AutoCAD Tutorial for Engineers in Bangla Class 12 How to Drafting settings

AutoCAD Tutorial for Engineers in Bangla Class 12 How to Drafting settings

hello dear viewers and all of my
subscribers saga community engineering science and technology poco decade I’m
stakin German Ruchi I’ve never shot a Arisaka Tom can achieve or to get to d2l
for engineers are 80 Newton classes I’m Nazca devil class 12 or third class baro
baro to McLeish nameless cadet go to children they can either come at the
article class at multiples Gulu Kiki mother ask request a mulatto ho chi how
to drafting settings oughta give a lambda drafting the setting kirusha to
Roberto but that may mean keto function I’m graphic crusted egg wash at a hotel
how to draw your drawing with object snap how to draw you’re doing with polar
tracking how to set up object snap he has a shop will be showing me I’m
remanded classes carol-joan a bubble so children then our class recorder drafting setting a target possibly I’m
like – Jenny media Schulich object at keep out okay – I don’t object which I
managed it drew in Gulu hm rejection most average every gyro coordinate you
know Segundo che a mother object suppose I make the line draw column say Tamil
object suppose a meuk circle draw column shit Ahmad a dreamcatcher object upper
polygon rectangle technology miss gyro coronary no say tha am are a advocate
the irrigable object is a too soon and economic bookkeeper way up Nora a object
snap sitting or drafting setting dialog box which are achievable jetovator what
when they hit our podium a shortcut across all asset classes that go to AJ I
can’t I reckon I’m at the rotate object snap Ottawa computer to Kaplan Julie
Abner function but don’t take a f3 chirping keyboard the whole the kapner
objects net shallow baked into I would oppose me they were drafting setting
dialog box a clever job J connect up the app name I can take a Chicano at object
a loop or mouse pointer take a red button click : I can’t a a preference
settings a setting said to the mouse pointer click curry dalawa – amateurish
with drafting settings I thought drafting setting such a dialog
box I can open up I will snap and grid snap greater economies maybe second
cluster chillin snap and grid elope or take I say that bipolar cracking of
shown tapper a vicinity of just snap have a 3d object snap dynamic input
tirado on a key to take a sit – mainly I’m a DJ gulag a package Schwab delegate
to bury shop kitschy important for mainly I’m rad mullet a sketchbook polar
creaking object snap 3d snap take a set at the polar tracking the bottom adecco
take as a third programmer to take any object snap an option velocity of just
never Chad ontology endpoint midpoint Center North quadrant intersection
extension insertion perpendicular transient nearest apparent intersection
parallel I think I say a option Gulu opening quarter bourbon I can’t keep up
according to a time you who should drop out at the hub the airport where we
shall crooked clear collated chicken I’m tick mark ratbone I could say should
watch for polar tracking I think I said so me our new to go DJ Kue not object to
drop the mousetrap in a carp all right battle Keith Corbin karappa I can take a
turtle 11 sitting sitting sitting stake a canopy bobbin snap and grid together
me snap and grid Nicola key to the Havana Caron bottom and do that class at
geonetric la somatic ellerstina first class second class a I’m a snap and grid
report from Connecticut classes have no did they can even double chicken even
then has it a Karen I’m interrupting setting it air filter but the chicken
data already I mean they hit you they say I can happen they get that have a
polar tracking first poll are taking Coppola taking on courage or new do talk
from Richie I’ve never liked keyboard and needs to go polar tracking option on
court a parent our key a Canseco take my pill a polar taking on hobby our polar
taking on f10 or thought function 10 function to intercept on tablet keyboard
jf generation sedative officially polar taking on quarter panel think I said the
Potomac about a jig attempt to calc orange moon as even poll are taking
angle sitting phone are taking the southern Dakota Heidi beat CEO Bob a red
Corvette up Nick I couldn’t in this took manpower have nigga tracking or thought
reference line the heavy to help Italy a 90-degree power port line draw Corbin
shit at reference line puppet ticket said the economics in 1990 at
ninety-degree not a 90s a 90-degree didn’t think I happen I tell ya gonna
come and eat apparent Ottawa is like a type credit Irvin suppose I’m at ed
curriculum 30 now I’m type core 45-degree a supportive a big with Neela
never attack a me okay for edible they had already a jagged niches I contra
