Basic Web Development Concepts

Basic Web Development Concepts

all areas of human knowledge have their own language and once you learn that language you begin to understand what that area really has to offer this applies to finance to health to car mechanics and to web development as well and IT in general so I'm going to go through some basic concepts that will help you navigate throughout this course and through having to deal with IT professionals or if you want to get started with your own 80 projects and build your your website or your app this I think will be a good starting point let's begin by the very basics what is the Internet well for some people that's a place where they share photos they share their lolcats documents but if we go if we if we go a bit more strict to what the definition is the Internet is actually a bunch of computers spread all around the world that talk to each other using a certain protocol a certain language that's called a tcp/ip it's another language but it's say that that's what they used to communicate to each other and from the internet the world wide web came out which is a network of hypertext documents that are linked to each other what we know as web web pages websites in 1990 the first web browser came out it was called WW and it's what you see on the screen so you need what's called a web browser to open web sites and web sites are made in a language called HTML so the web today has gone quite far from that early beginnings and we have all sorts of things now like social networks and multimedia messaging documents and everything you can think of but the basics remain kind of the same in in terms of these model so this there's a client which is your computer your web browser that makes a request to the cloud to the server and it receives from the server our response when you go to Facebook you're making a request to the Facebook server you're asking for the Facebook page and the server sends you back a response which contains the files like the the actual HTML file the CSS files and the images of that Facebook page and then you enter your login that's get send again to a server and another request and if your login is correct you get a response back and that's the page it shows you your friends and all of the other stuff if your passwords wrong then you get a response that says your passwords wrong so this basic interaction is a core element of web development and I want you to keep this in mind the client is your web browser we have many web browsers out there and something important to keep in mind as well is that we live in a post PC world in a post computer world where computers are not the only devices you can use to access the Internet there's phones tablets TVs refrigerators and more and more devices are now capable of connecting to the Internet um the clients usually is what the user sees the presentation so you get you get the Facebook page right you see the photos of your friends their status but that's not the actual data it's just what's been sent to you but they have the read like that the data is saved in a database in the server so on the client has also it also receives the user input and sends that to the server the languages used on the client side the technologies used are HTML CSS and JavaScript HTML and CSS have to do with mostly with appearance so hTML is just the structure on the content and then that content becomes pretty with CSS CSS takes care of font families font dives layout colors sizes of the font of the elements alignments and a whole bunch of other stuff JavaScript takes care of interactivity it adds logic to your webpage so you can and it's more and more common that this more and more logic on the client-side and JavaScript is used for that on the server on the other hand a server is basically a computer in a data center that's what it is a computer which could be a grid of many computers and connected to each other but it's the simplest way to see it it's a computer located somewhere in the world most likely in a data center and when we talk about the cloud we're using you we're usually talking about I mean we're always talking about some servers some computers located somewhere in the world that are keeping my files and my photos and my information servers have databases where they keep information and they also take care of the business logic and data validation so if I send my user and password to the server it gets to checked against the database is this user does this user exist is these users password the one that they sent I'll is that correct that checking is done in this on the server side there are many different languages used on the server side there's PHP Java Python Ruby JavaScript that I mentioned earlier is also used as a server-side language underst bunch more moral and server alternatives some things that are done in the server so when you talk to your developer or when you're planning your project you always need to think which things are going to be done in the client and in the server so everything that has to do with you creating data storing data saving that updating deleting data that's all really happening on the server you as a client in the your web browser you get the view that shows you a table of elements and a delete button in each one of them but the actual data is stored in the cloud in the server so everything that has to do with login logout as well it's done again server-side checks and saving saving file saving photos saving documents that's all sent to the server and that's where it's stored and when I say server it could be like many different services servers for one web application so sometimes it could have the database in one server and then the files in a different server and then connect to each other but that's behind the scenes for you I don't want you to leave this course without knowing what HTML without knowing anything about html5 html5 is the latest and specifications of HTML and it gives um it takes HTML to a whole new level where there's much more interactivity much more behavior integration with some of your devices and native features like camera and with hey if you learn html5 all the way you can make not only websites but also all sorts of apps mobile apps TV apps or any device app for any device that supports html5 and also games you can make mobile games or desktop games and you can also make like Windows programs or Mac programs or desktop computer applications you can make those too and well we're not covering this in this course at sort of a building that I've made and at the bottom you have HTML CSS and JavaScript those are the core sort of web technologies for the client on top of that you build on the newer html5 specs on css3 which is a newer CSS that has animations and a bunch of other stuff Alice JavaScript API is that allow you to connect to the GPS of your device to camera and then there are more libraries that you can learn that will help you like jQuery that helps you manipulate what's going on in the page it's a really simple way of putting it and jQuery Mobile it allows you to create like the mobile the mobile version of the of the page so that it will render in all sorts of mobile phones even old ones and then you need some sort of cloud or some sort of server-side you can build your own server side or you can use existing back-end equal back-end as a service and until and when you when you when you reach that point you can actually build apps that are for many platforms iOS Android and Windows Mobile blackberry and we have another course by Zumba which goes through this entire building all the way to the top from the beginning all the way to the top which I recommend you check out as well especially when you finish this course and you get a good grasp of HTML and CSS that's called and iOS and Android html5 apps for beginners and now we're all good to get started with the basics of HTML

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