Art Trip: PST: LA/LA | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Art Trip: PST: LA/LA | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

40 thoughts on “Art Trip: PST: LA/LA | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios”

  1. I genuinely love this channel! It difficult to find art channels that share the passion of art like you do. I absolutely love this video! Thank you so much for such phenomenal content.

  2. Your videos teach me so much about art and artists. Where do you find all these wonderful artists and what inspires your wonderful videos?

  3. A journey to all the places people cannot visit in person. We can visit them here with the Art Assignment through YouTube. 🙂

  4. Love these videos! One question—Why is the public art trip in Chicago no longer up? I wanted to show a friend of mine, but it seems to be no longer up.

  5. I love Art Trip! It always inspires me to go out an find new places to enjoy art in my own community. I went to Bay of Spirits Art Gallery in Toronto and loved it – they have an absolutely brilliant collection of Indigenous art and celebrate and support Indigenous artists! I highly recommend an Art Trip Toronto!

  6. I love some art trips! Thank you so much for this channel. I am completely rethinking my career as a result. Looking for any advice! I'm a finance major at a good business school, but in what way could I work in the art world? How would I even begin that process?

  7. i always do a double take whenever people from my country are considered latinx. not because it isn't right, like, i was born and live in latin america, of course i'm latina, but it's a weird identity to have. we don't usually put it that way around here and a lot of american depictions of latinx people are more towards mexicans/central america in general (and mostly about spanish speaking folks). but of course, latin america is huge and there are are lot of different cultures and ethnicies, so that doesn't even make sense, there isn't/shouldn't be a stereotypical latinx "look". anyway, this is all to say that while is not an identity i'm used to having, it is right and i was glad to see some brazilian artists there. great video as always 🙂

  8. I travel a lot (I'm a flight attendant) but I'm not sure how to find art in the cities I'm in (often only for a day) besides looking for tourist locations online.

    Do you have any suggestions for how to find events or locations I wouldn't want to miss?

    I'm new so I often don't have a long time before the trip to plan my layover.

  9. Informative and fantastic episode! Love it. Have you thought about going to smaller cities (I know you went it to Indianapolis) like Fort Worth, TX or Cleveland, Ohio? It's always interesting to find art in unexpected or unknown (at least to me) areas.

  10. how long until you do a video on the significance of furry art? It's a huge art movement and community that has been growing and evolving a lot in the past 10 years but gets nearly 0 mainstream recognition.

  11. Sarah, I LOVE you. Your work is a rich resource for my classes and I can't thank you enough for your smart and sensitive insights! The next time you're in Missoula I'd love for you to lecture at UM!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As a native Los Angelino and Latina, I am so grateful that you highlighted this initiative and lifted up the voices of the artists themselves.

  13. i live in Los Angeles and you are totally right about the artwork finding you without even trying i have come across 3 of the LA/LA exhibitions. On my way to Olvera Street for the Dia de los Muertos event I stumbled across the Barbara Carrascro's mural which was displayed in Union Station and while trying to get away from the crowds in Olvera Street I found another awesome artwork by the artist Hugo Crosthwaite in the Museum of Social Justice (i didn't even know about this museum. And i also saw an amazing show in the Pasadena Museum of California Art that was showing Cuban movie poster prints. I am Hispanic and grew up and live in East LA. i never realized that i was surrounded by art or even that the murals i took for granted could even be considered art since they did not look like what i was taught could be art, it was on a wall and therefore it was vandalism. It wasn't until recently that i learned about the awesome artists of Chicano art movement that i have come to appreciate and love the murals in my neighborhoods as well as the art that my culture has to offer and i am so happy that big and respected institutions are finally acknowledging and representing these works. PST: LA/LA is literally so amazing and i am so lucky that it is right here basically at my door step. Thank you for sharing it with people and for letting me know which place i should check out next!

  14. Serendipitous! I'm a New Yorker who'll be in Los Angeles for more than a few days at the end of this month. Thanks for highlighting the "best" and seemingly most important places there! Although I love the element of surprise, I appreciate the Art Assignment too much to not watch this sort of preview.

  15. Love these trips!
    Do you guys have that list of the rest of the exhibitions and projects in LA you couldn’t see? Would love to make the trek myself 🙂

  16. I love these episodes, I always emerge delighted, excited, surprised, and blown away by the amazing works and the amazing volume of works that are out there for all of us to see and engage with. Thank you for sharing these artist's works with us and for reminding us to go out and explore. 🙂

  17. I wonder when the book will come out?? Hahah hope it doesn’t turn out like the case of artist Nicholas Gurewitch! 😂😂

  18. Surprisingly few comments on this amazing video- I love learning about art about which I wouldn't have known 🙂

  19. Why it does not allow me to watch a quality full screen? There is this thing on the right bottom corner saying open video page (i) additionally there is back, pause, forward signs in the middle with a dark transparent layer on top. The smaller screen does not give me the same error.

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