take a SATA hot summer polar tracking icon I’m actually shortcut to the egg
hunt a mouse pointer clip cool the whole amapola taking off ways away I was you
the clicking politicking on her I got you the omelet keyboard l function chaos
at f10 I’m gonna do they were f10 keyboard sake a press curry Taha okay
I’m on a pole are taking the unholy hour off of it if I may get trapped on the
k-8 a preschool with another batch inner corner at the holiday scream dr. bond
evaluating essay to a mic on the hell I’m not
after I just normally mouse ported you gonna just click on of cotterpin in
Ottawa keyboard 3ft press Cola or no we have an exchange with our again up
impressed : Taha later bondage away somewhere I connect a line through
curriculum dodging Emmanuel line command line then inter then a mouse pointer
click corner / aj taken the green actor reference like Jo legacy it also won
first tricking TSA fast-tracking should have a zero degree angle ticket I think
I said that I may take it to that two types that I get cool aesthetic edge I
reckon a Hyundai I already took our so that they get to Gymkhana Deccan Carson
with the gate to calc enduring 45 degree angle I am elected reference first
reference you know the chokotto zero degree then second reference of Shermer
45 degree then third reference quote I go to a third reference book check 90
degree I put a forgotten offense that they keep for about 11 such a 135-degree
tired / ho chi 180 degree then a minute ago Goku 225 degree then 270 DB what
happene a polar trig image has the upper 90 degree poor sorry 45 degree poor what
happens you’re going to draw incredible and suppose I need to drop away the hit
all open and the boost on it they click clear away okay and bottom a lengthen
alarm zero degree that and potable till i time you draw a 45 degree angle a then
pour over ti1 again 45 degree angle however 45 degree angle indicator cheap
I say I hope up now Boadicea change a key away after a polar tracking they use
Corbin a polar taking death I’m pretty keep a musical when I should happen
either a protectee ever gets a thing as a economic addict
Monday the whole Apple the egg don’t clear develop near our Chula Devin I
were to the Dominator up or a right button click Corbin’s sitting so Chula
jebin you can take a poll are taking that chance cordovan suppose a camera 45
below I’m gonna 30 deeply 30 degrees for a drawcord please okay okay curriculum
they’re gonna write a line common Nouveau line cover Newark for mouse
pointer an opossum Jacques Ellul degree and then
30 degree then 60 degree then 90 degree then 120 degree 150 degree 180 degree
and three two one zero 210 degree I said if ever a player up
another Pollock clicking down call it BB no bit to Angela have another drink
Annika to darker hi shake it up right away pull up shaking the drawer Takata
balanced economy deca Wapner K polar clicking together I cannot so object
snap setting to a Murtala days setting say ever audacity to Paloma to push it
away so I could hide it again what on again bomb passage iterator
object snap on hot add up my keyboard to ds3 press : to hold up my object snap on
petroleum Evan pour over to the hotel object snap tracking on gonna play the
object snap on : f 9 G’s janista snapping corbin object jobs attacker
snapping Corbin she attracted reference to Beta Kappa so for example he can take
a draw column by it happen and midpoint up like a liner midpoint Etta take is a
center point at a letter in point at a single ooh the reference always hated
John Abner on got away the object snap tracking on on the faster object snap on
: also theta on : metal object tracking that any pool waiting is a reference
could I set up our new day together then tulip negativity show up overhead a
midpoint at the in point never I sit down a gene is veloute to Bangalore to
generate the Boosters with a hobbits doing in point manically – oh hi Johnny
– Ashwin do a pre midpoint automotive induce Center no chickie Kendra at work
and rule in duty a table in Aiken North watch a song joke is tall quadrant or
torch a bit of a tarpaulin be actual – tongue short attacked a bit HR Wagga a
common topology intersection intersection or thought she said to
Bindu attach shadow window – evasion interpersonally – teratogenic amongst
awaken which is a neat shadow in the Kings table not only to Google and
Google search given pepper extension or that Rosharon extension or
torture portion topology instance insertion insertion auto chili Abner be
very hardcore about hardcore occasionally condo or a seated man type
or a chip perpendicular or that Lombok the operates a tangent or that is for
shop near cast autocratic achieve cuca tactical village applique indeed
curvature Hank and apnea can detail happening line to draw cord Evelyn
