Art Passion mehndi class 3 : Learn to create your own filler elements

Art Passion mehndi class 3 : Learn to create your own filler elements

Hello namaste how are you all today? you all are welcome to Art passion’s online mehendi class And this is our 3rd mehendi class in this series in this class we will learn about filler elements I will teach you how you can create your own filler elements all the time using few combinations , we will talk about it The class related important worksheets are available on my website and with my supplier you can buy them for further practice There are plenty of ideas in worksheets however the most important page is this page with different shapes , that you can use for practice If you want then take many print out of this page and directly practice on this page or for alternative if you don’t want to waste pages put this page inside clear plastic folder and practice on it and clean it after practice , this way you can use one page and one plastic for multiple practices what and how to practice I will explain during class you can buy this homework material from our website or from my supplier now lets start our class and talk about filler elements As I told you in precious classes that base designs are very important we have so many elements that we can use as base and as well as filler elements itself so first come base element then whatever layering we do on top of that base create complete layered filler elements there are few common bases first lets talk about them and using those common bases you can create so many various layered filler elements and that depends on your imaginations and creativity first among all about it we talked in class one the very first base we learnt in our class one was straight line so in class one our base was straight line in class 2 we talked about Circle so in class 2 Circle was our base when we layered border elements that time we use line as base but mostly we use normal common filler elements and that time circle is the most important one circle has so many variations for example circle is our very common base then another we have is solid circle I will talk about all common base first then we have variation Dot with one cover line only one parallel line around dot this is one more variation of base now for more variations you can add as many lines as you want around circle se with each extra line you have new base this are few more base these bases I have created using only dot now we will take one level up and create new base and that would be swirl element this is the simplest swirl We created circle and took line inside as loop and if we add little twist to it by giving solid dot within then we will have one more variation from this see how with little change we are adding new variations you might have seen this swirl its like circle that has little tail inside now this has little variation you might have understood by now , yes with dot if we want to create bigger swirl when we need bigger base then we can draw bigger swirl with more lines be-careful when we draw this swirl that time movement should be very perfect and if possible keep your cone little bit away from the surface otherwise when we take turnaround in swirl that time we will get this broken line in swirl because our cone will touch surface and limit our movement that’s why we will not get perfect line so in such situation if we keep our cone little away from surface and take perfect movement with slow speed and vertical alignment of cone then we will get perfect swirl , movement should be slow and steady and again there is variation with dot so all these elements are our common base for our design , that we use very frequently we can use them in all types of designs and layer them anywhere in designs or fill entire design or shape with this elements now we have one more swirl that is open swirl and its little bigger in size sometimes and we use it a lot apart from swirl and circle if we bring little change then we can draw little leaf like this with lines around , we can use this as base too and this is little different from what we saw till now only sometime we use this I am showing you few variations in this like empty centre or solid centre and then if you wish you can add cover lines either one or as many as you want so all of them are our base elements we have to practice them a lot and for them we will use these shape worksheet if you want you can practice all the bases inside this shapes how to do that ? let me explain that first for example this is circle shape and I will fill that entirely with any of the base for example I am using swirl here so entire circle I will fill with only swirls because learning base itself is not important you have to learn to arrange them in bunch or learn to layer them thats the most important part where many beginners fails because whenever they layer such elements where they have to use same elements multiple time one particular mistakes they do show you in while see this part if you don’t know how to layer them perfectly you tend to leave this spaces in-between all these empty spaces you keep leaving those spaces empty and thats why your filler elements won’t look beautiful so you must know the technique to solve this problem you should not have those empty spaces in between and for that what you are supposed to do is you have to give those pretentious lines that is passing by and hidden under next swirls so you have to give those extra lines in between and the way you have to complete that and this small thing is really important because those spaces reveals that this designs are done by new beginner artist those are litmus test for beginner and advance artist see when you have such empty space then you have to draw only small lines to fill them now see they look collective otherwise they won’t look connected rather look parted this is very small technique then for further practice in some shape you can practice small swirls and you will try to make them same in size so take any base and fill any shape with that base only and you mission s should be neat and clean work no rush, draw each and everyone with neatness and clarity so this is the way you can practice all the base elements, only base elements now lets go one level up I hope by now it is clear that these base designs are used two ways, one as base and second collectively as filler elements in small small shape use only one of them and fill entire shape with same element now we will use these base designs all different base designs and we will learn how to layer them and create layered filler element so we will talk about it now then we will end this class with one full practice that shows how to layer them in our worksheet material I have shared many such example and variations of small and big practices as exercise practices before we start our final practice I would love to talk about the most common layer filler element that all the artist use a lot and that is our frill on top of circle circle and frill this combination many artist I mean all most all artist use them as layer filler element so I will demonstrate how with one tiny change the entire filler element will change that I will explain then see first I drew on empty circle let me tell you first that , that in layer filler elements we can use any elements that we learnt in class 1 and 2 using lines or dots or frills so in short whatever we have learnt so far we can use all of them and layer them as we wish I short any variation in anyway you can use so first on simple