Become a PRO SABER after this - Ultimate Saber Tutorial (Eng Sub) | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Become a PRO SABER after this – Ultimate Saber Tutorial (Eng Sub) | Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Hey everyone, It’s Betosky Gaming here
Welcome back to another Mobile Legends Tutorial This time, it’s going to be about the assassin:
S.A.B.E.R The spell that I use is flicker, since it will allow me to be in a better position To either escape or engage those priorities
targets, such as mage and ADC If you watch till the end of this video, you
will understand why I choose flicker Over retribution or any other spell In the current Meta, Saber Is not a very strong
middle lane hero anymore Since there are plenty of new heroes that
can gives him a very hard time He is pretty weak until he reaches level 4
So any attempt to 1v1 early game is futile As for how you want to approach the game
You want to go to bottom lane and team up with a Tank or Support
And bottom lane is better because you can damage
both jungle minions at the same time Like you see me doing here First item you want to buy
Is your jungle item and upgrade it to tier 2
Take the buff first and make sure you last hit the jungle minions
that’s a lot of experience when you have jungle item During the early laning phase, try to avoid
those annoying skills from your enemies Keep using your flying sword to harass the
enemies and clear wave Don’t put yourself in danger or be overly
aggressive Remember you are pretty weak early game compared
to many heroes Your main priority is to stay healthy and
reach level 4 Once you have ultimate, go gank other lanes
Saber is one of the best hero to secure kills Ehh….I don’t know what happened here
If the flicker actually worked, Lesley would have been dead for sure… I like getting Blade of Despair as the first
damage item since it will make your ultimate hurts like
hell Your flying sword and basic attacks damage
will increase immensely too Remember to take your buff whenever is available
It will give you 10% cooldown reduction You will consume 20% less mana
And it gives you 15 points of physical penetration Here I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able
to kill the Lesley before the enemy reinforcement arrive
Therefore, I decided to reduce his HP as much as possible
So next time he shows up, he will be an easier target
And also my ultimate only has 22 seconds cooldown Thanks to the magic boots and the buff I am waiting here, because I know the enemies
are definitely going To contest the crab, so I was waiting for
the right opportunity to ambush You can see how effective saber is countering
those squishy but bursty heroes and also very effective at protecting your squishy teammates Keep farming, especially when things quiet
down But keep your map awareness His passive skill: every time you deal damage
It will lower their armor by 7 and it can stacks up to 5 times
Sometimes it’s a good idea to use your flying sword first to
lower the enemies armor before Ulting But a lot of time it’s more important to
Ult first to kill the target fast before they can react and use flicker or dash, giving
the time for enemy’s reinforcement to arrive Here I saw Lesley, but I assumed there’s
probably another enemy too And my teammate didn’t even bother to help
me By the way, they are random teammates so a
lot of time you have to Have map awareness of your own teammate too!
to see if they are following you or not That was a very important tip I just gave
you Just for that, pause the video and hit that
like and subscribe button That would be in your best interest =)
Just kidding guys, I just want that play button from YouTube please
Thanks for watching and enjoy the rest of the video
Because you too can become a PRO S.A.B.E.R!

46 thoughts on “Become a PRO SABER after this – Ultimate Saber Tutorial (Eng Sub) | Mobile Legends Bang Bang”

  1. tip: when you´re in jungle, it's better to use the first skil opening the shuriken at the middle of the minion

  2. Bro can you please give me a skin of saber any skin because i am expert of saber heres my account Jj Uzumaki Grandmaster lvl 28 I like your video and I subcribe too plsss

  3. Finally, someone who understands logic. They laughed and insulted me for using flicker for saber but they were all speechless after I carried the game.

  4. I stick with retri and I use this tech

    And sabers effects feel so gooood

    And saber is one of the strongest assassns but not good in ganks

  5. I actually use Execute for a secure kill.
    I also wait to go and use my ulti when they lost at least 1/4 of their life then first skill. Execute if the combo isn't enough

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