that were apparent intersection or torture apodaca to window together
parallel or comment or on the igloo hotel me or to returnable lunge Abner or
total Judy channel happening is again Monica to Autobahn video Declan approve
Caligula Antony to cook equal when happen additionally is gonna protect
awarded degenerate they happen upon Allah meaning the paj NTSA Talib new
booster coast of Havana day eighteen point I’m
julianka little Quixote this is the in point on KO nominee kappa
merica liner duty in point the 80s and they can see giveaway just Ok Go Daddy
chick and again ok Tom are doing already under our GTL Redmond object snap on
voice again I think I say it has a 3d object snap a time the power would THC
good 3d drawing it today so possibly make the lines open any world economy
erect a line draw curve oh so act align it do that set of key volumes in point
like a fasting point in point so I’m here to object snap tracking moat
oncology shake a timeout key second I mean pointed out pull be I’m okay the
green wrong a record shark on a box or that keep box they catch it I hope I’m
are we tracking a car on iti say it has a fasting point it was a second in point
I mean fast in poetic a line draw Corvo J connect a liner just happen at the
Budokan Jacqueline drop a lot about I’m a line it in porn take a alkaline draw
curve oh hey go take a say however Emmy Award line commonly Amina to do thi
attack I mean it occurred bar alumna to Eva happen in point whether at work or
to pardon TSA Top Ramen Eric girlfriend I don’t like him I’m Nutella setting
said ID button click color settings take a object look act act act on what the
body I do top I like to process what a turtle Moscow entered like Bertram del
carbón karuppaiyah setting is ever made to punakaiki al-quran 800 occurred in
point in point a halqa a box to let you change a tire came in a local refugee I
consider me mid point the mouse pointer click elita-1 mid point out salvageable
I mean I read but the hatch is airtight that button click overnight and again do
the marker chapter in point I commit pentothal I’m like remote do window
today but he said damn you see the kata de l’homme de odd for a phone line
commonly whoa come on out what is it again a Lenin midpoint watch it Ln a
midpoint horchata a lentil midpoint hot chapter 8 a midpoint at any point either
when I’m to the a midpoint I get a line draw colonies at the guinea a she I work
do the midline name it has a character midpoint egg a mitten or touch him out
the window he said hey the proper line common Ichi Texan I’m into the a in
point object snap Challinor court EMTALA chemica me pay me in pizza operator he
calculated the aback the attire permit point bakoto
hey I mean use Kalama show me buster sita rama duty lotta cadets also Chitina
on a big ticket when I’m that Dickey RTT or Flutie apply could it have nothing to
booster to be double each wobble option him they had over gonna apply
eclectically leg bent breakfast Corbin nap a la marca caution carbon avishay me
up another and out Chester World War taco number the boost Center take a the
center door I get a kid to off Bernie Center today the hole up another way
suppose a mechanic the central crockery so I circled Robert was sent an icon I
mean center slacker Enoch object snippet I found
economical to reference Cochin I need to get a central Kentucky circular Center
but what’ll it be today can do shit a condemned activity no no she ate a
tsunami Aashiqui Corvo centers encore I can take a just solid awakened Thai
massaman tequila this acronym like a common eatable line
commonly lamb TSA line corner for it has da cunha with the him kataka seniors chi
Amica automatically center show Farida acid yehey it has Center who take
anti-economic Mauston illa automatically to mecanomoto center HOH economics
elegant a concentric rocket to worry think I said then we can take a center
draw paula akana gain I begin to a tab that I got a joke on auntie I want to
show for China Dana time bottom Octavia withdraw Cola about chocolate
King to undo the near cast on Jota hey I saw that Katya Katya on our portal
looking to be accurate a jacket a in quarter bottom is bitter contaminated
palem Nakayama he near cast off from the Omni economical go I can take an ER cast
with her a near pass near cast a junior cast it a camera found political so I’m
ready to near cast on call ADT so I’m EF on a line take until it could add a good
double port I’m like a line come on you go L interline come on now what is it
again you’re gonna beat the Jake on up Anthony
cheat upon the camera at a reference show for today
the Giacomo is poor shortcut agus is a co-host on the company of the lighted
dropper to and subs awakened they must want to keep Cola having a tacit or or
