what is up guys at his power bang welcome back to another pub G mobile video you are sure to enjoy this one so stick around but first let's get into this week's top plays of the week as submitted by you guys this contest is sponsored by D u recorder and if you want to submit your plays to me for feature on this channel make sure you do so by tagging me on twitter and hashtag d u recorder PB or go to my discord channel link in the description below and go to the submit your clips room to put your clip they're starting out let's go to number 5 oh he's prepped for that nade Ruben sing with number 5 oh he's running into it Oh direct hit nice made dude that's gonna get him the chicken dinner too number 4 what is this no way be careful with music guys give me that copyright strike what's he doing oh he's sneaking up on him while we get shot by somebody else oh it's a one-on-one situation here this was double the potato but it's all good whoa got him I love the sound effects dude try to you recorder you better quality than that here we go warlock throwing that nade from downtown Jeep starts up Oh right when the guy gets into it boom gets him on the escape and then we've got Pluto bar here with the car 98k noscope oh man no get the devil look at this coming across the bridge really legend dude I cannot believe you shouted me out in your video you won tap the guy from a mile away with a red dot mad props dude that is the number one play of the week Congrats to insert you will be winning a $50 gift card I'll be getting a hold on discord man guys thanks so much for participating in this week's plays of the week's if you want to continue to submit your clips I'll be back later on with another contest and another giveaway thanks to you recorder for sponsoring it what's going on guys my name is power value and welcome to the channel we've got a pub G guide for you today on assault rifles we're comparing them contrasting them and figuring out how to use the bad boys and figuring out which one is better so you see the firing line on the screen that's where we're gonna be doing all of our shooting from making sure that it's consistent each and every time we're gonna start off taking a look at the m416 and we're gonna be looking at spray patterns with fully automatic gun fire so after each run you're gonna see some dots appear on the results over on the left side of your screen we'll do run to now and as each run continues to finish up that's going to be overlaid on top of each other so you can see all of the data so now that we've got a full three runs on each gun we're going to switch it up and we're gonna go to the next one we'll take a look at the scar-l this time and when we're done we'll compare all of these at the end and I'll give you my thoughts on each ripe Oh so kind of with the no attachments on all of these guns that's how we're doing the first run is literally nothing on them you're gonna see a lot of these kind of kick all the way off the screen or off the target per se it's not even gonna be hitting the wood at all off of the paper and that's not exactly what we're looking for we'll see if attachment can fix that in just a second we've got the aughh III though this is a crate only weapon that you have to find from the supply drops that come out of the planes during the game now the ogden accuracy coming really really stable with no attachments on it at all we'll see if it can match that on his third run here pretty consistent overall the AA gave three not bad at all let's switch it up and we'll go ahead and take a look at the m16a4 which is probably the most commonly found assault rifle now that is crazy straight up and down really really good tight grouping therefore no attachments on it at all one thing that I have to point out though about the m16a4 is that it's a burst fire weapon not a fully automatic weapon so the way I'm doing this is basically tapping on both fire buttons at the same time alternating them to get as fast as spray as possible so I can make a comparison there you see run three kind of gets away a little bit has some random shots we'll go ahead and break that down in a minute though next we've got the AKM which is a 762 round that is a much bigger round than the five five six rounds and as you can see it's slower firing less tightly grouped and they're firing all over the place off the mat we're shooting into the sky here the egg-cam is not what you're trying to go full auto with guys as you'll see from the the bullet mappings on the results screen there here's run three from it and again all over the place one thing consistent about the AKM up into the left baby next up we've got the graça also a crate weapon this is a seven sixty two chambered round and it is the same as the AKM as far as ammo type now the graphs are one thing I find really really kind of cool is the first bullet hits its mark and then the muzzle jumps a little bit and it goes up then there's a really tight grouping of four or five bullets and then it kind of rises from there so a little bit interesting on this gun and it did this same thing on each round that I fired it so there you have all of the assault rifles in the game fired full auto with no attachments now it's time to test with all of the attachments that help your accuracy so we're gonna run up to that same firing line you see those white dots on the ground we'll place our feet and we're gonna start off once again with the m416 this should make a little bit of a difference you'll see a tighter pattern here and what do you know we don't even go off the top of the wood everything stays on the paper so the compensator the stops and the four drifts those are all helping tremendously now below the icon over on the right below the gun icon you can see what type of attachments each gun will accept not all the assault rifles are the same so for example you can't necessarily put a stock on a weapon versus where you could on something else so pay attention to that as you can see the scar has a fixed stock you can't replace that and it's going to show here in that it's got a little bit of improvement here but it still has really