Best Drawings I did in 2018

Best Drawings I did in 2018

hello everyone and welcome to my little
personal rewind and since the new year has started I thought it might be
interesting to have a look back at the past year and as you can see there have
been quite some paintings and it will be a bit similar to the rewind video edit
last year but this time I thought I just start with the most recent painting and
you have it every painting that I show we will just go back to the beginning of
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that link so be quick. so the first one is a drawing of link in his sheikah
outfit I’ve always wanted to do like a bigger fanart of link in this outfit but
I just have come to do some sketches of it and with this one I’m really certain
more like sure that I might do something together that like even with a
background but at least give him some decent colors the next drawing is
actually a patron commissioned and patron commissioned means that people
that support me on patreon can suggest characters certain characters they they
like and so I don’t necessarily I’ve watched this show or at the manga so
with this one I haven’t watched the show unfortunately the setting is more or in
and I thought the the scenery of like a little oasis might fit and personally I
like the little tints of orange and blue that I’ve added there and the the palm
tree is done with wash and for me in order to make the sky as even as
possible that’s just a little side note and we can continue next up we have
destroying length you might know it from one of the latest live streams there’s
not really much to say about it that I haven’t mentioned in the live stream
then we have a book cover commissioned so this painting will stun is a book
cover the author of metalloid chronicles who gave made a commission to make a
book cover for him and this is the concept that ended up being used the
characters are represented by the flowers actually so yeah we have a fuzzy
fellow here and I think it’s a certain that is represented by the dark Lotus
and the main character obviously in the front next we have another patron
commissioned so it’s cute Oh brick Edo period here we dog I saw that online you
probably noticed that I haven’t washed it yeah but a guest like patron
commissions are usually the point where I can just how would you say it like my
comfort zone I don’t know and for this one I used some ink that makes the
jacket and the hair look very dark and the backbone only has watercolours which
is something I like to do just switch between some media to see how they
behave to another and I think it worked fine since even though it’s very black
and white you can still see the contrast so the next painting is actually
something that I’m really proud of doesn’t really fit on a whole frame but
it was something that I did for Halloween you probably know that digital
art is not really my main subject I love doing it but I’m most known for my
watercolor work with this one I am really satisfied which doesn’t happen
that often I think the time frame that I did it in was okay and also the post
with birth like the the trials I had no idea what
to do but maybe you don’t even notice that then we have a degree antenna which
isn’t really finished yet I used it to do some pavement tutorials to explain
how I color skin in different angles or with different nose that you can see in
there and also how to work on the hair and such and since i’m ugiy agreement
then i thought i just include this even though it’s not finished I still like
hunting haman and yeah why don’t you just include it in this rewind just
because I’m a fan then we have another outfit well I have a video on this
channel which you can like yeah I guess there yeah yeah okay right yeah this is
one of the ones I don’t really like it looks very stiff and yeah it actually is
even a bit older and you might think I just put it in here in the beginning
because I just recently finished it just skip this one I don’t even like it so then we have another patreon
Commission it’s princess nehelenia from Sailor Moon
I really draw manga girls and because I’m not that good at it to be honest and
I thought maybe I can use my early quiet as a comedian reference skills like
because I used to to pen digitally more realistically and I thought I might just
try it again because so far I have switched my digital style more manga and
yeah this is the result it’s very much I also had not that much time for it but I
think on the first view it’s it’s okay I like the face there’s the most effort in
so don’t notice all this stuff it’s it doesn’t matter next up here for another
digital drawing and it actually fits the frame that’s great it was something that
was done for sci-fi devianart approached me and I was so lucky they they pick me
because at first I wasn’t really sure like they won
me to do an illustration for sci-fi and I thought well they might want to have
like some of the watercolors that portrays or like something that I’m more
known for I guess so I didn’t expect them to request something digitally from
me I was super happy to do it and super lucky unfortunately I did the
whole background but because of the characters you can’t see it maybe I will
just blend it in so you can have a look I’m not sure if it really ended up on
the bus but I know that they used it for stuff like tote bags and water bottles
it’s a San Diego comic-con and even at the New York Comic Con as well so yeah
that that’s cool I I was really lucky that this happened to me and I could
work on it so I mean of course it needed some work but I didn’t expect that so
just really happy for that and hopefully next year will something else that will
happen like this um okay we continue with the next one the next one you might
have seen it with the expensive brush video but I will also link mean hey we
one time we will just link every old video but now it’s a print because I
don’t own the originals anymore I put them away with the last shipments of the
output yeah it’s sunflowers it’s basic I guess
and not as basic as the next one which is this one
there you have like some pinup of my original character called Ian where
