Banana Art Piece Fetches Staggering Amount Of Money At Miami’s Art Basel | NBC Nightly News

Banana Art Piece Fetches Staggering Amount Of Money At Miami’s Art Basel | NBC Nightly News

45 thoughts on “Banana Art Piece Fetches Staggering Amount Of Money At Miami’s Art Basel | NBC Nightly News”

  1. This is more of a reflection of art imitating reality in that the public has become so stupid- especially the rich- that a banana duct tapped to a wall gets such a high bid…

  2. It's not art, and it's not an investment, but as an act of pure capitalistic anarchy… i gotta admit, it's kind of brilliant…

  3. Its Junk, this guy isn't even an artist. He doesn't even create his pieces himself, someone else does? He cant even draw! Its nuts, ha

  4. How does someone so ignorant get Rich enough to waste 120k on a half rotten banana taped to the Wall??? You just publicly humiliated yourself in my opinion totally ignorant waste of that amount of money!

  5. "This IS an insane world, and do NOT underestimate its level of insanity." Jesus Christ speaking through the Holy Spirit in "A COURSE IN MIRACLES." Want to know more? From the simple cure for cancer to the very Meaning of Life in this world? "Seek and ye shall find"……

  6. This definitely stinks to high heaven,this is called self promotion at the least fraud at the worse,what I mean is this whatever person (not an artist) had someone buy this for him or he bought this crap himself,I am an artist and I am very offended someone could even attempt to say this is art,this is done all over even over night authors write a book or have one written for them and then they buy their own book in bulk so it looks like we the consumers are clamoring for this authors book,that is why you see a small dagger by the name on the NewYork times best seller list,right wing authors are guilty of this namely don trump jr.and his new book.This kind of underhanded fraud has got to stop so can we please get real no one in their right mind should even attempt to call this art or the creator an artist,this is just as bad as the jar of urine and feces.SMH So Slow.

  7. My dream for so many years is to do a showcase at art Basel… this …. Lol if you can take a moment to view my art page and art store on etsy @asirenserenity

  8. Really!!? And meanwhile us real artist with real talent are just trying to keep the bills paid. And someone takes a freaking banana to a wall and it’s art?! I am a artist of twenty years and this is one of the most idiotic attempts I’ve ever seen.. I have painted 17 hours a day, ruined my knees painting murals, crawling on concrete for days.. staying up countless hours working in a studio everyday for years.. I sell allot of art but this? And someone seriously has the nerve to call this art? Excuse me why I puke and burn my paint brushes.. rant over

  9. So stuipd paid this amount. What dose he do.1.take it off wall. 2.tape to his wall.3. 7 days go by. 4. Its rotting. 5. Roches start coming to eat it.6. Stain on wall roches are done with it. 7. He knocks down wall because stains wont come off and it cost him 200,000 to replace wall. 8.they never got to eat it. 9. Wifey made cause their in dept.10. Family goes on welfare.hummm.

  10. This is money laundering or this is the proof of ppl are stupid asf to buy "pieces of art" just cuz "x artist" made it.

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