perilla matsumoto sorry I can’t do or through time of Korean lava or tone of
color board I can take an immediate and working Center due to optional Cora
today’s chapter from total at the endpoint a commit point at the center
erected near cast you Tony Acosta kami nila
alchemy center and just click riddle of the him washroom door Hitomi Adams
center taking acapella so integral operator near cast center use : photo
voltage’ option ghoulish ethicist a singular after a
atactic reuse code when the moon an intersection of sake want quadrant at
separate but hecto Deka chi perpendicularity is a perpendicular near
now for a line nila lombo up nod to the height the who later dropper a possible
dude la Mona I tell you door open alarm over yet I draw is a conic attached
along behind suppose a miracle
Elam you can take a nibble Columbo good eye hi hey Connie long behind TSI but I
reckon I know Angela effandi he can take it a lot after long Buddha geez I get
dropped or which is a gap Anita you squat already said top or hierarchy of
genres a line common among line type should have egg hunt again I won’t be
totally it’s poor show called way it’s possible but even then I decided to
little bit this is it I can cook from the lobby I’m a piss-poor shot clock
otavalo a Jedi’s for sure window theater at least Porsche window tag we have
someone new this portion will be totally to Elizabeth a web Nigella is for shock
attack tangent or drug or turbulent trouble alert try called Wynkoop show
host c’mon have an adjusted a orthotic e a take to dictionary get agenda nibble
that will take you forever category it to Poland Google take a turn a nice
apartment and I’m talking to the main main basic Jake look shall look into
already decayed elapsed I can’t today I rocky to drafting sitting in director
from Lecce sated to toe Linda Henning sitting certainly they will catch Tamra
a Gucci clamp for like checking shitty object snap C clamp 3d object Akana 3d
object I’m gonna 3d drawing a consumer dynamic input dynamic input that I can
already on coriaci the moon dynamic input data premiere on quality table
booster forward okay the dynamic input on color port
it’s no work I can’t I don’t gotta be a Jedi can f12 tap normal dynamic input on
hobo also a each eye contour a plus I when we check a tutor boxer motivator
for mass quantity Cola have a tiny input on her way I can’t dynamic input her
main Caskey they can allegedly line commonly one car so take a line common
our chain a token common cause I think I still have a comment from an area they
get a bum I can’t think I’m online comment are say I’m do the line name
yeah well I’m okay eta they can I’m a car so he shot a key
I might put a common promote area that’s all HHA along our keiki two-man show
courtship doing he specify first point a kind of
all share Auto Tamaki a common promote area cryptic same gotta bulging in
trauma car solution at a moving culture it is a dynamic input also applicant ago
dynamic input use could our data input output quarter word will it have no
power good things you’re gonna class the sheet bow take an hour to come up the
later and I pass I’m not trying to buy back or
touched a gulag ishiki take I said totally hombre que after a practice
Corbin I mean Jade a chicane I cannot I mean Jade a bullying I can appreciate
our market hollow-core chanted Jonathan they also got on know what along America
Corbin Jeannie’s will have a practice Corbin don’t practice Corbin it I don’t
know Jay trying to port of APNIC ironic unknown to me I have a modern age at
happening to interact a film and Jeremy it a drink or Chi I’m not on our mission
is a particular the pie attack have a tiny I’m after an easy I wanna break
Chris : I shall call a player I want a conic busy jungle I don’t agree sheep
Arduino take a sit the operator we practice quarter second Jota we should
practice Corbin Joe Pesci Abner I ought okay the drink cold when javi jelly jam
own share doing Conan cruising in Google take it soon Amon did you pictured again
gigantica de here they give drawing cordon tablet Eggman captain are their
practice of Allahabad connection hobby to a chihuahua a scary
video tutorial L muhlbach topo tragically up another pathologies
Haskell class Tito Maulana Sheikh the light given community and I mean
classical Camilla glow Irish TV duty share : friend Asia that
are all generator in a class blue some polka jumped about it Nashik Lamonica we
can adjust our Columba help : sa teleport embodiment of digit question I
was reading about the channel to get subscribe Corbin even bill but on the
active core language are already subscribed Christian that the ocean
cotton over Jenny I can Avedon et don’t knowit’s awake you

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