minds of so many people globally speaking and it is
near enough timeless however also right now with the introduction of smartphone
technology many companies are simplifying their logos down to a single
logo mark purely for mobile devices so when designing a logo do you think about
this and do keep it in mind so still keeping within the subject of
branding it is a good idea to note that an extension of a brand can be used in
lying the graphic design trend however the brand itself should still remain
firm in the aesthetics of the art style one recent trend to be incorporated into
branding has been custom illustrations or custom icons now using illustrations
on say an advertising campaign or on a brand's website design you kind of get
to see their personalities represented in a design and after all modern
consumers in today's age don't want to buy a product or service from a nameless
corporation today's consumers want to build a real connection with their
favorite brands and cust administration's is a really neat way to
be doing this I'm sure you've seen the mid-century art style of illustrations
in some of your favorite websites over the last year or so one that springs to
mind for me is free big and they've heavily used this on their websites and
their promotional design work but yeah that's not their brand identity and it
is important to distinguish between the two another heavy hitter so far in 2019
and also going back in 2018 has been isometric design now again many web
sites have been using this on their designs and I feel the artwork for a
website is easier to interchange over time than an entire brand it's also more
widely accepted to be doing but yet the website should still incorporate a brand
identity so things like the color palettes the typeface choice their
layouts and all these things should remain in line with the brand itself but
you can experiment with the design trends in certain areas of the web sites
and this is where knowing the function of a design comes into play what you really need to take away from
today's video is that you should always keep in mind who you're designing
something for it's for a clients and it's not for yourself guys the best
design meets our clients and needs and leaves the designers ego way out of the
equation at the very start of the project take onboard the brief and
everything it demonstrates to you and keep in mind the function of your design
and then you can contemplate whether or not a design trend can be used in some
way or another or even if it should be design will continue to evolve and
trends will come and go but constantly honing your ability to prove a great
work based on exactly what specific clients need and require it's probably
one of the most valuable things that you can have in your toolbox as a graphic
designer so there is today's video on design
trends and if they're important or not what are your views on graphic design
trends and what trends are you really liking at the moment in 2019 if you want
to keep boosting your skills and your awareness as a graphic designer
make sure to subscribe to my channel for weekly graph design content and of
course until next time design your future today

13 thoughts on “Are Design Trends A Waste Of Time!? – Graphic Design Trends 2019”

  1. When i design logo my focus on making logo according to the given brief by the client not on specific trends only based on design principles and more important make it simple so that any one can recognise easily. “Less is more “ .

  2. I agree with you at the conclusion of this video, "design for a client not for yourself", so important. I think trends can be a good thing for a personal project but personality I don't really care about trends that much. I just design what I like. 🙂

  3. Trends can be a great way to learn different styles. I 100% agree with you on the idea of not using trends when designing a logo. Print media is one of the best places to utilize trends as they're normally pieces that run for a month to a year and can then be changed without "dating" the company they're for.

  4. How to keep update with graphic design trend ..maybe u should talk about trend and design once in a month so it will keep us updated and also good information from you to understand how and when to use those trend

  5. This one is going to be helpful those who wonder how relevant and useful trends are in graphic design.

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