24 thoughts on “ASMR UNAGI EEL COOKING (extremely graphic)”

  1. hey everyone I just wanted to try making an ASMR version I like trying new things and always wanted to test making an ASMR video, i hope you dont mind.
    see the recipe version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9q3ZcIhEE4

  2. This is a great example of how or if I had to kill my own food I would be eating a salad right now.

  3. Sandra the Eel (wife): Honey, where's Billy?

    Roger the Eel (husband): …..

    Edit: Thanks for the 1 like!1!1!1!11!1!!1 oh wait…that's me…

  4. cruel pricks. If you can do this to living creatures, you can do it to humans as well, and they did in WW2. rot in hell

  5. Is there any chance of getting the original recipe video re-uploaded? This seems to be the only unagi from scratch video I can find..! Thanks in advance.

  6. Love the video chef! I was wondering, I noticed another chef grills the fillet first, then steam, and re-grill it one last time with layers of sauce. Is there a grand difference in the approach?

  7. Ano manches xk matan a la serpiente biba? Xk son tan krueles fokof desuscrito fokiu moder faker

  8. This video is kinda cute but kinda sad! But I really enjoyed the cooking part! Next time you make a video like this could you please make it blurred out? Then in the description have a link to an unlisted one that is uncensored? Thx so much!

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