Best Free Video Editing Software | Green Screen and Motion Tracking! 2018

Best Free Video Editing Software | Green Screen and Motion Tracking! 2018

green screen I'm sure many people would love to know how to use greens read some is short in this clip a little bit so it's easily manageable notice a green screen first of all you have to have a nice green background you come into the qualifier tab click with little qualifier button right here if you like close to what person gets the best results right on the edge let's turn on the view which is this button right here the little magic one and see the view of the holding so this adjusts which color is keyed out so I'm going to increase the width a little bit more that's too much because it goes into the skin tones they're just a little spot in the corner but you can fix that see it's cutting into my shirt now with the luminance qualifier that is not good all right dad that's all right black clip adjust the background and then white clip adjust the clipping on the person so it just basically you can make the edges a little nicer come into here you have to add an elf output and then drag this to the outbound one so here you see it gave me out instead of the background news press it and then it flops it so you see there's a little green there I'm gonna actually come in here and move this up and I'm going to add this video underneath and I'm going to alt click to your duplicate it so it's all quite frank I'll show them timeline but not in there till I camp okay so we're just gonna see there's a little bit of green on the outside or clean clean black yeah clean pot now I just want to play around with it add a little bit of blur to the edges go skeet out okay then there's a little spot down here you can actually fix that with a selection box and you come to key tab crouch just have to mess around with it a little bit which one it is there's a way where you can have it exclude the side let me see if I can freeze I don't know okay so I'm going to do it the opposite way and just have it include exploiting the sides of it there we go that should be working heroin oh yeah so it includes everything inside the power window and excludes everything outside the power window and I believe the flip it you can watch this come out and yeah for one of these you just play around with it until it gets the effect you want here's the background or it you can attack the background if not down here is a little preview of what is actually being keyed out the white stuff is being in and the black is out yeah here's a little bit of green done so you can come in and fix that with plain black oh no oh maybe I need to add it into the clock fly thing if you middle click on here I can't do it kind of a macro setup right now but if you middle click and hold and you can drag around the little window all right like this alright this is a clip I have let me very optimized media really quick alright so it's done optimizing media so this is a hangout shot a dark and out shot gonna show you how to do some of the color crunching effects going to take color tab just like the clip I usually like to hide it so a bigger preview area but you can see clips here so first I would go into the color wheels all of the motion effects and stuff yeah the motion effects like noise reduction and motion blur disabled in the free version of result they don't need this nap I also like to come into log because it just gives a softer color correction than the regular color wheel so I can change the entire mood I don't like how the piece of cardboard that we used is kinda way you can see the texture of it so I'm going to come here I'm gonna make two of them I'm going to add another one with this so you click this to make one and you click add one at circle all you on car gradient whatever you want come down here I'm going to come into the border radius and just bore it a little bit so you can't see that texture or I could even okay get rid of both of these like a curve of a curve going from down here to just around him and you can track these curves with the footage all the power windows you can track with the footage so and like this oh okay to connect them okay so I have this and I'm going to do everything outside of it typing abscess come to the key and reverse it here that's not you okay so now it's selected everything outside so you come to blur and then floor it see how you can kind of see the edges here it doesn't fall the path exactly I'm going to come to where I started it at which is about here I'm gonna wanna track backwards this is the window tracker which uses the power window to track everything in your footage they see I'm tracking backwards so it moves the power window with your footage so it adds the power window with footage that you know all right so I have this part track so I'm going to come back to here started tracking backwards just because I started in the middle of the clip now I'm going to come to the parts that I haven't tracked yet and it's like forward you see how it moves the power window with the object and click ok so now when you move the thing on it moves the power window with the thing that you selected in the clip and now you see that the edges are kind of a blurred which is exactly what I want to actually blur these a lot more or maybe not good this on the side here you can see a little bit but it doesn't matter too much oh can i duplicate this I'm just going to add a node I'm going to do a box selection here and let me do some adjustments to the light so this is the shadows if you bring the shadows up too much there's not a lot of detail capture in this so it looks really horrible if you bring it down to about one then boost it a little bit should be alright you can also use the color wheel that's the shadow and it's just a tie you can use the curves to adjust it it's not many like you can see on the side of your face with the light shines it's worth in the high range to adjust that I can make it softer or make it like it hot really and you can adjust the color now we shouldn't do a power window on that I probably just adjust the whole thing alright so I can boost the shadows which I don't want to do because half the image a shadow and it would look terrible the mids are really where he is so I can boost those up a little bit and the gain would be the two lights on the side and then the light cast on his face and that gives it a little bit of a red tint color to counteract the red going off the direction which is towards blue the shadows that kind of looks a little green you just play around with this until you have a look that you like see how to change the light color to blue and you can come in and use a window power window I just change this so you can change that to like a red blue any color light

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