circle only one layer of frill then dot and one cover line and one layer of frill then dot , three cover lines and frill I am only changing base right now now if you add layer of frills then you have more layer filler element for example you can add two layers of frill or three layers of frills dots on frill now this time we have solid circle then frill and this is very common filler element you have to practice them similarly next to each other then in the end fill the centre solid don’t fill centre before hand otherwise it will create messy look this is small trick that when you are using solid circle that time first create empty circle , layer it with frill and in the end fill it solid with henna as you can see with very small twist I have new filler element every time this is really very simple and when you are watching this you might feel that you know this its very simple you don’t have do anything special you don’t have to remember anything you have practices all these bases and you know that you can use frill with them and every time you will have new filler element and when I am sharing this with you that time you must be thinking that I am not sharing something new and you are absolutely correct about it I have not shared anything new and thats right but the only thing I have done is that I have diverted your attention towards this matter that with little change how you create new filler element now you don’t have to practice separately like this you have to practicing them with layering and that would be the most challenging part sometimes we don’t complete entire element and left spaces in between so complete elements are very essential its important to learn how to add second or more layer and how to start and end them this is really very important and whenever you do such layering at that time its very important that draw delicate frills you can practice these layered frills in these shapes and when you are practicing with plastic folder that time just wipe it and practice again on same surface fill entire shape with same element whichever element you are using whatever base yo have used ,whichever number of frills you have used if you practice this way so many times then your confidence will increase and after that in any complicated shape you can use any filler elements with ease and confidence I always say that that I share only techniques with all of you and after that how you use this techniques and improve your art is entirely upto you I only share techniques how can you create multiple filler elements from simple combinations as we have base element then we have frill and we are changing arrangements and we have new filler elements Now we will do one complete layer filler element practice this is only very small example of two elements we can use them in small shapes or to fill empty spaces surrounding main shapes so lets start practicing big , layered filler element practice we will do that in big square shape if you want to practice with me just follow whatever I am doing see carefully whatever I am doing and if needed you can pause video I drew lines and made angular base for my practice so I have define area for my practice First of all we will draw big swirl as our base and see I am drawing it with very light hand and in centre we will draw DOT when we draw swirl in angular corner like this then we have this type of empty corner that we have to fill with lines and following that line we will give cover line to the swirl we drew on top of that I will draw two layers of frill if possible try to draw very light and delicate frills here delicate frills look nicer as filler elements otherwise it gives very bulky look to entire design we will give little spaced out cover lines if you want you can draw it as faint as reference line I gave little darker line so you can see it clearly this time look carefully how I am drawing this frills this frill are not attach to base but they are attach to the top line then darken that top line for neatness and line variation one more cover line if you want then you can leave this middle space empty or you can add dots in between to fill gap we will draw one more line more spaced out from base now in this space we will use any base as filler element to fill this area try to draw them exact size I have seen many people draw circle first then add dot so if you wish you can do that but I don’t feel comfortable with that again one more thick line for cover as I have told about it in previous video push mehendi from thick line to those empty spaces so it look more define and remember to clean cone tip after that now we will give two cover lines now you can see we took swirl as base then we use frill and hanging as layer and then we used small swirl for layering and use it as filler element for that space now if we want we can use any element we learnt in class 1 or class 2 for example any element made with lines or small frill flowers we can use as layering here we will draw something with line so you have clear idea how to use different elements as filler and layer elements now in between this lines you can draw anything you want , like cross lines or any checks designs or box designs you can use and complete this layer I will show you few variations here for your better understanding see all the variations I have demonstrated here using only dots and lines if you want you can create many more one more cover line it will become challenging to draw cover line as circle grew in size now I will try the different base as layering element as you can see I used four line variation here then I added frill layer to it and then I am adding leaf base element as layering if you want you can keep centre of the leaf empty or you can fill it solid I will complete entire line like this as you can see ideas and imaginations are yours variations are yours and designs are yours too see how small variation I gave and I have new element border infant of us I am giving curve cover line to this border if you want you can progress with this design but I will stop here otherwise video will be very long I can give you very easy example to extend this let me show you so you can practice more I always feel I can share so many tings with you but whatever technique I am sharing with all of you you can create so many things with that and its impossible that I share all of them its simply not possible the because we have limitless possibilities I will suggest that try and practice new element all the time its good but keep few elements as your favourite elements that you always use in your all designs that way your speed will increase you will save time too as you know those elements very well only use two or three new elements in designs you can extend your practice like this now the empty space you can fill with frill or give cover line to all swirl and then fill entire empty space with solid henna as we do in reverse mehendi I leave it to you how you want to extend it from this in our homework worksheets we have many more such practices with lots of ideas you can purchase them and practice those too now I am taking your leave at this point and I am sure you all would have learnt a lot from this class many things you might have known but you might not have given attention to this side of this designing skill or usage of it so it might have brought to your attention so very soon we will meet with our new video till then stay blessed and stay inspired take care everyone, thank you C U bye bye

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