‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author: ‘Terrified’ Trump Will ‘Get Way Worse’

‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author: ‘Terrified’ Trump Will ‘Get Way Worse’

100 thoughts on “‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author: ‘Terrified’ Trump Will ‘Get Way Worse’”

  1. https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-edit-obama-house-20190825-27mwpbeuvnhnjn24yi5faiein4-story.html
    The OBAMAS are using monies from their book sales and speaking engagements to purchase a home in Martha’s Vineyards.

  2. Repubs taken advantage of trump mental issues on their behalf that is why they are not saying anything about what trump has been doing openly and in hiding  in front of cameras for all the world to see…………….

  3. I always love it when he say's "I am not going to say it" But then says it anyway. "I am not going to say you are ugly, that wouldn't be polite, but I am going to say it any way you are ugly. Now the media fake news are going to accuse me of saying something that I said and make it sound like I said it even though I said I wasn't going to say it and you all heard me say that I wasn't going to say it……So false… so fake, So corrupt and you all know it, where is Sean Hannity talk to Sean Hannity"

  4. We need to have every country investigate the DEMS' corruption wherever it occurred during the Obama administration.

  5. Trumps been a bully all his life, he became rich taking advantage of people. Remember his taj mahal casino, a whole bunch of contractors were owed millions, some big contractors went bankrupt, trump walks away smelling like a rose. When are you people going to wake up and see him for what he really is.

  6. The majority of Trump voters just care about America being a white majority country. It doesn't matter what he does as long as he embodies that ideal.

  7. Schwarz is a liar, which is what we expect on the fake news. That was no freeze. that was the Trump the same as he always is.

  8. Smell something burnin'? Oh, its just US democracy, apathetic tolerance of corruption at the highest level and the constitution which is as good as toilet paper with this GOP.

  9. President Trump was in his right to tell the Reuters reporter to ask questions of the Finnish President. It is a rude gesture to use the forum with a foreign dignitary to air our domestic dirty laundry. Mainstream media does not respect a visiting president, or our own president, with inappropriate and badgering questions not related to that meeting.

    The media has no decency, only disrespect and a disregard for presidential decorum. I have, and suspect many more people look at the media as biased, non objective, and untrustworthy.

    A return to decency is in order.

  10. Because you commit crimes like they are cookies. Classic melt down. Attack deflect and deny. He reminds me of the Mayhem insurance Guy causing disasters wherever he goes! And America's screaming "WHAAAT"!

  11. Hey MSNBC… every time I turn to your station to see what's going on, not only do I see Trump all the time… but the same idea of crisis this and that goes rampant across your screen. All of this makes me (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) feel like government never completes their tasks. It's no wonder people are so skeptical of the government. Yes it's been a while, but how are the people doing in Flint, Michigan with that water situation? Oh that was years ago? No, it's still going – along with all the other areas of the country who have contaminated water. This is only one issue out of several where you go in at the start when there's a lot of confusion, and then leave when the next shiny tweet comes from Trump. This leaves the impression that the only thing that happens never gets fixed. When do you ever show the government ending a dilemma where say the water readings are back to "drinkable". It's no wonder the people have so little faith in the government. Cooperation builds trust. You spend hours and hours repeating the same old news of Trump (or whatever shooting/bleeding) topic and that's all we hear about. Would you like to serve the people better than you do now? Find ways to show where people are actually getting along and completing something that they set off to do. NOT some huge concert to fight poverty – show the people's stories of not only being fed, but getting their life back together. There's more than politics that goes on in the world. I know it's part of your slogan. But did you ever consider the limited view you show on your shows? It's why so many of my friends don't watch MSNBC… and why I'm tuning in less and less too. You've become "corporate". You're selling out. Those of us who watch you (if we can stand it) know that you have. We'll come back when you get your act together. Until then, adios!

  12. Boy what a bunch of clowns and fool's and liers especially Adam Schiff be stood and made up what was in the phone call and when he got caught he said it was a joke he lied to the American people he has been caught in so ment lies and yet they keep him why? Oh well Schiff is the 5th member of the sauat the American people will show u in 2020 who they want and it's gonna be our boy TRUMP so Joe and your socialist party just pour that over in ya ol black coffee and stear it up and see what comes to the top

  13. What has Trump "shared" with his friends in certain countries?? Codes? Top secret strategic locations or tech? I know it's not likely, but what if😯😥🤔🤐

  14. Get this MoFo out of office! This drugged up speed freak that is single handedly destroying all our relationships with allies ,bullying smaller countries and siding with dictators WTF? GET HIM OUT !!!

  15. I don’t laugh. I’m from Denmark and I’m scared that T will set fire to the entire world. I cannot understand he hasn’t been removed long ago. Everyone can see he’s very sick

  16. Why is Trump so fascinated by Jockstraps? is he in dire need of one? on the other hand, looking at his tiny hands, maybe he doesn't need a jockstrap!!!!!!!

  17. The truth is everyone should be terrified,the lunatic is the most ignorant dangerous person in this world including putin,xi jinping and kim.

  18. What Does The Future Hold?
    Impeached in the House – Yes
    Impeached in the Senate – No
    Removed from Office – No
    Re-elected to a 2nd Term – Yes

    First-World Global Leader +
    Sociopathic & Narcissistic =
    Apocalyptic Global Destruction.
    And all the deceived &/or
    triangulated Flying Monkey's,
    aka Supporter/Voters,
    have NO IDEA of what is going
    to happen to our entire world.
    * Global Economic Crashes
    * Famines on every Continent
    * Emergent Deadly Pandemics
    * Devolved Civilization
    * Martial Law via Military Rule
    Get prepared folks ….
    It's about to get really, really rough.
    Update your Vaccinations,
    Get your Dental Work, Lasik,
    Cataract or other Surgeries done,
    get in shape physically, financially, emotionally.
    Playtime is over.

