Best Free Video Editing Software 2017

Best Free Video Editing Software 2017

– As you know, video is
super, super hot right now. But getting started and
dipping your toe in the water needn't be an expense. – In fact, this is our 31st YouTube video and we haven't spent a dime yet on video editing software. – So, let's look at our
top picks for editing, so you can do it for free too. – Firstly, we wanna give you
a little bit of a warning of ones to stay away from in 2017. Windows Movie Maker. This has been a classic of
video editors for years now. – Oh, yeah. – I don't know if it's
as old as us potentially. – I think when I was in high school. – Yeah. – However, Windows have just discontinued Windows Movie Maker, it
is no longer supported, which is really sad for
all you Windows users. But don't fear, there are other options that we're gonna run
through in this video. Another one we want you
to kind of stay away from is the YouTube Editor which
is the free video editor within YouTube itself. Not necessarily because
it is super, super bad, I mean, it kind of does it's job, but there are a lot of
better options out there that are gonna allow you
to edit better videos. – And much quicker. Now, before we move on to our top pick, here's some honourable mentions. First up, in the runners-up list, it's iMovie which comes free
as a standard on any iMac, so for all you Apple users, yeah. – Yeah. – This is a solid, solid first choice and a great starting point. It's really easy to get started, it's very intuitive,
it's very quick to use and there's a little bit of
track functionality as well, so you can do a little bit
overlays and playing with sound, things like that. A lot of our earlier videos
were done with iMovie, so if you wanna do something
with a similar style to this, iMovie's a perfect place to start. – If you're an Apple user. – Otherwise it's quite expensive. Actually might have to buy a Mac first. – But that's always a good thing to do. (both laugh) – Yeah. – Team Apple. Are you eating oranges
while talking about Apple? (both laugh) – Our second honourable
mention for producing video is Adobe Spark Video. This is an app on your phone and you can create videos
easily on your phone. And you can also do it without
having to use your face. So, if you're feeling
a bit self-conscious, you don't wanna actually be on camera, then Adobe Spark Video is a great choice. – But you do have to use
your fingers, I assume, to edit them? – Yes.
– In that case. 'Cause it's an app. – It's really easy to use. You can do it on the go and it's free. It's also perfect for if
you were actually using your phone to shoot the
videos in the first place. – Okay, guys, are you ready? Here's our top pick. Very close to the camera here, Pete. – Yeah. – I look so much bigger than you. Our top free video
editing software in 2017 goes to. (drum roll) That's a drum roll, just so you know. (drum roll) – I'll put that sound effect in. – [Both] HitFilm. – You can remember that, like, hit. – Ow.
– Film. HitFilm works on both PC and Macs and offers varying different price levels. At the top, it is
primarily for film editors, in that it is super
versatile and feature heavy. But they do have a free version to kind of get you started and if you're doing
this as a small business for marketing purposes, this is absolutely perfect. Shall we take a look? – Yeah, it's more than what you need. – [Andrew] Okay, so, you are going to want to go to to download this and it
took us a little bit of time to find the completely free version. So, if you just click
on compare our software. HitFilm Pro is the paid for one. Here it is, HitFilm Express. So, scroll down, scroll down, scroll down. Download, it's started now. So, then this tells you a
little bit about HitFilm Express but you wanted to click
this big blue button here. – [Pete] Which we completely
missed the first time. – [Andrew] Yeah, we did. I don't know why we
completely missed it to me. – [Pete] The great thing is
you can get this for free but you do have to share it on Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus,
which is quite clever. – [Andrew] But share on Google Plus if you want no one to see it. Nah, I'm just kidding, just kidding. Share on Twitter or Facebook. Give the guys some love,
they do a great job. So this is HitFilm once
you have it downloaded to your computer and we
just wanted to show you a few quick features that
we really like about it. When you are creating a video, it basically takes you
through these four steps. Home, watch, isn't really a step, project, edit and export. So, if we just click on
new to start a new project, then there are a tonne of
different templates here, including Instagram which will
give you a nice square video, which is really, really cool. Click on start editing and this
is where the magic happens. So, it might look a little
bit complicated at first, but once you kind of
get your head around it, it's super, super easy to use. You import video here. Do all your editing in here. So, this is where you
can have multiple tracks, you can change the audio, you can have pop-ups. You can even add a tonne
of different effects to the video and to the audio. Can cut video down, you can slice the video at certain points. You can add in images over the top and decide how big you
want those images to be and where you want them
to appear on the video. – [Pete] There's a tonne
of different things you can do on here, we don't have time to show you everything. But once you're done, click export, and Bob's your uncle, video done. – [Andrew] You can upload
directly to YouTube from HitFilm Express which is cool but we always recommend
just downloading the MP4, so you've got a copy of
it on your hard drive. – There you go. Go get HitFilm, go start
editing some awesome videos, and have fun. – But if you don't know exactly
what to create videos on, then go and check out
our free movie webinar which is still running. It is called Remarkable Content. – [Both] The Movie. – It will teach you how to
create remarkable content that attracts your audience to you. – Oh. – In a non-creepy way. The link to that is in the description. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel or like us on Facebook for
more of these weekly videos. I've been Andrew. – I've been Pete. – See you next week, guys.
– Bye. – We didn't mean to wear
the same colour today. – It's like we merge. (Andrew laughs) Oh, bugger.

34 thoughts on “Best Free Video Editing Software 2017”

  1. I use Gilisoft Video Editor and its pretty easy and great so far.

  2. Thanks guys I've tried loads but for some reason they don't work Hitfilm didn't work like audio doesn't work VSDC I edit on a Laptop windows 10 any idea please Hitfilm said buy the pro version but I do product reviews I don't need anything to extreme I don't mind paying for a good easy to use

  3. i personally use Davinci resolve, hit film lags and has a slow response time when using a mp4 file compered to Davinci resolve.

    But great video anyway.

  4. Hey, cool video. Other free options are Davinci Resolve, Lightworks, Shotcut and KdenLive is comming to windows also (you can download the beta version now).

  5. I've already been stung twice with so-called "free" video editing software – Filmora Wondershare and VCSD (It think that was "Hitfilm"). Upon download and installation, you learn that they're trial versions only and you need to pay before you can get an activation code, which means FALSE ADVERTISING – the software is NOT FREE AT ALL! Don't be suckered by these claims of "free video editing software", save your money and buy yourself some proper and decent software, like Corel Video Studio(the latest version I know of is Version 10) or Cyberlink Power Director 14 Ultra or Ultimate. And you get a full version, not just a bare-bones cut-down. Yes, they're expensive but quality does not come cheap.

  6. why can't my 3 minute video import to the software (I filmed on my camera) but a 7 sec videoclip for my outro can? please help I really want to put the important part of the video.

  7. Great review Andrew & Pete, HitFilm looks great! I use Linux so KDenlive is the free editor for me

  8. Hi Andrew and Pete, great video! Thanks ever so much for featuring HitFilm and putting us in your top spot! It's very much appreciated 🙂
    – Oli (HitFilm Staff)

  9. Thanks for the video software recommendation! Downloading it now. Also "are you eating an orange while talking about Apple?" cracked me up laughing, my dog thought I was crazy 🙂

  10. Great vid, boys. My aspiring YouTuber (aka 10 year old daughter) now wants to try all the options you've listed.

  11. Great video guys – probably your most useful yet. (worried about the outfits though… starting to wear matching clothes, not a good sign!)

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