Barbie Instagram – SNL

Barbie Instagram – SNL

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  1. People's comments about how hard they're laughing/dying are SO creative lol. "I'm dead," "I'm screaming," "I'm howling," "I can't breathe," etc haha

  2. Caption 1 : I do kale now, so I can choco-later
    Caption 2 : Ken; I can't find the puppy, come quick!
    Caption 3 : I'm taking a break at my Malibu Beach House, but I'll be back.
    Me : body by MACK Truck, brains by Mattel

  3. i mean my sister painted her barbie doll red and stuck pins in it pretending it was a satanic voodoo doll so i don’t even thing donald’s answers were that bad

  4. What's the deal with SNL sketches always ending on an awkward note? Can their exorbitantly paid writers not end a sketch in a non-terrible way?

  5. to be fair, the "hi, it's Barbie. i can't find my dog" is actually a hilarious caption for that photo. perhaps the executives missed the point there 😜

  6. My Barbie account and captions are similar but an Australian version!! Follow her on Instagram at @barbie_brisbane.

  7. they need to bring this back! It's like that game show they do where people say what's wrong with the photo…. pure hilarity. PLEASE bring this back.

  8. Omfg 😂
    -Ok. The fact that Glover doesn't just say "first and last day" & he feels the need to say "First, and Very last day" – idk it just seems SofaKing much more funny to me. It's so dramatic, I love how he delivers his lines. Sounds like Improv almost
    Ugh I wish there were more!

  9. What did I just watch… That weren't funny at all…Annoyingly disappointed. The older skits made sense and were Actually funny!

  10. SNL’s attention to detail as Barbie is outside of a chocolate store when she’s not holding that chocolate bar.

  11. I like the responses by the guy in the middle. You really feel like you're getting a glimpse into Barbie's mind and how she deals with what happened 4 years ago

  12. I Wish Bratz Would Of Done That…
    I Don’t Know What But Barbie Has Done Way To Much; I Think What We Need Is More Bratz And Less Barbie She Is To Much Plastic And Girls They Don’t Want To Play With Dolls They Want To Play With Whatever The Heck They Want Including Bratz Not Barbie.

    Bratz Are Way Better Than Barbie Am I Right?

  13. I thought the joke was going to be Donald Glover's character was low key confessing to a hit and run that haunts him lol

  14. I have been ignoring this in my feed for so long. WHY????? YOUTUBE YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED. I LITERALLY spit my food out of my mouth watching this!

  15. Barbie would never have an existential crises, she's too busy trying to what shoes to wear so she can go to the Aryan Exquisite Boutique with Ken, who will ultimately ignore her but on the bright side her nails are looking absolutely gorgeous today.

    I'm Barbie.

  16. I swear, Donald Glover is one of the best SNL Hosts of recent years. I hope he becomes a recurring host each season

  17. "So give me a call when you can. Oh, I'm sorry, this is Barbie. But you knew that you have caller ID. I'm so stupid, good-bye." I love how this was such a random turn to end the phone call.

  18. Pete Davidson character reminds me of my boyfriend. Doesn’t listen or focus especially when something happens

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