there is another video I can link here there might be another version of it
somewhere on the Internet I’m not sure certainly not on tumblr tumblr doesn’t
allow that anymore so no this also happened last year then we have another
patron Commission well haven’t won those four by now which is from killing
stalking the character yeah I haven’t read the manga I read a few pages of it
so I don’t really know much about it and no he is a psychopath and wants to I
don’t know I don’t actually know if you want some
matter somebody I don’t know please tell me your opinion about clanks talking in
the comments because I obviously have no idea about it but I have drawn the
character so for the effect that you can see here with the sun shining on him
I used a photo of like this sidewalk while there were the shadows of a tree
and I just cleaned that image and made it I think black and white so that I
could use multiply and just put it on here it adds some more details to it fit
more bear much effort so a little trick here we continue next up I have a little
bundle so here you can see it’s a sketch and then we have the outline then we
have like a practice so this was like the first attempt of coloring it where I
wasn’t sure about the colors and then we have like the result where I was true
about the colors but the paper has damaged and I don’t know what happened
but the Copic markers were like watercolor so the paper got wavy so I
had to paint the tiger on another sheet of paper and in the end I combined them
with Photoshop and so you have the final result right here and there’s also a
video on how I colored the skin part of it which I will link here it took a long
time to finish this one and let’s just make this clear and then we have two
drawings that were also featured in a Copic marker video that I did so for
this one I use Copic a brush for the background and for this one I just
showed the basic technique how to make the hair and the spin next up is another
page in Commission I think it’s Baekhyun I know it’s from the EXO monster video
so I’m not really that into kpop I have no idea really about all the details
that there are so I hope I got the name right if not correct me in the comments
because there’s another kpop picture coming
and I like how the skin turned out it’s very difficult to get all the colors and
trying to get them visible on their own without smudging them to one
Darkrai or something like that so that was a bit tricky with this one so the
next one is basically a read wrong it’s kind of from the try become human to put
this first but I did another version of this a month before I had painted this
phone because this one was painted at MEC on 2018 I did it on stage it was
quite exciting to paint in front of such large audience and behind me was even a
larger screen so there was quite an experience and a fear like a pinky his
eyes were going cross sighted on the screen so I just fixed it later so it’s
a bit embarrassing but yet still so it’s kind of funny try become human remember
when that was the thing next up we have a gouache drawing painting what do we
call it and this one was from a video that I did last year then you can click
I wish I would use gouache more often since I think it’s a very cool medium
especially for like comic related stuff for realistic stuff I think it might be
a bit too hard or too difficult at least for me it’s too difficult since this one
was already hard enough like painting on the surface sometimes with the brush you
just drag away some color and then you have those nasty holes that with this
one actually a hunt is visible but in the video you can see me that I struggle
with it and you also I think see the other result that didn’t turn out as but
I think I like this one it’s one of the better pictures I did
this last year and then we have an sketch and as you can see this painting
is supposed to be my OC even though he doesn’t really have blue hair but I
thought in the color scheme the cool and here we have them both so it’s Ian and
Sam yeah I hope that I will do the comic book about them this year this
year so this one was one of the few watercolor portraits I did last year I
wish I had done more since usually I really loved doing those and working
with flowers and making like a composition out of it and stuff like
that but I haven’t really done a lot of them compared to the last year’s before
that I hope I can do more of them here we have another patron commissioned I
mean I think there should be 12 members this time it’s Suman
he was also suggested by one of my patrons this is a very hard color for me
to use sometimes it’s hard to make it look good because it just looks so
artificial in a way if you use it I’ll try to include it in some other drawings
so I thought well okay yes like some lighting going on there so I might just
include it so here we have the drawings or paintings I did for kripp to be of
the characters look see and the barrage it was actually quite fun to create some
power characters or to draw paint or characters since I so far I’m used to
draw yeah like clear skin and pretty faces and
stuff like that so it was quite a nice change to just use every kind of picture
that I can create so for this one I used some saran wrap and for this one I just
used granulating colours to create those little freckles on his face and next
coming are a few a CEO cards this one actually is a print because I don’t have
the original anymore these both original and there’s a Jack Frost missing I guess
you have cat Noir and Devvarman so Akira from the human cry-baby which
was the show I actually watched and I really enjoyed it
and then we have a shirtless P she the shirtless B Sherman that I did for
dopamine and to be part of a little get-together with other artists so
friends of mine who also drew shadow species so we could end up with a set
that people could collect and so this one actually is a collectible card then
I continued with this full metal alchemist hangout which is fully done
with markers as you can see by the backside there was quite a lot of marker
fluid that was used for this one it’s not that often that I draw multiple