similar patterns now the scar overall really really impressive look at those patterns very very similar the first several shots are grouped up really nicely before they start to branch off after about 20 shots not bad at all from the scar next we'll look at the oven now this thing that's a machine man that's almost a straight line it goes up into the right just a little bit and we'll take a look at the second round as well and this one does similar things when it goes up into the left forming kind of a why so that's a little bit interesting not quite as consistent as we'd like to see and then the third one mirrors the first pattern almost identically so the are looking like a very consistent weapon to use with the attachments on next up we'll take a look at the m16a4 again the burst fire weapon we're still firing it on first gear holy cow look at that right up and down the center beautifully done they're from the m16 we'll get two more runs in here and compare those I am getting shot here from behind because you know I am on the firing range in the new training grounds really helpful for things like this demonstrations kind of learning about the weapons highly recommended if you guys haven't done so I'll show you why it's annoying though here in a second as well so the m16 flawless gun pattern there but again you have to click each time so a lot more opportunity for user error to be introduced next up we've got the AKM even with the compensator on it still is going to go flying up you know out of the screen essentially compensator not doing a whole lot by itself the AKM because of the magazine on the front is not able to accept a foregrip or any sort of stock it does have the ability to add a muzzle attachment or a magazine so there you see after the egg-cam fires its spread is all over the place now the graça is another crate weapon and this one does not have any attachments that you can put on the gun that will increase its accuracy so we'll just leave this one out now that being said guys we've got a comparison between the base assault rifle with no attachments used whatsoever let's take a look at these we've got the m16 this is obviously a really really solid weapon very tight groupings but again this comes down to your personal preference for it burst fire weapons you do have to click each time so there is a higher potential for you to introduce use your air into the equation the mr the scar-l as you can see the next one in this is a pretty decent group with no attachments on it although the angles that these bullets kind of jump that side-to-side is a little bit steep and that where the m16 or the m416 will improve upon that the side-to-side is far less it's a very very tight grouping a really nice out-of-the-box weapon same thing with the OGG a three the Augie three is probably the best with no attachments on it but as you would expect from a great weapon the Auggie's looking pretty solid straight away with no enhancements to it then we get into our seven six two chambered rounds and that is our AKM and gross at the AKM really is all over the place and as you can see from these results is not really meant to be fired on fully automatic mode unless you're using it in close quarter combat in a house or trying to breach into somewhere that is being guarded by an enemy and you really don't have any better options other than that the AKM excels at single fire mode which we will talk about in just a moment finally wrapping up with the graça the garage does another crate fire weapon where it has that single shot and then it has a pretty significant muzzle jump after the first shot and a really tight grouping of four or five shots with no attachments on this thing a really really nice weapon to use in theory although some have pointed out that they do not like the way it feels although that is subjective here's the data guys feel free to check out the actual all attachments used as well we have ourselves a much tighter grouping on almost all of these you can see starting off with the m16a4 this is just a lethal weapon in the right hands again you have to enjoy the burst fire feature on this one because you will be clicking the fire button a lot whether you're on single whether you're on first but that being said it is a fantastic weapon with or without attachments and moving on to the scar-l very very impressive and consistent results with the attachments on we're talking two compensators the four grips and really really impressive performance but i think the one that shines the most here with the attachments on is the m416 look at the consistency the pattern is exactly the same each and every time and not only that look at how many shots on-target from the belly button all the way up to the head are they're in the exact same pattern and when it does change direction the angles are not very steep until after about 20 shots are fired and if you can't get your target down in about 20 shots that's that's on you not the gun so really performance here from the four one six next we also have the aughh a three and this one just like it was without attachments on it excels with attachments on as well very very consistent straight line performance up and down here from the aughh a3 the only complaint I have about this particular gun is every once in a while as you can see with that orange pattern there one of them kind of deviate and go off to the side so if you happen to get unlucky when you're aiming on your target full auto and it does kind of go off to the side a little bit there is the potential for you to have to make a correction and that introduces the opportunity for user air as well here with the Augie a three next we've got the AKM even with attachments being used it still is all over the place definitely don't recommend this one for full auto fire and finally with the graça all attachments being used is exactly the same thing because no attachments will actually help the accuracy of the graça it is how it is coming out of the crates so next up we're gonna take a look at the muzzle velocity of each of these weapons that's how fast the bullets get to their target you're