  19. I don't know why Trump feels terrified. He has a lot of the Republican Party behind him (public opinion be damned). The Republican Party will throw as many monkey wrenches into the impeachment process so it will drag on into the next election.

  20. Unspeakable ! The republican people backing the biggest criminal worst president in the history of our world never mind country ! I'd rather have Vladimir or Declan running this country this is downright embarrassing ! Pay attention !

  21. Many people that believe in law and order are wondering why Trump is able to get by with defying the laws so long

  22. I'm sick of Tony Schwartz coming on and pretending to be a psychiatrist just because NBC won't interview actual mental health professionals. This guy is not an expert on Trump's psychology just because he hung out with him for a couple of weeks 35 years ago.

  23. 25 million dollars that's how much we paid with our tax money 25 million dollars it turned out no collusion no evidence you know we could do with that 25 million dollars there's a lot of homeless people out there people living on Social Security that can't even make rent.

  24. Is there any body, who isn't going to be up for reelection, that still supports Trump? Almost everyone who leaves the White house has nothing bad but things to say about him. Most the the Republicans who left politics or are leaving, don't support him. I don't understand how anyone supports him anymore.

  25. " he ( trump) is terrified of losing the legitimacy the presidency has given him"……..brilliantly stated!! I'm a psychiatrist and couldn't have described it more accurately or succinctly.

  26. President Trump is correct. Joe Biden and his son need to be investigated and expose. They are totally corrupt and American knows it.

  27. GOP have used Trump. They got what they wanted, now is the time to get rid off the bad apple in the tribe, if they want to see US constitution survives, this crazy man must be eliminated soon rather then later. Or they will regret for the rest of their lives.

  28. Liked his Robert De Niro impression "Are you talking to me?" although the Finnish leader was also in the room the question was only relevant to him.

  29. the chosen one
    king of israel
    messiah of
    course perfect
    charlatan clown
    swilling the punch
    as the kool aid of
    gospel truth just
    ask the emperor
    caught screwing
    the pooch in the
    sausage factory
    the greatest of
    off gassers ever

  30. Humpty Trumpty sat on his wall,
    Humpty Trumpty had a great fall,
    All the president's men,
    And all the red hats,
    Couldn't put Humpty Trumpty back together again!!! 🤪🎃😠🤕

  31. Still want someone to explains what " perfect" conversation actually means. I've never heard a call described as perfect.

  32. Every comment here is ad hominem. That's fine but pointless. Sure you don't like this personality. You liked Obama but he was useless. He just sat around posturing and trying not to look useless, but he was. Remove personality – ask 'what is this human actually doing, what is he achieving, is it objectively good for America?' Again, remove personality entirely. First principles. Even Dems agree the push back against China was long overdue. Obama was useless on China, gave away billions, posturing but worthless. Didn't even understand the problem. Don't get stuck in personality land. Is the presidency an executive office or ceremonial? Very rare to have both (I don't think it's happened in US history). Looks like Dems think it should be a mostly ceremonial office, (just look and act nice), and Reps think it's executive (just get stuff done, fast). It's substance/form, nothing more. Do you want a president who cries with you, or do you want a leader who shows strength? (no, crying is not showing strength, only Oprah thinks that) As a nation you need to ditch the personality contest and ask some basic questions – what is this office, what is its function, do we want a gentle smiling ineffectual father figure, or just someone to get stuff done? A shame that US kids are not taught critical thinking (see Elon Musk among others on this point). Case in points – most people reading this don't even know what an ad hominem is.

  33. Tom Steyer is worth a serious look; liking him more and more each day. Impeach Indict Imprison the Putin-installed fraud traitor Trump.

  34. Impeachment is the only hope the democrats have, America sure doesn't want the disastrous platform the Lefties are pushing.

  35. Impeachment is the only hope the democrats have, America sure doesn't want the disastrous platform the Lefties are pushing.

  36. Impeachment is the only hope the democrats have, America sure doesn't want the disastrous platform the Lefties are pushing.

  37. Impeachment is the only hope the democrats have, America sure doesn't want the disastrous platform the Lefties are pushing.

  38. Trumps Malignant Narcissism renders him an empty man. A vessel who requires constant refilling doses of Narcissistic Supply throughout the day/night. He requires constant attention whether positive or negative arguments but attention must always be on him.

  39. This co-author has no shame earning 50% royalty on the sale of the book and had no self-dignity begging Trump for help when he had a financial problem. All the stabbers and bashers are not happy with Trump when Trump refused them just like Mueller, Napolitano, Smith, and many more. Everything has a two-side to the story.

  40. Does the brunette sipping coffee in the shadows get paid to be on camera? She's there quite often in interviews, i can't help but notice.

  41. He's not terrified, but the Liberal Media is. In the end, President Trump will not be successfully impeached, if at all. It's all just another "calling wolf" escapade by the delusional left. The former Vice President's son got paid over $50,000.00 per month to work in Ukraine and yet the liberal media smooths over those issues to pursue baseless ones involving the president.

  42. Is it the same Tony Schwartz who said three years ago that Trump would quit before his first year in office is over? Yes it is! So let’s take his opinion with a pinch of salt shall we?

  43. Mitch is aiding and abetting to get the courts he wants for a permanent Libertarian Oligarchic rule to end the right to civil trials or antitrust enforcement. Thus, Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic (F.O.X.) noise is accepted forever as news.

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