characters on a picture it’s usually just a portray maybe maybe even like
upper body but it’s really like a full composition with like multiple
characters and the background and stuff like that so it’s been years since I did
this next we have another digital drawing I don’t really like this one so
I don’t think I have posted it on social media because I wasn’t really sure what
to think about it it’s very rough especially with the hair like the face
is alright but that’s just my style it should just focus on the case because
I think it’s the most fun and the rest is just like me just they just leave it
be like I don’t have any fun anymore but I like this little effect that is here
with the flowers so it was actually like a little mistake like I payment the
flowers or like drew the line out of them and then I thought like well okay I
want to see or I want to color them and for that I usually just use a bucket and
then fix the layer so I could just paint the flowers and I haven’t really done a
clean line out so you have just like some parts that are untouched by that I
don’t think I’ve ever seen this one until now yeah that’s how that’s a
problem with a lot of things so I start drawing some paintings and I think the
concept is alright but focusing on more details or making it more finished
then it’s just like oh no the concept is there but I don’t need to do any more
because I don’t know I don’t have fun with it but let’s continue we don’t want
to talk much wrong about this here we have another or like two outfit of the
day drawings I like this more than the one that I showed some minutes ago
because this one has some nice dynamic I guess in this one while it doesn’t
really look like me I guess then it still looks quite decent as a magnet
drawing just there’s a video on how I did this one and you can watch it
I’m just recommending something next up we have another digital painting another
one of those I don’t really like that much I really have to practice painting
girls more digitally I guess and even like just manga drawings so I really
really trust Monica’s and this was one attempt I was inspired by how a lodge
does for girls or how she paints her girls and I wanted to use like a similar
pellets I ended up with this but I don’t think it is succeeded that well okay
one of the drawings edit in 2018 then we have a bunch of sketches so we have
Victoria you have I think it’s a Omega this one is Yui from Julian eyes and
here we have devil men crybabies so it’s a quija and I have a use kala guy the
other guy I nearly had it but I don’t remember and then we have Harry Potter
who totally fits in this bunch and then we have something from February which I
can tell by this happy Valentine’s Day you would expect there is another
version of it but actually this time there isn’t it’s just this drawing and
that’s why it’s the up on TV not I guess because they also have last year’s
reported some of my work there even though it was like I don’t upload stuff
like this there but still it’s very sketchy it’s
it was just done for the holiday and next comes so hi again next comes a
little canvas I just show it on the camera here as well so you can see it up
front and yeah it’s done on watercolor canvas the company that produces those
was kind enough to send me to a sample I really enjoy how it turned out it’s just
very difficult in a way to just only use watercolors on this thing since the
fabric or whatever this is just sucks in the colors so I use some gouache to
cover up mistakes especially around the nose which you can’t really tell by
looking at front of it but okay you also don’t see it if you tell it but I see it
when I told it so yeah but having a watercolor pending one an extra cameras
was quite a nice experience I really loved it next up we have some bigger
painting I just probably just show that you know to give you a full thing about
it because on this camera as you can see it doesn’t really fit it’s quite back
and it also took like a very long time and it’s in a way a follow-up to a
previous painting I did which is called race of nature which I can also put
somewhere here there’s not much else to say about it I guess
very colorful let’s continue I may just turn it so you don’t really get
distracted by it because it’s just so big mixed up we have a pan up a dutiful
friend as a gift she’s mostly known by her name’s on the smile and it’s her
BOCES she has used in her manga called a crushing bone and I really enjoy the
character design and the overall atmosphere and I thought I would want to
capture it in the fan out so I sent it to her and so I don’t have the original
this is just a photocopy we continue the next drawing is also a gift or was a
gift for friend this time I don’t own the original because
Digital and I just have to print it out to show it to you and it’s for kuduro
which is another artist I highly recommend I have a few pictures hanging
behind me and that I made by ah yeah it’s her OC news I hope I got that right
I was a bit inspired by the kappa style that Cavis uses and which also applies
to one of the next points and that’s what I meant about when I said I wanted
to do my mom anger issues style rather than that semi realism that Zakir
Mitchum is popular for looking back Cynthia now I think in January of 2018
yeah I think I have developed quite a fish with that hopefully the drawing the
year began with this one which I think isn’t really that spectacular it’s a
flower though I have to say actually made a
photo of that flower so the original flower was like a plastic flower and I
gave it that rainbow look which the original flower only had this yellowish
tone but yeah it’s not that exciting but it was how the year started the year of
2018 which was very exciting so at last I want to thank you all for the amazing
support you gave me not only last year but also like ever I really appreciate
it and I’ve never really expected to yeah
focus on what I love doing so again thank you so much for subscribing for
watching for everything just I hope you stick around I’ll try my best to make it
worth it so yeah thank you thank you for watching
and I hope to see you again good bye

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