Being A Part Of The UK Car Scene | Car Girls

Being A Part Of The UK Car Scene | Car Girls

I first got into the car scene
about five years ago now. Back then, I was a girlie girl. Proper girlie girl. As far as I was concerned,
a car was a car and I didn’t see it
from their point of view. But I have grown so far with
the car community and I have learnt so many things from them. These are all my reg plates
of the cars, I kept every one of them
as a bit of a souvenir. So I’ve got my current reg,
that is my old Ibiza reg. That’s my reg for my Audi. And that was my nickname
for my old Ibiza car. It’s your baby,
that’s how I think of it. Mine’s my baby. That was when I was five years old,
with a quad bike. Life on the farm,
it’s stressful, tiring. I’ve been caring for my grandparents
since I’ve been here. My grandparents,
they bring me up quite a lot. I would do anything for them. Even if I had to care for them
every single minute of the day, I would do, and that’s what I do
and I enjoy it. It is difficult having the farm,
caring for my grandad and my grandma, but I would still
make sure I come home from work, make the tea for my family,
and then I go for a drive. A car weekend away, it is
like sweet heaven to me sometimes. It gives me that little bit
of freedom. Freedom away from thinking about
work, farm, grandparents, family, everything. I can go out and I can forget it
all and come back refreshed. It makes people shocked, when they see a girl
come out of a modified car. They don’t understand
what it feels like to be a girl and be involved in a man’s hobby. Knowing that I am one of the girls
that actually can do things and don’t just sit at home, looking after kids or anything
like that, we do what we want to do. My name is Georgia and I first got into the car scene
a little over a year ago now. When you come to something
like a car meet, the main purpose is that people
have the same passion about cars and you don’t really find that
anywhere else. The fact that people can actually
come and park up in a car park and everybody can just look at
everybody else’s cars without having to worry,
it’s a really good feeling. It is a little bit difficult
to try and fit in, but I think now that there are more girls kind
of bringing their own cars into the scene, you do feel
a little bit more relaxed. You do not feel as pressured to kind of have one of these big,
fancy cars. But for the time being I’m kind of
just starting from the bottom. Now, if I could do
something like that to mine, that is what I would do. The look of that is just
absolutely incredible. I do get drawn to stuff
that’s a bit weird. Georgia, is this the monster truck? Initial enquiry, see the list. Yes. It’s fine, your car
is in good hands, don’t worry. I do feel like
I am quite a creative person. So to be able to have a car that’s
quite in-your-face, something that you look at and just
be like, “Oh, that’s different.” To me, that’s kind of… That is me. There are times
where I am nervous thinking, “Oh, is someone going to
not like my car? !Is someone going to say something
and I’m going to overhear it?” Especially when you turn up to a car
meet you’ve never been to before. But now I have learned to accept
that there is not always going to be people
liking what you do. I was not really confident
when I was younger. Being at school was hard. I used to be that quiet girl,
because I did get bullied. I got bullied for my size, I got
bullied for my name, everything. Everything is different
in the car community. They take me for who I am now. Not for what I used to be like. Me and my mum,
we went through some bad times. We kind of grew apart. We nearly lost contact. Since I got more into
the cars again, my mum’s got more into it again. Hey, Mum. But she was more interested
in the whole wrapping side of it. With me having my car wrapped,
then we can do it together, as a bit of time for us
to spend together. When you wrap a car,
it is either because you get bored of the colour, for one,
or to have something different. Something that nobody’s got. We done the BMW. Yeah, we did the BMW.
We did part of a VW Polo. Yes. Obviously, this Mini. Anything that could be wrapped, we
would be able to do it, definitely. Not a problem. So, shall we go on to the next one? Now, working together
has definitely, definitely made us stronger. Jen does the car meets, she’s queen
bee when she does the car meets. She is quite independent,
very outspoken. I am very proud, absolutely,
very proud. Whatever challenges we get, she just takes them head-on
and we just get on wi’ it. I’ll never fault my mum, for the simple reason that
she has made me who I am today. A strong, confident,
unbelievable woman. As soon as you walk into the place,
it is just, everyone is so happy. Because you’ve had so much time off
over the winter, you just don’t think about
anything else. It’s just all cars. You get to see the drifting,
you get to do things, it is ace. You spend so much time sort of
getting ready and prepping your car, it’s almost like when you
go into a birthday party. Everybody put so much effort
into it that it’s like a celebration
for the car community. People have been looking forward
to this for quite a few weeks and sort of like,
now is the big day. It does excite me, this. Cos it’s just, like, everybody is
leaving at the same time, everyone’s going to the same place and I’m just hoping
that I can keep up. I think that’s Jen. Hope everybody can get out! That is sick. Wow, it’s quite busy. Like, really busy. It feels brilliant to be back here. Back in the game, back around cars. Woo! That was amazing. Are you excited?
Yeah, I am, actually. Have you driven one before? Yes, but years ago. It is actually so much fun. That was ace! That was ace! Being in the car community,
it’s a family. Everybody loves to be
in this family, because it’s something different. Normal people, they don’t
understand the car side, they really don’t. Because as far as they’re concerned,
we make noises, we do silly things. But it shows my personality. It shows that I am weird
and wonderful in so many ways and I love that.

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  1. My local Tesco's car park had to put up bollards at the halfway points of the carpark as there was lots of teenagers/young adults with their cars trying to show them off. There's been times they've nearly knocked people down or crashed into another car or swerved off the road. I know people want to have fun but I'm sure there's better places to go rather than busy car parks where you risk knocking someone down

  2. Did she say this is her current number plate (after clearly showing it?) then when she drove off in her Q3 they blurred the plates?

  3. I own a Dodge Challenger and it constantly surprises a lot of people when they see who is driving the car… plus, I'm a veteran so when folks are behind me and they see my plates, they expect to see a guy driving… then they see it's me… I'm sure some of them think I'm driving my husband's car… but whatever. I love muscle cars – always have!

  4. I thought the modding had died since the heyday of Max Power.

    Edit: When you bring up girls in the car scene, why would you feature two girls with pretty much bog standard cars that are pretty crap base cars.

    I can't imagine a decent looking modified Nissan Micra but the audi might be OK if it was slammed, had a sick body kit, sick interior and ICE install and 1000 bhp.

  5. Seems like much of the 'car scene' these days consists of kids with bog standard cars that are probably on finance or lease with a few stickers on them. Case in point; the two in this disappointing video.

  6. Dunno why I’m watching this. Basically mentally ill, concerned about what others think but really they don’t care at all they’re too busy worrying about what you think.

  7. Also looking at the reg this is a standard 2014 plate 2 Litre Diesel Q3, as basic as they come so why would you take that to a car meet if all you've done is wrapped it? Hardly a decent mod! Cant take these seriously. Also a Nissan Micra hahahahaha

  8. Calling “cars” a legitimate hobby in 2019 is like saying cocaine “is a great community that helps me express myself.” They’re both world-enslaving problems that create misery for untold millions. The fact that you feel some level of self-actualization is irrelevant, what you’re doing is stupid.

  9. A set of fake BBS rims and a sticker on a 1 litre Micra makes ya part of the car community?? FfS BBC where did u find these 2 munters.

  10. OMG, gender stereotype shattered! If my daughter was hoping for "my little pony" for x-mas she's gonna be disappointed 'cause she's getting "Hot wheels"; she needs to be steered away from harmful femininity. Thanks BBC Three

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