Bad Animation

Bad Animation

film is one of those things that I feel is taken way too seriously while at the same time being extremely underappreciated I say underappreciated because I feel like films shape people they teach values and explain aspects of life that are too complicated to explain in any other medium I don't think people realize how many of their values were taught to them through the movies I say they're taken too seriously because so many people seem to feel only one type of film like a drama or a coming-of-age movie can hold this level of importance and significance I don't necessarily think that there's a certain genre or style of filmmaking that is the most important but I feel one in particular isn't recognized for its significance and that's animation animation is to me an extremely important drowner that should be taken more seriously than it is because it's going to have a greater effect on its target audience when I say a target audience I of course mean kids obviously animation isn't just for children but when speaking about the majority of people going to see animated movies its families there's nothing wrong with this I mean kids are more excited about movies that look like this then movies that look like this but I feel a lot of the time production companies look at their audience as just kids and nothing more than that my issue here is that when a production company thinks like that and thinks only of how they can lure children to a theater they think of the goofiest idea possible that sounds entertaining for kids like hey let's put a baby right in in a suit it's is the boss baby as a result you get movies like this the emoji movie Ferdinand etc the problem with this is that I see each of these strange and borderline pointless films as being wasted potential given how much brain development happens at around the same age that people have been urged to see animated films a lot of what we're watching around that age is most likely going to shape how we approach and understand our surroundings as we get older that being said if most of what a kid is watching is just useless garbage that only exists because people keep talking about it and it keeps making money what are the kids really going to get out of it speaking from my own experience the perspective of a parent is something I never thought of or even began to understand until I watch something like Finding Nemo the whole idea of accomplishing something regardless of your appearance is something I was subtly taught through Shrek as goofy as that sounds and then you got fantastic mr. Fox that taught me how it's okay if the ending isn't exactly you want it to be the point is film is one of the most accessible and subtle ways of communicating ideas and I think animation given its target audience is meant to play this role the most when it comes down to it I think animation is a genius way of telling stories it's allowing a team of filmmakers to do literally whatever the they want the possibilities for storytelling are endless and on top of that it has the ability to appeal to almost everyone if the film is done right but it makes me sad after looking at these last Oscars it scares me as to what direction the animation industry is moving towards the only notable films in the Best Animated Feature category with a mainstream appeal out of the nominations was Coco which is great it's good to see Pixar still doing their thing but for a genre with such a significant role in the future society you would think there would be a few others up there I blame this on companies like Sony who have pushed out films like the The Smurfs open season the Pirates whatever the that is they do have a few good ones like Surf's Up and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs but you get what I'm saying I'm not against a goofy animation that doesn't have a ridiculous amount of heart like I just said I enjoy movies like Surf's Up that can be silly and still feel like they had a purpose and a unique voice I'm talking about films like Shark Tale that just just didn't need to happen at all if your movie isn't funny or unique enough to stick and it also doesn't really have any heart to it then why is it being made it's funny to laugh at how bad the minions movie was and how pointless the emoji movie ended up being but if we're talking about these movies and kids are seeing them those movies are gonna keep happening these production companies are gonna be like oh well we could work hard and make one of our good movies because we have the technology and the money to do so but but actually Africa let's do something with Mario yeah we like Mario right well we can all agree that Coco was the best animated film of the year one of if not the most talked about was the boss baby not because of how great it is or about any of the messages but because it's such a ridiculous idea that's fun to joke about I'm not telling you not to joke about these movies I'd literally do the same I'm saying that animation company should step back and rethink how much of an impact their films have on children's lives before they push out another pointless film I feel grateful that I was able to grow up in an era where I had movies like mimmo Shrek and robots hey Gaston because I can genuinely say they had a positive effect on the way I think I doubt in 10 years some dude is gonna be like yeah I think the UH Angry Birds movie really had an impact on me so with all this being said to Sony DreamWorks Disney and even Pixar consider the impact your films have I know boss baby 2 is already in production but let's just slow down before we start considering a third

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  1. “Sony has made some good movies like surfs up and cloudy with a chance of meatballs”

    Oh just wait 5 months and you’ll get the best movie ever

  2. Not trying to be a weeb but you didnt talk about any anime movie even if most anime are directed towards older audiences with a big thing to say. I think Silent Voice came the same year as Coco and boss baby and while i like coco it is visually and impactfully not even close to Silent Voice

  3. Come on dude don't hate the movie just because you don't like them you need to remember that you are not the only person in this world what seems ugly to you maybe beautiful to others you need to understand that in any movie the film maker has a target viewers for it so if you hate those movies it means it's not for you bro come on grow up stop judging things base on your taste or likeness you need to be open minded about things because you might end up hurting someone for example if somebody says that your YouTube channel is useless and nonsense because its not their taste what would you say? Its the same you'll say well my channel is not for you

  4. I love anation and I have been watching animation sine I was very young and think there are some fantastic movies in this gonrer and am still watching them as I grow older.

  5. To paraphrase MrEnter on his Animation “Genre” video – “If we want people to stop calling animation a ‘genre,’ we do need to stop treating it like one. We need more PG-13 or R-rated animated films. Ones that aren’t just parodies of PG ones. While Pixar themselves are being very creative, they do need to get out of their own conventions. We need more films like Mary And Max, Anomalisa or it’s Such A Beautiful Day. We need Disney to make more movies like Lilo And Stitch or The Emperor’s New Groove, and less like Moana or the live-action Lilo And Stitch.

    If you want to stop getting more schlock like The Emoji Movie, make it a little bit harder for hack filmmakers to follow this formula that’s become unbreakable over the past decade, because it’s an uphill battle to get animation any sort of respect in the mainstream audiences.”

  6. Coco wasn't the only noteworthy movie they had in the Oscar category, they also had Breadwinner and Loving Vincent, those movies were also good and deserved an Oscar.

  7. Japanese anime have way more impactful stories than the garbage they mostly produce in western studios. Pixar is still one of the exceptions but I feel like they're slipping nowadays, getting stale.

  8. I'm seeing a lot of people comment "You can't complain too much about these films, they're for kids", I have to counter argue this defence with these points:

    1) The term "It's a kids' movie" can defend why a film isn't too violent or why it has a colourful art style, but it shouldn't be used to explain why a film is bad, children's films aren't immune from criticism and "It's a Kids' movie" isn't a license for a film to be lazy or uncreative.

    2) The Default acceptable standard for children's movies shouldn't be "Whatever, it'll do, it's for kids", especially when there's so many children's movies out there that are both emotionally challenging and imaginative, from "Toy Story" to "The Secret of NIMH", "Matilda" to "The Neverending Story", there's no excuses for children's films to get away with being insultingly low standard or unambitious.

    3) Children aren't the only audience who watch these films, don't forget that parents have to see them too, why should it be a chore or punishment for them? Give them an experience that they can appreciate with their kids, a bonding opportunity that they can sincerely share.

    Great children's movies respect their young audience, they don't underestimate what kids can take in as an audience, they believe that kids are smarter than we think and try to teach them to understand storytelling values, they are so well written & produced that they can be treasured for a lifetime. Let's not shrug our shoulders or turn the other cheek when a film for kids is bad, we need to call them out on their low standards or easy pandering, because the next generation deserve movies that treat them with respect and don't just see them as a money making opportunity, thank you.

  9. I really strongly believe that Disney burying what revolutionised the animation industry is the ultimate killing blow to the art of animation, and the biggest enforcer of the Animation Age Ghetto.

  10. I also want them to stop producing calart animation I'm getting sick and tired of this version every hand drawn series I want a old style show like in the golden age of cartoons with no storyline and no more cash cow franchises

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