gonna see the m416 shoot at 880 meters per second this is really really nice to know like which one of these weapons will have less bullet drop over distance the m416 excels at firing it pretty much any distance the SCAR light you're gonna see 870 meters per second so just slightly slower than the m416 although very comparable those two weapons are the aughh a three has a whopping nine hundred and forty meters per second this is huge and one of the fastest in the game the Augie three is definitely one that you're gonna want to watch out for and the bullet drop is almost nothing with that gun next to set the m16a4 again really really fast velocity on these bullets nine hundred meters per second and I believe I believe we've been interrupted here somebody over here on the firing range yeah just blew me up with a grenade so we'll get back to business here nine hundred meters per second getting those shots downrange you see how quickly after you hear the sound you see the bullet hit the target that's kind of what we're talking about here and you barely have to compensate for distance at all these shots out at 300 meters landing no problem now the AKM much slower muzzle velocity you're talking 715 meters per second you can actually see the difference in your shots and you'll also have to compensate for that as the target gets further and further away from you so 715 meters per second for the AKM is the exact same as the graça both 762 chambered rounds with those larger bullets they fly a little bit slower they drop a little bit more it's just physics right so we've got another interruption here this guys harassing me he won't leave me alone that's the one thing about the training grounds that I hate is I'm trying to get some stuff made here he keeps throwing grenades at me and because of the way those work I'm just getting blown to bits here so I'm gonna show him a thing or two we're gonna clear him out of the way he's gonna jump on his own grenade here and that gives me just a quick second to line up I've got a Russian shots downrange one thing interesting about the graça is the eight-time scope does not attach to the graça you have to use the four times here and 750 meters per second plus four times makes it a little bit harder to use this weapon decent range compared to the other ARS and this guy is really harassing me now I'm just gonna take a quick second and go make them pay for it so we'll just put this scope here on his head and let him know that I don't appreciate his action oh no you're not needing me bro that's right how many headshots is that in a row 37 he doesn't know what he didn't know what he got himself into I was trying to ignore him but not anymore you know what let's go punch this dude in the face – all right that's that's enough of that so you guys are all learned up about muzzle velocity let's take a look at each weapons reload speed now starting with the m416 we've got 1.75 seconds on a reload with quick-draw attachments attached and now without the quick draw on 2.3 seconds for the m416 very very impressive one of the faster reload times in the game and it's going to essentially match the scar with the exception of the quick-draw effects the scar even more so than the m416 so the scar without the quick-draw is at 2.3 seconds still the same as the four one six really good performance here from the start actually edges out to four one six next we've got the all a three and it's a painful 2.4 seconds even with the quick-draw on but without the quick-draw this is where you're gonna see a crazy 3.2 7 seconds on the reload that my friend is slow and we'll lose you some firefights if you happen to be in close range now the m16a4 comes in a blazing 1.5 7 seconds with the quick-draw on and with it off it still has two second flat that is super fast guys m16a4 the fastest reload or AoE are in the game and now we got the AKM coming in at 2.4 seconds with the quick-draw attached that's the same as the AA though my god the AKM is slow now we're gonna go ahead and click reload once again after we fired and again that same painful 3.2 7 seconds guys that is going to be tied for the slowest in the game now we've got the graça this came in a little faster than I thought with the quick-draw attachment 1.8 7 seconds and without it you're going to be seeing a graça clock in a little bit faster than the slower weapons at 2.5 seconds but still not as fast as the four one six in the scar and the m16 that being said here is a chart of the fastest reloading weapons – the slowest you're gonna see the m16a4 topping the cake here with the fastest time overall by far so wise with any game a lot of this is very very subjective I tried to give you guys the data to do with what you will write you guys can learn from this hopefully control your weapons a little bit better but in the end of the day I still personally like the AKM right I am very effective with it and based off of what the data says I probably shouldn't use it ever if there's any other option available but with single fire on I can absolutely blow up heads with the AKM and you could likely do the same with that or any other weapon on this list so I encourage you to pick the weapon that you feel the most comfortable with I'm not going to give you my opinion on the best rifle here as I want and remain as objective as possible in this particular episode but I do have a favorite it's an overwhelming favorite as well I would love to hear if you have an overwhelming favorite for these assault rifles let me know what's your favorite down in the comments below don't forget to like this video guys I would really really appreciate the support and if this gets enough life's not it I made you another comparison guys in the future that being said guys this is Powerbank thanks for tuning in to the channel tune in next time for more pub G mobile action


  1. Who needs AR rifles when you had M249!!!With 0.075s fire rate and 45 damage,it time to kill is faster than Groza,M416,AUG,Beryl and M16a4!!!this is fact.This is a true information.Don't be stupid and follow your feeling

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